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Harry Potter and the Fulfilled Prophesies by GRWeasley
Chapter 3 : Trial and Tribulations
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Harry stood shell-shocked as he looked at the five wizards, he quickly looked to his left in the woods, he thought an escape was possible if he did it quickly. Then he looked to his right and saw Dumbledore step forward.
“What is the meaning of this?” Dumbledore boomed. Harry snapped his head forward to see the five wizards actually back down a little; Harry stood his ground clenching his fists every so often.
“Head Master Dumbledore, We have orders to place Mr. Potter under arrest” The front wizard said.
“On Whose orders?” Dumbledore demanded again, walking closer to the others. Harry could see the Weasley’s standing in the door way of the Burrow, all them unable to do anything. Harry took a deep breath and started to walk behind Dumbledore, he was concentrating of keeping his anger under control.
“The orders are from the Minister Sir” The man said with a slight edge on his voice.
When Harry got closer to the other wizards he noticed that one of them looked familiar.
“Ms. Lathem, what is the meaning of this?” Dumbledore asked turning his attention to the only women who was in the group; the lead wizard took this as insult.
“Sir…I am inchar-“
“I am speaking with Ms. Lathem thank you very much” Dumbledore said rudely. The Wizard clamped his mouth shut.
“Lathem, what is going on?” Dumbledore asked peacefully. Lathem looked from Dumbledore to Harry; there was something in her eyes that told Harry she didn’t want to do this at all.
“The orders are to detain Young Potter until his trail, which is set it be held in mid August Headmaster, our orders are to arrest Mr. Potter and take him straight to Azkaban” Lathem said with disgust.
“OH YOU CANT DO THAT…HE IS A CHILD” Mrs. Weasley screamed, she tried to run out to the others, but Ron and Mr. Weasley stopped her. Dumbledore’s eyes fell on Mrs. Weasley and watched her try and wrestle her way out of her husbands grasp, when she stopped fighting, Dumbledore’s eyes slid back to the gray ones of Lathem.
“And you think these order are sound?” Dumbledore asked in a threatening tone, looking at all the Aurors that stood there. They all looked down, and then at Harry.
“No I do not” Lathem said.
“All of you would take a child to Azkaban, were you all know the Dementors would destroy him even before the trail….All of you are heartless enough to condemn a child to that fate.”
“He is a danger” A voice said from the distance. Everyone turned to see Fudge standing there, with his bodyguard around them.
“He is no more a danger then you are Cornelius” Dumbledore said.
“Step away from my Aurors Dumbledore, Please” Fudge asked. Dumbledore complied and stepped back over to Harry.
“Miles, Hartford arrest him” Fudge said, telling the Aurors that were with Lathem to do there job. Neither of them moved. Fudge shook his head; he was not going to be beaten by a seventeen year old and an old man.
“Lennon seize the boy” The largest man that was in Fudge’s group stepped forward and walked over to Dumbledore and Harry, Dumbledore stepped in front of Harry and Lennon.
“You would send him to Azkaban Fudge you truly would, after the truth that you know?” Dumbledore asked holding his ground between the two. Fudge closed his eyes and sighed.
“It is the only way, I must give the people something, they want Justice, they want Harry Potter’s trial”
“That is ridiculous Fudge, you want Harry’s trail because you are to much of a coward to tell the people the truth that Tom is Alive and has been for years” Dumbledore boomed, Harry could feel the magic emanating from Dumbledore, Lennon stepped back as he felt the power from Dumbledore.
“Albus step away from the boy, we are placing him under arrest for the murders” Fudge said walking closer.
“Murders he did not commit, Fudge you have gone to far this time” Dumbledore spoke, the anger in his voice was chilling everyone’s bones.
“Did not commit, Did not commit, explain then the seven dead bodies that lay mutilated where Potter was last seen, and explain how Potter being the one with a sword, which I can fathom how he got in the first place, Explain the reason they were all there in the first place, IT ALL LEADS BACK TO HIM” Fudge said pointing at Harry. Harry couldn’t take it anymore, his anger was starting to overcome him, he was trying so hard to repress it but it was getting harder and harder to do.
“I am not going to allow you to falsely arrest him, I am not going allow you place him in Azkaban where you know he will surely crumble, and I am surely not going to allow to try him after he has been in Azkaban, I am not going to allow you to take him Fudge” Dumbledore said in a cool voice, the voice was scarier then when he was angry. Fudge stood there, looking between Dumbledore, Harry, the Aurors, and Lennon. He didn’t know what to do, He knew that he couldn’t fight Dumbledore, and He knew that he couldn’t fight Harry but he had to do something.
“Then I will arrest you as well” Fudge stated. Everyone gasped, even the Aurors, they couldn’t believe that he was actually going have Albus Dumbledore, the Headmaster of Hogwarts arrested on ground of not moving.
“Try” Dumbledore said, moving more in front Harry.
“Lennon Arrest those men” Lennon looked at Fudge like he was a mad man. He looked at the old man, Dumbledore’s eyes were determined, he looked over at Harry, the boy looked fit, and strong, and he could feel a strong magical presents around the boy.
”Um…No sir I can’t” Lennon finally said. Fudge was outraged; he could not stand for this.
“MILES, LATHEM DO YOU DAMN JOB” Fudged yelled. Miles the lead Auror stood firm and didn’t moved. Lathem took her wand from his robed and placed it on the ground.
“I will not sir” Lathem said.
“Insubordination!” Fudge screamed again. “I will not have this!”
“And you will not have the arrest of Harry Potter either” Dumbledore said with a small smile on his face.
“I…you….FINE! But he is under house arrest, he leaves this place to go anywhere other then Diagon Alley for his school supplies, which he probably wont need after his trail, he will be arrested on the spot and I will have Aurors here next time that will do their jobs right” Fudge’s face had turned red.
“That is expectable, and to make sure that his trail is fair, I and my follow teachers will be there to defend him.” Dumbledore said firmly.
“I will have my murderer and he will be lock up forever”
“Whatever you say Minister, good day” Dumbledore said in a pushing voice. With a sudden Pop all the Aurors were gone; Fudge and his Bodyguards were left.
“This is not over Dumbledore.” Fudge said as he disappeared.

Harry walked into the Weasley’s house as if he were a zombie, conversations were going left and right but he couldn’t under stand anything. He knew that people were talking to him but all he did was stand there and stare into space.
“HARRY…HARRY!” He heard, he looked to were the voice was coming from, some one with long red hair and brown eyes was yelling his name, he didn’t connect the two together at first he just looked at her in a shocked way. Ginny was trying to get Harry’s attention, it had been two hours since Fudge had lest and Dumbledore was about to leave.
“Harry” She said again. All he did was look at her.
“Snap out of it Harry” Ron said suddenly. Harry shook his head, and his eyes started to focus.
“Huh…what….what’s going on?”
“Harry you ok?” Ginny asked. The whole experience flooded back into Harry’s mind.
“Oh yes Ginny I’m fantastic, I am under house arrest but I’m chipper” Harry said with acid in his voice.
“I…I sorry I was just worried” Ginny said with a hint of pain in her voice.
“Oh Gin…I’m sorry I am just way too stressed out right now” Harry said sighing deeply.
“This can’t happen Dumbledore” Harry heard Mrs. Weasley say.
“I know Molly, but I can not stop the whole Wizengamot they have the right to trail whom they feel, and if I know Fudge he has convinced them all that Harry is guilty.”
“So they have already convicted him?” Mrs. Weasley’s said in a horrified voice.
On the other side of the room, next to the Kitchen three teenagers stood in terrified stances as the listened, two red heads looked at the black haired boy with sympathy.
“So I’m going to Azkaban” Harry said in a defeated voice, Ginny and Ron stepped back a few inches and started to cringe they both thought that Harry was going to blow his top and explode right in the middle of the Hall. But Harry didn’t lose his temper, he didn’t explode, his magical powers didn’t erupt in full force, Harry just started to cry. First a tear slid down his check, then more came and more, and in a few second he was crying harder then he had in years.
“Excuse me” Harry said quickly and ran up the stairs in to Ron’s room. Ginny and Ron watched him run away, their hearts were breaking for him, and they felt lost as they didn’t know what to do for him.
“OH God Ron, what do we do?” Ginny asked, as she started to cry as well. Ron looked back over to where his parents were talking to Dumbledore, he saw Dumbledore nod and the walked out of the house, Ron sighed loudly seeing the look on his parents face, he had no idea.
“I need to write a letter…can I use your room Ginny?” Ron asked already going up the stairs.
“Yes….but who are you going to write?” Ginny asked as they went up the stairs.

They weeks went by at the Burrow, and Harry was in a mood that no one could seem to take him out of, but being the only person in the house that couldn’t go more then 400 feet from it and having armed Aurors standing around making sure that you didn’t go anywhere didn’t make you feel quite happy. Ron and Ginny were getting stressed out too, they were trying to get Harry to cheer up, it wasn’t going to be that bad, Dumbledore was going to get him off right? He had been two weeks since Harry’s run in with the law and his trail was set for August 17 which was in two day’s and Ron finally got his letter back that he sent out the day of.

Dear Ron,
Please tell me you are Joking, because if you are I’m going to kill you, Harry cant be on Trial we were there we know what happened, How is Harry? How is coping with it? Oh god, me and my stupid vacation I need to be there for him and you guys. Thank you for writing me and telling me everything that happened, I told my parents and they said we are going to cut our vacation short, I am going to be at the trial, I just hope they give him a fair one. Well my vacation was ok, but now that I heard about this I can’t think of anything else. Well I will be home on the 16th and I have already contacted Dumbledore so I will see you in the Ministry on the 17th, I hope you are holding up ok, and please make sure Harry doesn’t do anything stupid.


Ron, smiled at the letter she does care for her friends, he needed to remind himself not the let Harry in on the fact that she and her parents cut their vacation short on the account of him. Ron heard creaks coming from down the hall, and the finally his door open Ron put the letter quickly under his pillow, as Harry entered the room Ron could see the stress he was holding in, the fear of the Trail not going in his favor it was all showing on his face. Harry hadn’t slept well in day, the anticipation for the trail had been making he restless and now that the trail was only two days away Harry couldn’t sleep at all. He looked so tired as he fell down on his bed.
“Hey” He grumbled.
“Hey Harry” Ron said in a weak attempt to sound cheerful, Harry fell back on the bed and stared up at the ceiling.
“Letter from Hermione?” Harry asked with a growl, he didn’t mean to sound like that but with him not getting any sleep and the mental stress he was under his couldn’t help it. Ron’s eyes went wide, how did he know that? He didn’t see it.
“Um…well yeah” Ron said slowly.
“What does she have to say?” Harry asked with out turning his head. Ron looked at him for a moment.
“Oh…um…she just told me that her vacation was going well and that she would be home tomorrow” Ron said with nervousness in his voice.
“Oh well that’s good, I’m glad that she had a good vacation….Um Ron would you mind I am going to try and take a nap” Harry asked turning slightly, there was pleading in his that he needed this nap more then anything and he needed it alone.
“OH…yeah…yeah sure Harry no problem” Ron said quickly scooping up the letter and jamming it into his pocket as he left.
“You try and get some sleep Harry” Ron said as he closed the door to His room. Ginny was standing in the hallway as Ron closed the door.
“Well?” she asked.
“He is going to take a nap….I can’t believe he can actually stand this, if it were me I think I would have crumbled by now” Ron said shaking his head.
“Come on let’s go down stairs and leave Harry alone” he said motioning Ginny to the stairs.
As Ron and Ginny made their way down the stairs, they heard hushed nervous voices coming from the living room. They looked at each other worry written allover their faces as they hurried down the stairs to the living room, when they reached the living room they noticed that more people were there then the thought. They both stopped in a skidding halt as they saw Lupin, Sirius, Tonks, Moody, even Lathem was there standing around the living room looking worried. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley were holding the evening prophet in their hands. Fear was on their face as they both read the paper, Ron and Ginny walked more into the room of worried adult, when they were noticed they stopped as if they were doing something wrong.
“Um….What’s wrong?” Ron asked cautiously. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley jumped at the sound of their son’s voice. They looked up from the paper to see their son and daughter standing there staring at them with lost looks on their faces. They were going to lie and say nothing, but their children were not stupid, they children were not children anymore they could not be sheltered any longer. Mr. Weasley folded the prophet and started to hand it to Ron.
“Arthur no. “Mrs. Weasley said trying to grab it from him.
“They need to know” Arthur said. Handing the paper to Ron.
Ron took the paper and opened it; Ginny glanced over his shoulder as he read.


They looked up at the rest of the people in the room, they didn’t even read the article the by line was bad enough.
“He can’t be back!” Ginny said quietly, looking back at the paper.
“He is not, as of yet Ms. Weasley” A soothing voice said from the couch, Lupin and Sirius stepped out of the way to reveal Dumbledore sitting the on the couch.
“People only say that death eaters and they said that he has returned…But he has not…yet” Dumbledore stood.
“This is very bad, The Ministry is having problems with his Article, People are in a right state right now and they are close to cracking” Dumbledore said sighing, looking older then he had ever before.
“There is more news everyone that is why I am here” They all turned and looked at Dumbledore; He looked at all of them, Moody all the way down to Ginny.
“I have just gotten word that Lucius Malfoy has disappeared from St. Mungo’s” Dumbledore said in a flat voice.
“That’s impossible”
“OH Dear”
The conversations started almost immediately after Dumbledore had finished the sentence, Malfoy was gone, and who other then a Death Eater with get him out of St. Mungo’s.
“But sir isn’t Malfoy a vegetable?” Ron asked suddenly.
“ Indeed he was Ron….But I have a feeling that Voldemort’s followers are holding powers that we had not yet seen….and if Malfoy has returned to their ranks, their powers have just increased.” Dumbledore said. Everyone stood there in silences as they let everything sink in. Dumbledore walked up to Ron and Ginny.
“Where is Harry?”
“I’m right here” A Demonic voice said from the stairs. Every one turned to see the vile murderous look of Harry Potter staring back at them.
“Harry calm down….there is nothing you can do now” Dumbledore moving past Ron and Ginny, blocking the rest of the group from Harry incase he decided to explode.
“They will all pay” He said walking close to Dumbledore.
“WHAT’S GOING ON IN HERE?” The Guard said suddenly walking in, he was surprised to see all the people but utterly terrified when he saw the creature that was standing next to Dumbledore.
“HOLY SHIT!” He stammers out, Harry turned to him, he eyes completely white, and his long hair waving as if there was a constant wind around him. The Guard was about to rise his wand.
“I would not do that if I were you” Dumbledore said suddenly. He turned back to Harry.
“Control your self Harry, NOW!” Dumbledore boomed, it was the first time ever that Dumbledore yelled at Harry. Harry’s glowing white eyes snapped back at Dumbledore.
“Harry this isn’t the way to do this….this isn’t right” Dumbledore said in a calmer voice. Harry’s eyes reverted back to green and the wind around his hair stopped and his bangs went into his eyes. He faltered a little from the use of power and Dumbledore caught him by the arm.
“Good…Now just listen to me”
For the next hour Dumbledore explained all that the Prophet was talking about, how Death Eaters had been since and were telling certain people that Voldemort had returned, and how Malfoy is missing and leads told him that he was back with the Death Eater, he then went into the Trial that was tomorrow all the charges that were being brought against Harry.
“I being charged with all of them…But there were Aurors there…they killed people” Harry said his voice unlike his own. He couldn’t believe that they could let this stand.
“I Know Harry…but he is trying, I will have them throw out most of them but the ones where you were alone with Voldemort are another story….he is charging you with those and they will stick…and he is charging you with lying about the dark lords return, and charging you for being the reason that the Death Eaters attacked the students.” Dumbledore finished.
“So I’m going to Azkaban” Harry said in a choked voice, Ginny was openly crying as was Mrs. Weasley as they all heard the charges be brought against a seventeen year old.
“We are going to do everything in our power to not let that happen” Dumbledore said flatly. Harry looked over to Ron who had his face in his hands; he looked over to Sirius and Lupin who were looking at the ground. Tonks was staring out the window; he could see the glistening outline of a tear as he rolled down her cheek.
“But it’s not going to be enough is it?” Harry asked. Dumbledore just looked at him, but didn’t say anything.
“I see” Harry said. He stood; all the eyes in the room followed him as he stood.
“I am going to sleep…good night” Harry said as he walked up the stairs, everyone’s eyes followed him. There was a moment of silence as they sat there; Sirius was the first one to speak.
“Does he have a change?”
“Fudge will make it hard. But Harry will be at his last year of Hogwarts”

Harry stood in front of the fireplace at the Burrow, he was dressed in his nicest Hogwarts robe, Mrs. Weasley had tried doing something wit his hair but he wouldn’t matter, it just sat in front of his eyes untamed as ever. Ron and Ginny were standing beside him, they were all waiting for Ron’s Dad to come through the fire and tell them everything is ok. Harry didn’t want Ron and Ginny to come; he wanted to spare them from seeing him go to Azkaban. They wouldn’t have it though, there were going to be there every second, they were going to see him, escape the grasp of the Minister once again. Suddenly Mr. Weasley came through the fire, his face matched everyone else it was going to be a long day.
“Alright everyone, Ron Ginny you two go first and then me and Harry well follow, there are Aurors waiting for Harry so when you appear stand quickly off to the side” Mr. Weasley said standing next to Harry. Ron and Ginny nodded and Ron stepped into the Fireplace.
“Ministry of Magic, Main Entrance” Ron said throwing the floo powder down, and a bright green flame flashed around him and he vanished.
“Ok Sweetheart your turn” Mr. Weasley said. Ginny slowly walked into the Fireplace, she said the same thing Ron had, and with a swirl of green fire she was gone. Mr. Weasley turned to Harry.
“Are you ready Harry?” Mr. Weasley asked. Harry didn’t know if he could speak at that second, he mouth was completely dry and he felt as if he was going to throw up.
“Yes…” He cleared his throat, it was still dry “Yes…Mr. Weasley lets get this over with.” Harry said in a flat croaky voice. He walked up to the Fireplace turned around, Mr. Weasley saw instantly Harry’s eyes flash white the back to green.
“Ministry of Magic, Main entrance” and in a flash of green fire he was gone.
“Don’t do anything stupid Harry” Mr. Weasley said stepping into the Fireplace.

When Harry walked out of the fire he was confronted by a very large Auror.
“Wand, Mr. Potter Now!” He growled. Harry surveyed the large wizard slowly. He looked to his left and there were Ginny and Ron standing there next to Ms. Lathem. Harry looked back up at the tall wizard, slowly reached into his pocket and pulled out his wand; it surged with energy again as if it didn’t want to be given away. He handed the wand to the Auror, as Mr. Weasley stepped through the Fire.
“This way Mr. Potter” the Auror snapped. Harry didn’t move a muscle he looked over at Mr. Weasley who was standing by Ron and Ginny.
“Go Harry we will see you shortly” Mr. Weasley said. Harry looked back at the Auror and started to walk in front of him, Harry noticed out of the corner of his eyes two other Aurors come in stride with the large one behind him. They took him down a long hallway, with Doors on both sides; they stretched the whole length of the hall.
When they reached the last door, it slid open, no one touched to knob or anything.
“Inside…Potter” The man behind him said. Harry stepped inside there was a chair in the middle of the room. Harry walked in a little more and the three Aurors followed.
“Sit” The head Auror said. Harry looked at him hard for a second.
“I said sit” The Auror said bearing his wand. Harry looked at the other two, they were holding there wands yet they weren’t out. Harry smirked, it would be so easy for him, to knock the all out and just leave, but he couldn’t do that, he would then be fugitive and that wouldn’t get him anywhere. He sat and looked at the Aurors.
“Stay there, we will come and get you when the Wizengamot is ready for you” The Auror said stepping out of the room as the door closed behind him. Harry looked around the Room, it was all the same stone, all the same color a very dull gray, it was cold in the room, as if there was a draft, Harry stood up from the chair and went to the door, it didn’t swing open for him or anything, as he put his hand on the knob and tried to turned it was surprised to find that the knob didn’t even budge it was fake, it took magic to open the door, probably on incantations that Aurors and Ministry officials know. Harry shook his head and went to sit back down.

Harry had been sitting there for almost an hour when the door swung open. He was ready for the hard face of the very large wizard, but the person who walked through has a soft look on his face, and a bright twinkle in his eye. Dumbledore walked into the room behind him were Tonks, Lupin, and Moody.
“Harry” Dumbledore said nodding.
“Hello sir” Harry said. Dumbledore looked around the room.
“Well it seems that Fudges has pulled out all the stops for you Harry…This looks like the place they put Sirius.” Dumbledore said with a grim look on his face.
“But on a happier note I have some people who are dying to see you, especially one person” Dumbledore said stepping o the side. Harry laid his eyes on a extremely beautiful girl, with short straight dirty blonde hair, when he realized that it was Hermione she was already in his arm giving him a bone crushing hug. When she released him he could tell that she had been crying her make up was smeared.
“Hermione…What are you doing here?” Harry asked in a shocked voice. Her beautiful blue eyes looked over every inch of his face, from his vibrant green eyes all the way to his new scar, she really never took in that his face had been scared in the battle, she was just happy he was alive at the time, and now some one was threatening to take that life, where else would she be?
“I don’t think I could be anywhere else right now” She said in a weak tearful voice, she walked into his arms again and held him tightly.
“Please don’t leave me again” She whispered, Harry barely heard all he did was hug her back. The next person he saw walk in was Ron, There was a smile on his face as he walked in. Harry released Hermione and walked up to Ron. The smile on Ron’s face vanished, he put out his hand.
“I will be here the whole time mate, I will never leave your side, until they pull me away” Ron said looking in directly in the eyes, this hit Harry straight in the heart and he couldn’t help but smile, He took his friends hand and pulled him into a tight hug.
“Thank you” Harry said.
When they released, Harry set his eyes on brown-red eyes, Ginny was standing in the doorway she had a tissue in her hand.
“Hello” She croaked out. Harry walked over to her, and took her into his arms.
“Everything is going to be ok Ginny; I will be back at the Burrow tonight” Harry said hugging her, she pushed of him after a second and liked into his pain filled eyes.
“You are such a horrible lair Harry” She said closing her eyes as tears escaping. Mrs. Weasley walked up behind her, and with a small smile to Harry she took Ginny from Harry’s arms and walked her away. Harry was standing around all the people he loved him, Sirius of course couldn’t be there but he was watching Harry just didn’t know how. He walked back over to Hermione and Ron and turned to Dumbledore who was bout to speak when the large wizard came in. He stopped in the middle of the room looking around at all of the others, and then he stared at Harry.
“It’s time Potter” He said, holding up shackles.
“Is that necessary?” Dumbledore asked with an edge on his voice. The large Auror turned and looked at Dumbledore, even with his sure size he was still intimidated by Dumbledore and Dumbledore knew this.
“Well is it?”
“Yes….all criminals are to be shackled with there are in the presence of the Minister” The large said with a dark look to Harry. Hermione didn’t like she moved closer and grabbed his hand and squeezed it.
“It sounds as if you have already convicted” Dumbledore said again. The Auror didn’t even turn when he answered.
“47 murders, all leading back to him…I said he is already convicted.” He walked up to Harry, he looked at Ron.
“Move” He said, Ron didn’t move, Harry looked at him and nodded. Ron sighed and moved out of the way. The Auror took Harry’s right hand and clasped the shackle around it; he took the other hand which was still firmly attached by Hermione hand.
“Let go” He said. Harry let go of Hermione’s hand but she didn’t budge.
“Girl let go before I remove you…OW shit” He said dropping the shackles letting them making a loud clang on the ground. they were red hot as the sat on the ground. He looked at Harry.
“Your doing?” He asked. Harry didn’t say anything he just turned to Hermione.
“It’s ok” Harry said. He watched as one single tear swelled up in her beautiful ice eyes and side down her tan cheek. She let go on his hand and he held it up for the Auror.

As everyone exited the room, Harry sat there with shackles on his arms and legs he look like a criminal now, only thing was his very expensive robes that he bared. The two Aurors that had accompanied Harry into the room the first time were their again. He sat there staring at them, making them more and more uncomfortable the more he looked at them.
“Alright lets go” The large Auror said standing in the door way, Harry stood and walked out of the room, it was very uncomfortable walking in the shackles the wasn’t very much room to move you feet.
“Get use to them Potter, you will be in them for a while” The large Auror said as he pretty much dragged Harry down the Hall.
When they were about the walk into the large double door like the ones he saw at Hogwarts, the Aurors squeezed his shoulder.
“Stop” he said. Harry stopped about an inch away from the door; he could actually smell the paint that was covering the wood.
“Wait right here until the door opens” The Auror said and left Harry in the hall way alone, the only other where the two Aurors who kept their distance but their hands on their wands. Did everyone in the Minister believe him to be that dangerous? As the doors opened his saw more Aurors standing around the room wands at the ready, he guessed that answered his question.
“Harry James Potter come forward” A booming voice said, he recognized it as the large Auror. Harry stepped into the room and couldn’t believe his eyes, it almost looked like and Amphitheater, yet all the seats were high up, especially the people in front of him, they were coved back shadows, so Harry couldn’t see their faces. He could see one though and it was hard and determined, the face of the Minister himself was half in the shadows half out. Harry walked down the isle of Aurors and looked up to see all of his friends sitting in seats above him, their faces were grave as no one had high hopes, He did not see Dumbledore through he was not present among the others.
“Sit down Mr. Potter” Fudge said in a low grumble. Harry sat in the steel chair that was in the middle of the room in front of the judges, it was the same kind of uncomfortable chair that he had in his holding chamber. Harry said down, and looked strongly up at the Minister.
“This court is now in session, the case of the Ministry vs. Harry Potter” Fudge said in a booming voice.
“Let us just get down to it. The first charge, Harry Potter you are charged with the murders of 35 Death Eaters and Aurors, how do you plead” Fudged asked with a sneer. Harry was about to answer when a voice spoke up behind him.
“He pleads not guilty Fudge” The voice said.
“Dumbledore what are you doing here?” Fudge protested.
“I am Harry’s counsel…I told you when you brought these ridiculous charges against him that I would be there to defend him, and here I am” Dumbledore said standing next to Harry. The part of Fudge’s face that was in the light was turning beet red.
“Fine Dumbledore, be his counsel the boy is not leaving here today a free man” Fudge said his anger rising.
“You say that he is being charge with 35 murders…when you all know he could no have committed though murders….if you had read the official report that stated some of the Death Eater and Aurors alike where killed by Giants that were on the side of The Death Eaters you would have known that Harry did not kill. And if you were to have read the official report…you would have seen that some of the Aurors were killed by the Avada Kedavra curse which when Harry’s wand was found that said curse was never used so I say again He plead not guilty. If you would I could bring surviving Aurors from the Attack and they can testify.” There was clamor in the judges as Dumbledore finished his speech. There was a defiant look on his face as he watched the Minister squirm under pressure. Moments passed as the judges talked amongst themselves. When Fudge finally got the word the anger in his face was pronounce. He looked down disgusted at Harry, and with the utmost annoyance said.
“The charges for the of the 35 deaths has been….closed” There was a loud sigh that went over the whole room; Harry could hear everyone up in the seats breath again. He could feel that tension that was coming off of Fudge now.
“The second set of charges” Fudge said the edge on his voice was deep.
“Reason behind the Death Eaters attacking the school” Fudge said. Harry thought he heard Dumbledore chuckle at that one.
“Fudge honestly, do you believe that to be a charge, you know the reason they were there…they didn’t attack the school…They attacked Harry, how are you going to charge the boy with being attacked.”
“Everyone knows that Death Eaters want revenge for their Dark lord, and Harry Potter is their vengeance…He put the school in danger, he put students in Danger.” Fudge said.
“Then he is putting you in Danger right now Minister, He is here in the Ministry would you blame him if there was an attack on you right now, Would you blame him if Death Eaters came in and starting throwing cursing around at Your Aurors, You have five Aurors in here that have captured Death Eaters in the past, you your self have tried many on occasion. If you are going to blame Harry on the Charges of bringing Death Eaters to the forbidden Forest then you must charge, Him, her, him, him, and you Minister” Dumbledore said sitting down in a chair that pop out of thin air. Fudge was so furious he was shaking; he knew that Dumbledore had pulled one on him again. He heard the other judges behind him all of them saying they should reconsider, Damn it!

Fudge waited for the other Judges to make their ruling, he knew it was going to be another closed case, and the judges were getting a little tired of him, they wanted to see the official reports from the battle, he told them that he didn’t have them at the present moment. Then came the ruling.
‘God the boy is going to be the death of me’ Fudge thought as he spoke.
“Case…is…closed” he said through gritted teeth. He had one last charge and it was a good one, he knew that Dumbledore didn’t have an answer for this one, and it was going to get Harry locked up for good, he could still save his ass, if he did it right.
“The Final charges brought up against Harry Potter, are the 12 mysterious murders, which include 4 Hogwarts students death, 7 Death Eaters, including the convict Rodolphus Lestrange. Which I might add were all so mutilated that they all couldn’t be positively identified. And the Death of 1 estranged girl by the name of Ondréa surname unknown….Harry Potter how do you plead?”
“If I may Minster,” Dumbledore said rising. “The girl was killed by a sword.”
“Yes, we know but we have no sword, and it was not an ordinary sword”
“Well let me ask you this then, if Harry Potter is such a ruthless killer, then, Harry please stand” Harry stood, Dumbledore waved his wand over the shackles and they snapped off his wrists, no one moved.
“Harry Please remove you Robe and shirt.” Harry did as he was told. They all watch and as Harry slowly removed his shirt revealing the scar ridden body, and the one scar in the middle of his chest that was still purple. Everyone gasped at the sight, the poor boy looked mangled.
“Did the wound you see on the murdered girl look like this Minister?” Dumbledore asked. Fudges eyes went wide.
“Yes….Dumbledore what is the point of this?”
“My point is Minister…is how could a ruthless, relentless killer who would be able to kill 12 people in mysterious ways be stabbed by the very weapon his was welding?” There was a loud commotion bye the judges as the discussed this.
“I must bring up one more valid point that was left out of the processing’s”
“Dumbledore…” Fudge warned.
“Judges you probably have been asking your self, why would Harry go into the wood alone, to fight 7 Death Eaters and 1 girl, well there is an answer, and Your Minister has been keeping you from it, I am sorry to inform you that the reason Harry disappeared like that and looks as he does today is that fact that he had a battle, with the only one who would hurt a child, Voldemort” Everyone gasped at the names some screamed.
“DUMBLEDORE THAT IS AN OUTRAGE….Do not say that name in these walls.”
“Fear is a debilitating feeling to possess Fudge…but I told you that he was alive and you still deny that fact…Judges no one knows what went on in those woods, not even young Potter, but what did happen was not the work of a young teenager killer, it was the work of your old school mate, and my old student Tom Riddle. He is, or was alive…and the murders in woods were in the act of a battle, that none of us have ever seen.” Dumbledore finished and sat down. Everyone was looking at Fudge, and the perspiration on his face told everyone that he was very nervous.
“I…you…He….DAMN IT…CASE DISMISSED….GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE POTTER….” Everyone jumped up and down as they heard that. Harry just stood there and looked at the Minister; his face was firm and emotional less. The shackles from his feet snapped off, and he stood there bare chest as the whole group ran down next to him.
Before he could even react Hermione and Ginny had their arms rapped around him and were falling to the floor. It finally it him he was free, he made it through. He owed it all to Dumbledore.

The next week went by like a blur for Harry, he stayed away from people most of the time, either by locking himself in Ron’s room or hiding in the wood, he was still in a state of shock he just couldn’t believe how close he was to Azkaban, he couldn’t believe that Fudge was that hell bent on getting him into prison. Hermione was due soon, since their summer vacation was ending soon and they had to go back, Hermione was going to stay with them for the last week of summer and then go to Platform 9 ¾ with them on September 1st, Harry didn’t even want her to come around. For the last week Ron and Ginny had tired to break Harry out of his mood, by getting him to play Quidditch.
“I think it’s sacrilegious what you’re doing to your broom Harry, but I will have to check the bible on that one” Ron said one day.
“Come on Harry, just come out side for a little while, it so beautiful” Ginny said on another. He just couldn’t be around people, every time he was around people they would get hurt. Now he was sitting on the edge of the creek, a large paw dipping into the water every so often. He didn’t want to be human that much so he had turned himself into his Animagi form and was looking out into the forest. Night had fallen quickly that day for Harry but he wasn’t really paying attention to anything, and plus when you in an animal form, time is a completely different realm of existence, hours aren’t what we think of as hours, they are how long does it take for you to keep track of that rabbit you’ve been watching. Or how long does it take for you figure out a way to get around the creek with out getting wet? It was so simple being an animal, but Harry knew that he couldn’t say that way forever.
He transformed back into his human form just to witness the sun sit behind the trees, it was a beautiful thing to see, but it made it so much better in the peace of the woods. Picking up a long stick that looked like his wand yet about three feet long, he started his way back to the Burrow. As he walked the path back to the Burrow he was hitting the sick against threes and cut off weeds, it was nice for once not the feel like someone special just to be a boy in the woods, a boy with a stick. But he wasn’t just a boy in the woods, he wasn’t just a boy with a stick, he was Harry Potter and he just had to deal with it. He knew that Dinner would be ready soon; it was always ready a little after sun down because that’s when Mr. Weasley would be home. As he emerged from the woods he saw that Ron was floating a table into the back yard and saw that Ginny was walking out with a table cloth. An instant later Ron was gone and back with something in his hands.
“Show off’ Ginny said loudly. Harry could help but smile at those to, so different yet so Weasley. He walked up and as the light from the large candle that floated on the side of the house, Ginny said his vibrant green eyes. Ron was about to say something when he saw her turn towards the woods, there was Harry strolling out of the woods with a large stick in his hand.
“Now what’s he going to use that for?” Ron asked dumbly.
“Walking you idiot” Ginny said walking over to Harry.
“Well come to join the land of the living….or just come out for some food” Ginny asked when she got up to him.
“Ha ha” Harry said dryly. “Food” He said with a soft tone.
“That’s what I thought….well if you want food you are going to have to help set the table” Ginny said sounding like her mother.
“Yes Mum” Harry said spinning the sick in his hand, then slicing it through the air as if it were a sword.

Dinner, like always, was amazing at the Burrow, Harry couldn’t believe that one person could cook such foods, but Mrs. Weasley was always full of Surprises.
“Now listen you three, Tomorrow we are going to go to Diagon Alley and get you school supplies, and I don’t want any fighting between you two” Mrs. Weasley said pointing at Ginny and Ron.
“Now go and get cleaned up and get ready for bed we are leaving early tomorrow” Ron, Ginny, and Harry brought all the dishes inside and placed them in the sink so it could wash them. They all went up to their rooms, Harry and Ron in Ron’s and of course Ginny’s in hers.
“Good night you two”
“Night” They both said at the same time closing Ron’s door. Harry walked over to his bed and fell into his, his bones ached from being in his golden griffin form for so long. it felt great to get off his feet and let all his bones rest. Harry was half asleep when Ron was saying something, Harry couldn’t make it out something about how Ron looked bigger and how Quidditch was going to be awesome this year, but in really never reregistered in his mind as he drifted off to sleep.

He stood in the middle of the street again, the cool night air blowing his long hair back, he looked around and instantly knew where he was, his heart started to beat faster, sweat formed on his brow, He took off down the street as fast as he could trying to make it to the burning house, He heard the shrill screams coming from where he knew that house was, then he could smell the fire the burning of the wood, then he heard it,
“MORSMORDRE” Was screamed in to the silence night, Harry looked to the sky and there in loomed in all of its terifiing glory, the Dark Mark. Harry pushed his legs harder and harder, he was in an all out sprit by the time he had reached the front gate of the house. He got there in time to watch the other appear as they had been every time before, then has he just noticed that he was the father he had ever been, he put his hands on the gate and watched at the three beings stood in front of the house, he felt a surge of anger rush through him as his hands clamped down on the gate, Instantly his eyes shone white as he pulled the gate off of its hinges and threw it down the street, he rushed into the yard and ran up to the Order members that were standing there. He could hear them now.
“Is anyone else in there?” Mrs. Weasley asked crying.
“I don’t know…Where is Ron?” Mr. Weasley.
“There” some one said pointing to one of the three small figures standing closer to the fire. Harry turned and started to walk up towards them but when he got close enough to actually see them the world was stretch itself to make it impossible. He watched as the house burn and started to collapse in on itself. Then as if it was him inside the house he felt a horrible fear rise up inside of him, something was wrong something was very wrong and it was part of the dream, it was real.
Harry’s eyes snapped open it was the middle of the night Ron was in bed sleeping soundly. Harry looked around the room as if he didn’t know where he was, then he heard it in his head.
“Help me!” He looked out the window.

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