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Harry Potter and the Fulfilled Prophesies by GRWeasley
Chapter 2 : Underage no more
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Dumbledore sat as the round table in the corner of the room sipping tea, the crystal medallion lay next to him on the table, he had just finished talking with the order about the investigation that the Ministry made, he was having Moody and Lupin comb the forest tomorrow morning for anything that they could find. Now he sat waiting, waiting on word from fudge. He knew that he needed to work quickly if he wanted to keep Harry’s name out of the papers. As he put the old looking porcelain cup back on the saucer a crackle of fire was heard behind him.
“Welcome back old friend” He said with out turning. “Please come here” and with a beautiful song, Fawkes opened his wings and flew to the other side of the room and landed gracefully on the table.
“Do you have a reply?” Dumbledore asked, Fawkes shook his head and dropped the letter that bared the Ministry seal on it. Dumbledore picked it up and opened it. He eyes went back and forth on as he read the three to four lines that Fudge scratched out. When he was done he looked up at the Phoenix.
“Its not going to be good is it?” He asked. Fawkes cocked his head to the side looking confused at the old man; the looked down for a second and shook his head.
“I thought so” Dumbledore said sadly as he folded the letter up and put in on the desk. He sighed.
“Is there problems on the home front my friend?” a Voice said for the wall. Fawkes looked up at the person speaking.
“Hello there my dear Fawkes…” The voice said again. Fawkes spread his wings in greeting.
“You do know me too well Augustus”
“Yes…I know…one too many years I must say…but what is troubling you my friend”
“Tom…” Dumbledore breathed.
“Ah…what is our old Head Boy up to this time?”
“That is the problem I do not know….he is gone”
“Gone you say?”
“Yes” Dumbledore said turning his chair to face the old Headmasters painting.
“How is he gone?”
“Harry Potter”
“He vanquished him?”
“No…I do not think so….He is out there some where biding his time, and that is all he has to do for Harry Potter own community will condemn him even before Tom has a change to strike again”
“How so?” Dippit asked.
“Fudge…my old friend…our Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge”
“That bubbling idiot is the Minister and the whole wizarding community has not gone under I am amazed.”
”Now…Now Augustus, there was a reason why he was voted…He must have something to contribute”
“I don’t see what…but Albus how is he going to condemn Harry Potter”
“That is where I am at a loss my old friend, at a total loss”
Harry jumped back from Tombstone.
“It did not just say that” Harry said, as he finally got feeling back into his hand and feet. He quickly stood up and walked back over to the stone. There it was chiseled in fine cursive as plan as day.
“Am I losing my mind?” Harry said as he slowly traced the new word with his finger, as he finished the last word, right in front of his eyes the words faded away, quickly he moved his hand back, then as they did before a new word form its self into the stone.


“No?” Harry asked confused, he thought about it for a second then he remembered the question he asked on a few seconds ok.
“Ok, and I’m going to take the advice of a tombstone” Harry said pushing the hair out of his eyes, he squinted he eyes in concentration.
“Mum…Dad?” He asked slowly not really believing he was even asking. The words quickly faded. The Tombstone was blank for a while. Harry stood there looking down at it unblinking. Then as he closed he eyes and turned to walk away he felt something change behind him, he doesn’t know what inside told him something was different but he turned back around and saw that a word came back.


Now Harry really couldn’t believe he eyes, was he really talking to his parents, he quickly looked around to make sure no one was there, then he jumped back on the ground in front on the stone.
“Mum, Dad is that really you?” The word did not change it stayed at yes, Harry didn’t know if they were responding to his question or not. Then it changes again, quicker this time.


Harry couldn’t help it he smiled, and he could feel the heat of tears coming over him, he was talking to his parents and they were talking back.
“Ho…How is this possible?” He asked.


‘That was something Dumbledore Said’ Harry thought to himself. Harry pinched himself quickly to see if he was dreaming.
“Ow….no I’m not dreaming” He said looking down at his watch, he had only been there for twenty minutes. He should probably go back to the house to see if his Aunt and Uncle were home or maybe if Dick called. But he didn’t want to leave his parents even in a situation like this, which was kind of creepy it was still the first time in all his life that he was commutating with his parents, he could stand here forever.

Harry you must go now, but remember we will always be here
“Why do I have to go?” He asked sitting closer to the stone, tears sliding down his face.

Always remember Harry that we both love you more then anything in the world

And with that the words faded out and were gone.
“NO! Come back…Mum, Dad” Harry said placing his hand quickly on the stone as if it could stop them from leaving.
“Please don’t leave me again” He whispered to the stone. But the words did not form again. Harry sat there for a while longer looking at the tombstone wondering if they were going to return but they never did. He finally got up and dusted himself off and made he way back to number 4.
On his way back he started to think about the conversation that he just had with his parents, he still couldn’t believe that it was real. Why didn’t they come and talk to him last year, he was there all the time they never once said anything. Then it hit him, Voldemort. What if he was doing it, another ploy to get into Harry’s mind, the thought sickened him, if there was one thing that could break down Harry’s defenses it would the his parents. Voldemort knew this and it was only a matter of time before he used it against Harry. When Harry got to the front door his anger was at the very top, he was trying to push it down, but every time he did he would think of something else to make him angry. He sat down on the front steps and put his face in his hands and sighed loudly. The anger was subsiding but very slowly, he needed to be careful he needed to show control, there was the word again; some one told him to have control last night. Some one close to him who had a soothing voice and calmed his nerve, who was it though he could calm him like that.
“My Mum?” He asked himself. How could have been his mother he had never heard her voice, except in third year when she was screaming. Some one out there had control of Harry’s feeling, and he needed to find out who it was before he got the person in danger.
When the anger had all washed away, Harry stood up and made he was inside. No one was home yet, when the Dursley’s go out for the day they go out for the day. When Harry got inside he noticed that there was message on the Dursley’s answering machine. He walked over and pressed the play button.
“Hello Harry, this is Dick I received you message from Dora and just returning the call, I knew you be calling me this summer and I figured it would be for one thing a Job….well you start tomorrow morning at seven, Sam will be there to pick you up….See you tomorrow Harry and have a good day” The message stop and Harry sighed in relief, he didn’t have to spend another day cooped up in the house where he wasn’t aloud to move. A smile spread along his face, and he trotted upstairs to see if Hedwig was home. As he opened the door to his small room in noticed the snowy white owl sitting on the desk eating a rat she caught while hunting.
“Oh…..yummy” Harry said at Hegwig hooted at him.
“Hello Girl….go and eat that in your cage” He said pointing to her cage. The large snow owl looked at the cage and then at her meal, she looked back up at the cage and then picked the rat up and flew into her cage. Harry smiled at how smart magical creatures were, unless his was just very special. Harry was re-energized as he sat down at this desk. He figured that to many times he left his friends wondering what was going on in the Muggle world so he decided to write them letters, it would pass the time till he could make him self some dinner and then come back to his room where he would sit around until he went to sleep, since he knew as soon as the Dursley’s came home he would be shunned away anyway. He went to his trunk and pulled out some parchment and went back to his desk. He put his quill in to the ink and thought what was he going to say, hi Ron and Hermoine well I almost killed my uncle yesterday, and oh yeah I talked to my parents from beyond the grave, no he couldn’t say anything like that, but the only problem was that his friends knew when he was lying especially Hermione. He sighed he was going to have to tell them something so they wouldn’t worry but what to tell the, well he would be working again and that Dudley is defiantly alive and kicking, but that’s about it.
“Well its better then leaving them in the dark and have owl after owl come to me.” He said as he put Ron’s name at the top of the parchment.

As Harry ate he last bit of dinner that he made him self he sat there looking out into the backyard, he was looking at the swing that he had put in there two years ago, the first time Hermione and him almost kissed. He thought about that Memory for a while before shaking himself and looking around as if some one was staring at them. Clearing his throat he got up from the table and cleaned off his plate, he knew that the Dursley’s were going to be home soon and he didn’t want another confrontation with Uncle. As he walked upstairs he could hear a car pull in the drive way so he hurried to his room, and when he closed the door he listened and heard the front one open. Harry fell on his bed, it was a long day and he hadn’t even been up that long but the whole ordeal with the tombstone had taken a lot out of him, as he took off his shoes he heard and rustling coming from the window, Harry turned to see Hedwig coming and landing over on her cage.
“Thank you girl” He said to her. She responded with a hoot, lying on his desk were two letters one from Ron and the other was in the prefect little handwriting of Hermione. Harry smiled and as he was taking off his shirt he walked over and picked up the letter. He was about to open them when he looked in the floor length mirror on the other side of the room. He saw his body, it was littered with scars, the most horrible one was in the middle of his chest it was huge and still purple and some time still stung. The worse thing about all the scars is that he didn’t even know how he got them. They were just there when he woke up, even the one over his eyes was a mystery to him. He suddenly felt drained and decided to read the letters tomorrow after work. He put them down on the desk and took his pants of and slipped into bed, when he turned out the light and shut his eye he was asleep.

As the time went by and Harry went to work with Sam and Dick he spent little time at number 4 which suited every one fine. He would get up at 6:30 every morning and was out of the house before anyone could say anything, and by the time he would get home at night everyone was in the den watching TV so Harry would go up stairs take a shower and to into his room, since he ate at the job site with Sam, Dick and the boys. Harry loved working out in the summer sun planting the trees and moving the bricks around, he had grown so much since his first year working Dick, and the guys were starting to notice that he was being able to do a lot of the work himself.
“OY, Dick look at the little one” Some one would say, when Harry would walk in the back yard of a job carrying three or four large stone at a time. Harry just smiled and went on with his work. On breaks where everyone would eat lunch and then take a nap Harry would get back to work again after lunch, the days of him laying around with his shirt off were gone, he didn’t want any one to see the scars that took up most of his chest. He was a little worried about the light scar over his eyes. But the second day of work Dick came up to him.
“Don’t worry yourself Harry, I told the guys you got into a knife fight at school” Dick said with a smile.
“I What?” Harry asked in shock as he bit into his sandwich. Dick chuckled a little.
“Just don’t worry about…and if one of them asked go along with make it as elaborate as you want” Dick said winking, making him look so much like Dumbledore.
It had been a little over a month since Harry started to work for Dick he was working about 50 hours a week which was making everyone happy, Harry had just got out of the shower when he heard movement coming up stairs. Harry stopped as he was about to open the door and listened to see if the foot steps went pasted him, he heard nothing for a second, then another second, shrugging he opened the door the see Dudley standing in front of his bed room looking at the door. Harry inched out of the doorway not wanting to scare Dudley.
“Dudley?” Harry said softly. Dudley jumped but did not say a word out loud. He turned around and looked wide eyed at Harry. He could tell that his cousin had be come a lot bigger since they were young and even if he was terrified have him being a wizard he defiantly would fuck with him anymore.
“Oh…uh…Hi Harry” Dudley stammered out. Harry looked confused at him for a second, why was he coming up to him like this, why after a month of running away at the first site of him was he standing in front of him like this
“Hello” Harry said cautiously.
“I just want to say even though Mum and Dad tell you to say away from me…all though things I said two summers ago I meant…I had a lot to think about when I was” Dudley stopped swallowed hard and looked at the ground, he took a second and looked back up at Harry.
“Where I was…but I just wanted to say that I don’t blame you like my parents do….and I want to say thank you” He finally finished.
“Thank me for what?” Harry asked even more confused.
“Mr. Dumbledore told me what happened when I was gone…what…what you did in my name”
“It was nothing” Harry said.
“No really it was and I want to thank you for it”
“Well your welcome….but you better go back down stair before they figure out that you are talking to me”
“Yeah that would probably be a bad thing….” Dudley said walking back to the stairs. Harry headed to the door of his room and opened it.
“Harry?” Dudley said from the top of the stairs. Harry turned.
“Yeah?” Harry asked.
“Happy Birthday” Dudley said smiling and walking down the stairs. Harry looked confused again, then when he looked into his room he saw all the presents and cards that lay on his bed, and two owls sharing one cage, and white one that Harry knew very well and a little brown fur ball that could not be any other the Pig. Harry had a large smile on his face, he still was not use to his birthday being something, but he was glad that he had friends that remembered. As he walked into his room, another owl flew into his room, this one he did not know; he was proper looking and held in his beak a very professional looking envelope.
“Uh…Thank you” Harry said. The owl looked around the room once and then took off. Harry looked at they front of the envelope it was from Hogwarts.
“Oh ok” He said. He opened it up and started to read it.

Dear Mr. Potter
Congratulations on turning seventeen years of age, this states that you are no longer an underage wizard you are able to perform magic outside the walls of Hogwarts this does not mean that you are to break any wizarding law in the production of the magic which state you shall not do magic in front of Muggle, you shall not perform magic to hurt Muggles or Wizards and by no mean at all are you to perform a unforgivable curse we hope you have a love birthday.

Margaret Millsotres

Department of Underage wizardry

Harry read the letter twice, he had completely for got, this birthday was his seventeen, which meant he wasn’t under age anymore. He for one couldn’t believe that he actually made it to his seventeenth birthday, but he did and now he didn’t have to worry about going to Azkaban if he were to use a spell or two outside of school. He could not help but smile as he looked at the letter. As he took out the next letter his smile lessen though.

Dear Mr. Harry Potter
Welcome to you seventh and final year at Hogwarts of Witchcraft and Wizardry. At the end of his year you will be taking you N.E.W.Ts They are the final exam you shall be taking before leaving the school do not take these exams lightly they are the hardest and will take a lot of studying We hope you are prepared from them.
This years Head boy and Girl are as followed.



Harry stopped right there, he didn’t read that right did it; it didn’t say Draco Malfoy did it? Harry read it again, Hermione Granger as Head girl, there was no question there. But as he read whose name was under Head Boy he was sure that he was seeing things. Draco was Head Boy.
“Great and I thought my seventh year might actually be fun” Harry said. He put down the paper not even bothering to see who the fifth year prefects were. He went over to his gifts he saw the usually large package from the Weasley’s, meaning that he got another sweater and some sweets. He saw another large box and picked it up. It was from Hermione. He placed it aside and saw that Ron sent him something and Ginny also, Duncan had sent him a letter. The last thing that came up was an envelope.
“It’s from Sirius” Harry said. Harry wasn’t expecting anything from his God Father since he spent so much money on the Phoenix but a letter was good. When Harry pulled out the parchment something fell on to his bed. He didn’t pick it up at first he just read the letter.

Dear Harry,
Happy Birthday my boy, my god you’re seventeen I can not believe, Underage no more huh? So I had no idea what to get you for you birthday since I pretty much out did my self at Christmas but then I was talking to Dumbledore and he gave me the prefect idea. It’s a little to large to fit in this letter so I sent a picture of it, its still being build (Being built?) but it should be done by Christmas so we can go and look at it, So Happy Birthday Harry, and always remember home is were the heart is.


Harry looked at the letter for a second, the man was getting to be like Dumbledore, He looked at his bed and saw the thing that had fallen out. He picked it up and turned it over and when he saw what it was his eyes went wide and he almost lost grip.
“NO FUCKING WAY” He said as he looking at the moving picture. Sirius was standing in waving, then he pointed in back of him, where at the present point in time people were working on the skeleton of what looked to be a large house. Harry looked back at the letter there was a P.S. That had just form.

Yes Harry the house in the back ground is yours, it is right next to where you parents house was in Godric Hollow. Happy Birthday.

Harry was floored no way did his god father just build him a house, it was too unreal, he dropped the picture and ran to his trunk threw it up a rummaged through it until his grabbed what he was looking for. He pulled out the mirror and looked into it.
“SIRIUS BLACK” He commanded. Instantly Sirius’s face morphed into the frame.
“I was wondering how long it was going to take you to call” Sirius said with a smile.
“Harry do not say that it is too much…it’s from everybody….and I mean everybody they all put in some money for it. You need a place to stay when you get out school and Dumbledore thought it would be the best if you lived by where you parents use to live.”
“I can accept a house Sirius” Harry said flatly.
“To bad kiddo it’s already in your name” Sirius said.
“Sirius” Harry warned.
“Harry…we wanted to do this for you, we will go see it around Christmas ok?”
“I don’t know Si-“
“Just say yes Harry” Sirius said with a smile. Harry smirked.
“Yes Harry”
“Good, you little smart ass….now get back to your presents I have to go and help the Mercy…and Harry…Happy Seventeenth birthday” Sirius said as he vanished, and what remained was Harry’s scared face.
‘A house’ he thought. He shook his head tossing the mirror on the bed and went to the other presents. He grabbed Ron’s and opened it up. It was a book about all the professional Quidditch teams in the world, and Cannons Calendar. He took the letter and started to read it.

WHY IN THE HELL IS MALFOY HEAD BOY, oh yeah by the way happy birthday. I can not believe they would even consider him as Head Boy, This year is going to suck and no to mention our Newts I can’t believe it, it’s outrageous. OH yeah I hope you really like the book and calendar, Mum and Dad say hi. I’m outraged at this, I have half a mind to drop out, I wrote Hermione to see what she had to say and all she said wait” If that’s what they chose Ronald that they is what they chose” What in the hell does that mean, how can she be ok with this, she has to deal with him now. Ok I’m done with that now sorry about that, well I hope you’re summer isn’t going to bad mine is ok. It’s so cool being able to use magic, De-gnoming the garden is so easy now. Ginny is so mad, that this week I’m going to learn how Apparate I can’t wait it will be great. Well I should go now I will talk to you later, and don’t worry we will get you out of there soon.


Harry couldn’t help but crack up at the whole letter, it was just like Ron to change emotions like that in a letter were you can’t tell the difference but that was Ron. And it hit Harry he wasn’t going to be to learn how to Apparate till later, yet something was nagging at him in the back of his mind like something was trying to show him that it didn’t matter. He shook himself and picked up Hermione’s package. The letter was on the outside so he read that first.

I am glad that you are working and staying out of the way of the Dursley’s its good for you to be in a good mood, Well Happy Seventeenth, I am so Jealous of you and Ron, you can now do Magic outside of school, I know I only have a couple months but still I will have to wait till next summer and it really doesn’t matter then since we will be out of school…Isn’t that a weird statement out of school, I cant believe its here our last year we are almost done Its so exciting. You have probably heard by now if not from Hogwarts then from the twit you call a best friend, that Malfoy is Head Boy. I am really sorry Harry that you didn’t get it, but Dumbledore does things for reasons we may never know I just hope you aren’t upset (Not at all…I didn’t want to be head boy) But anyway I hope you like you gift, it was so much easier then last year. Well I hope to see you soon, Happy Birthday Harry!

Love always

Harry read the letter three times, before actually opening the gift, when he opened it and pulled it out, it revealed a brand new Adidas jacket, just like the one he lost in the battle at Hogwarts except this was a navy blue, Hermione’s favorite color. He put it on and it fit perfectly, almost too perfectly like it was altered some how. He smiled as he took it on; Hermione always gave him the greatest presents Harry thought looking at the wall were the plaque of his Firebolt hung. Harry had noticed that his birthday’s were becoming better and better the older his got, He smiled at this. He put all the stuff away, and then realized that he never go dressed. He got dressed and got into bed. He still had two gifts left. Ginny’s and Duncan’s letter, he decided to read Duncan’s letter first.



Harry could not believe how lucky he was to get friends like he had. It was strange for him, for so many years to be alone in the world and now to have a hand full of people care for him so much they would risk their life for him. It was all still strange to him. A Wave of exhaustion flooded over him suddenly. So he put Duncan’s letter down and got Ginny’s out.

Happy Birthday, you need to come here and control that friend of yours ever since we got home he has been doing Magic all over the house, and now that he learning to Apparate he is getting very annoying. Well I hope that you are having a tolerable time with the Muggles, it must be weird seeing your cousin alive, I don’t think could deal with that. Oh yeah I just wanted to say that I miss you. I really hope you come to the Burrow soon. Well I should go now we are about to eat, have a good Birthday bye Harry.


As Harry finished the letter he couldn’t hold his eyes open anymore he laid his head on the pillow and was out like that, his hand loosen and the letter fell on to the floor.

Miles away from the sleeping Harry Potter sat a man in a ragged old arm chair sipping on tea in a fancy up. A small fire was burning next to him in a large fire place, commotion could be heard in a distance from the man, persons up stair were running around. The older man was balding but what was left of his hair you could was red. Arthur Weasley sat in the den of the Burrow sipping tea he was about read the evening Prophet, he had gotten word from Dumbledore That Fudge was going to go against Harry and there was nothing they could do about it, but everyone figured they had time to form some plan, they weren’t going to let Harry take the fall for some thing Voldemort was responsible for. Arthur had a slight smile on his face, his family was ok and safe now inside the Burrow, Ron was a man now and he was going finishing up his Apparation lesson tomorrow and his baby Ginny was done with her O.W.L.S he couldn’t be much Happier until he looked at the front page of the Prophet. Instantly he spit out the tea that was in his mouth.
“MOLLY!” He screamed. Mrs. Weasley came into the den from the kitchen.
“Arthur what is it?” Mrs. Weasley asked concerned. Mr. Weasley looked at her for second and then down at the paper.
“We have a problem.” He said holding up the paper so she could see it. She read the first line.
“OH NO! Arthur we have to contact Dumbledore, we need to get Harry out of there now!” Mrs. Weasley said, Mr. Weasley nodded and threw the paper down and disappeared from the house. On the ground the paper laid the front page still pointing up, on it was a large picture of Harry at the Triwizarding Tournament years ago. And above the picture in huge letters the by line read.


Harry awoke the next morning refreshed, actually being able to sleep at night was one thing Harry liked, and he was glad that it was finally happening. When he woke up he noticed that a new letter was on the desk, he knew that he had read all of them last night so got out of bed and picked it up.


Harry opened the letter quickly since he knew it was from Dumbledore.

Dear Harry,
I am sorry that I am always writing to you with news that is never that good. But I must inform you that do to things happening inside the Ministry you are leaving your Aunt and Uncle prematurely. I can not say in the letter for if it is intercepted but Arthur will be picking you up tomorrow morning at 7:30 am, do not worry I have already informed Aberforth and he knew before that you were leaving early. I am sorry to spring this on you so soon, Aberforth has told me that you are a having a pleasant summer and I that shall continue at the Burrow so pleas Harry do as I say and have all of your belongings ready at 7:30

Albus Dumbledore

Harry stared at the letter for a second. What in the world could be so dangerous that I need to leave soon? Harry touched his scar on his forehead, it hadn’t hurt, stung or anything for weeks, Voldemort couldn’t be back could he? He looked around his room, all of his clothes and books were all over the place as he started to unpack his trunk.
“Great this is going to take me forever” Harry moaned. Then he thought for second, wait he can do magic now, it would be easy. He smiled and grabbed his wand, for a second he felt a surge of power go through it, then it disappeared.
“Ok…” He said. Then he looked at his trunk and with a couple flicks of his wand things were flying around the room and landing perfectly in his trunk as if they never had moved. When he was done packing he got the clothes for work and put them on, he walked down stairs and heard a honk, he opened the door and there was Sam sitting in his old beat up sedan. Harry went out to it got in and was off for his last day of work.
When Harry returned home that night he was dead tired they had a large house that they were working on, and since it was his last day he didn’t want to feel left out of anything. All he wanted to do was go to sleep but as soon as he opened the door his Uncle was standing right there.
“HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU ABOUT THESE INSUFFRIBLE OWLS?” Vernon barked, holding a letter in his hand, Harry looked at it quickly.
“It’s for you” Harry said pointing at the front of the envelope. Vernon looked at Harry for as second through narrow eyes then looked at the, it was indeed addressed to him, and his wife.
“Wha…why would they be writing to me” Vernon mumbled holding the letter far away from him.
“Probably to tell you that they are coming to get my tomorrow” Harry trying to move towards the stairs, Vernon’s extra large frame got into his way.
“What do you mean coming here?!” Vernon barked again.
“They are coming to pick me up” Harry said. “It’s in the damn letter” And he pushed past Vernon.
“Get back here” Vernon snapped, as he reached out for Harry he pulled him back, but when Harry turned around, his eyes were glowing white, and the crackling in the air started again
“Let me go” Harry said slowly. And as if it was the only thing Vernon could he release his hand from Harry’s shoulder.
“They are coming for me tomorrow and that is final” Harry said the Demonic voice creeping up on him. Harry’s eyes reverted back to green, as he stared at his uncle, he could see the sweat that was starting to form on his uncle’s brow, and that his lip was trembling.
“I am going to sleep, they will be here at 7:30…I don’t know how they are coming so be ready for anything” Harry said in a deep growl. He just went up stairs, and into his room. He sighed loudly as he feel down on his bed. He really needed to keep his temper in check or some one could get hurt. With out changing his clothes he was asleep as soon as his head it the pillow, it was going to be interesting morning since he didn’t know how they were coming.

Harry woke up the next morning tired, he didn’t sleep well it wasn’t from dreams it was from him being anxious and wanted to know why in the hell they were in such a hurry to get him out of there and to the Burrow. When he work up it was still dark out, it was only 5:50 he was use to getting up early and when he couldn’t fall back asleep he just decided to go and take a quick shower and get dressed. When he was finished bringing down his trunk and having a fight with the dog, he went and had some breakfast. He checked the clock and it was only 7:05 his aunt and uncle should be getting up soon. He heard movement up stairs but it was shuffling about in there room, and would not come out. Harry smiled at this as he thought they were too afraid to come down stairs. At twenty-five after an owl appeared at the window Harry quickly let it in, it dropped of a letter and left instantly. Harry opened it and it read.

Harry make sure no one in the kitchen in five minutes

It was Ron’s handwriting, Harry looked around it was almost 7:30 so he moved slowly out of the kitchen and then at exactly 7:30 two loud pops were heard in the Dursley’s kitchen and Harry was amazed to see Mr. Weasley and Ron standing there smiling broadly at him.
“Good morning Harry” Mr. Weasley said.
“Uh….morning” Harry said shocked.
“Apparation is awesome Harry” Ron said almost giddy.
“I bet” Harry said shaking his head.
“Where is your trunk Harry we don’t have much time”
“In the Hall” Harry said going to the hall to get it, Mr. Weasley and Ron were right next to him.
“Ok now..” Mr. Weasley started pulling an old can out of his pocket.
“Everyone hold on to this, Harry grabbed you trunk. In Three….two….One” Harry felt the pull behind his navel and they were gone instantly from the house. Seconds later they landed in the middle of the Burrow’s living room, Harry stumbled a little dropping his trunk with a loud thud.
“Man do I hate those things” Harry said getting his balance back. Harry looked at Ron and Mr. Weasley.
“Sorry” He said in a whispered.
“Not to worry Harry, We have been up for a while” Mrs. Weasley’s voice said as he body followed it into the room.
“Hello, Harry Dear” Mrs. Weasley said giving him a hug. She looked him over once, and frowned at the scar on his face. She turned suddenly to Ron.
“Ronald, help Harry with his trunk” She said quickly.
“Yes Mum” Ron said grabbing Harry’s trunk, Harry grabbed the other side quickly and they made there way up stairs.
When they reached Ron’s room and put Harry’s trunk down, Ron looked up at Harry, there was a stern look on his face.
“What?” Ron asked defensively.
“What’s going on Ron?” Harry asked flatly.
“Got me” Ron stated, Harry’s eyes narrowed.
“Seriously Harry, I have no idea what is going on….They wont tell me” Ron said looking as he was hurt by the fact that his parents were keeping him in the dark.
“Oh…” Harry said looking down. “Sorry”.
“It’s ok mate…I would have probably done the same thing if I were in your shoes” Ron said. But know what was in his shoes now one could understand what it was like to be Harry Potter, and no one would ever know.
“All I know is that Dumbledore is coming here in a few days to talk to you but that’s about all I know” Ron said.
“Let me guess you are suppose to know that? Are you?”
“No not really” Ron said with a grin. There was an awkward silence between Them for a moment, Ron and Hermione had never told him flat out what happen transpired in the forest, Ron knew it was going to come up some time.
‘Harry….Look I don’t know ok….We have no idea what happened in the forest that night. No one does…but you and him” Ron said looking almost sadden that he couldn’t answer his friends question. He wished he could have told him something anything other then he didn’t know.
“How can that be?” Harry asked.
“Well, you and him started another battle field.”
“We did?” Harry whispered. This was torture not knowing anything that happened, during the biggest battle of his age, and to be the center of the battle and have no recollection of it, it was the most horrible feeling in the world. He thought about it for a second, no he knows how Hermione feels.
“I’m sorry Harry” Ron said in a very serious voice.
“Yeah me too Ron…Me too” Harry said sitting on the bed.
“You ok?” Ron asked, sitting across from him.
“Yeah, I just wished I could remember” Harry said putting his face into his hands. There was a knock at the door.
“Breakfast is ready boys” Mrs. Weasley said softly from the other side. Harry didn’t realize how hungry he was until he heard that there was food prepared for him.
“Let’s go and get something to eat huh?” Ron said standing up. Harry shook his head and the left the bed room.
When they reached the kitchen, Mrs. Weasley was putting plates on the table and Mr. Weasley was already sitting down reading the Daily Prophet. That is when Harry noticed the short hair red head that was already sitting down and was staring at him, with a half smile half worried look.
‘I don’t think I can deal with this right now’ Harry thought as Ginny stood up and practically jumped into his arms.
”Hello Harry” Ginny said as they hugged. It did feel good to hug her, and when they released he wanted to hug her again, but something was pulling him away.
“Hello Ginny” Harry said as they released. She stood there as if she was waiting for something. Harry started to become very uncomfortable.
“Virginia Weasley, let the boy breath” Mrs. Weasley said putting pancakes on the table, Ron started to laugh under his breath. Ginny turned the color of her hear and quickly sat down in her spot. Harry sighed and went to sit next to Ron. He really had no idea what he was going to do about Ginny, but he guessed he needed to do something, but that would have to wait, something was wrong here, and it was something big. Breakfast was great like it always is in the Weasley’s home but there was an awkward silence over the table that no one could seem to break. Ron though he could a couple times but all that happened was he would open his mouth look around the table and then close it again. Finally Breakfast was over but the tension that claim the small kitchen still lingered not releasing them.
A While later after getting settled in and talking with Ron a bit, Harry went down into the den to see if he could shed some light on what was going on. HE knew that Dumbledore was coming in a couple of days but he needed to know now.
“Mr. Weasley?” Harry asked walking up to him. Mr. Weasley put down his paper and looked into the determined eyes of Harry Potter.
“Yes Harry?”
“Why am I here?” Harry asked. Mr. Weasley was going to change the subject, try and fool Harry into believing another reason, but he knew that Harry wasn’t going to fall for it. He sat there just looking at Harry for a moment and then he spoke.
”Harry…We have a problem you see…” Mr. Weasley started in a weak voice.
“Is Voldemort back?” Harry asked, he saw Mr. Weasley tense a little at the name.
“Er….No He is not back…It’s…uh…well its Fudge Harry….Fudge is our…well your problem” Mr. Weasley said squirming in his seat.
“How so?” Harry asked, he anger rising inside of him. Mr. Weasley sighed and went to the stack of papers and pulled a certain one out. It was the one about Harry, he handed it to Harry, Harry read the by line.
“A murderer?” He looked up at Mr. Weasley with pain in his eyes.
“They’re saying I’m a murderer?” Harry started to shake his anger was about to boil over.
“I’m not a murderer”
“Harry calm down” Mr. Weasley warned “Of course your not”
“THEN WHY DID THEY WRITE THIS?” He said holding up the paper. Mr. Weasley didn’t have an answer. Harry Started to tremble again his eyes started to fade. Mr. Weasley had never seen Harry transform before. Then suddenly the paper burst into flames.
“I HATE MY LIFE!” Harry screamed the Demonic voice completely taking over, and then he vanished with a twist of time.
Mr. Weasley sat there transfixed on the spot Harry was just standing; he was blinking slowly still shocked at the display he just saw.
“What in the hell?” He whispered as Mrs. Weasley, Ron and Ginny skidded into the room.
“Arthur…what happened?” Mr. Weasley asked urgently.
“Harry is very….very angry” Mr. Weasley said with fear in his voice.

Harry appeared next to the creek that they sat by last summer. His eyes had reverted back to green and tears were streaming down his face. He fell to his knees on the shore of the creek, he looked down into the slow moving water, he could see the scares on his face, and the doubt in his eyes. ‘Murderer’ was flying through his head. Was he in fact a murderer, did he kill innocent people who didn’t deserve to die? He couldn’t remember so that might true, the tears were streaming harder now.
“I just want to be normal- FUCKING NORMAL!” Harry screamed making the birds in the trees fly away; he hit the ground with both hand and hard as he could.
“It’s not fair….I DIDN’T ASK FOR THIS!” Harry screamed, faint energy bolts could be seen in the air, around him and coursing through the water.
“I didn’t ask for any of this” he said again in an exhausted voice. He then felt a presence behind him, instantly he was on his feet and his shield was blazing blue around him.
“Harry” the soothing voice of the intruder said. Harry stood there looking at the person as his shield surged brighter.
“What are you doing here?”
“Coming to see you…to help you” The soothing voice said.
”Why…all I am is a murderer…why do want to help me?” Harry said getting angrier.
“Do you believe that?” The man asked. Harry looked down into the water. He saw the surging shield around him. It was pushing back the water as a helicopter does when it gets close to water.
“I don’t know what to believe anymore” Harry said looking back at the older man. His shield went down, and he fell to his knees again. The man walked slowly up to Harry and put a hand on his shoulder.
“Harry, you are no murderer…there are reasons for what Fudge is doing, but they are still his own reasons he has not told me anything….but you are no murderer”
“Do you truly believe that sir?” Harry asked looking up at the Headmaster. Dumbledore was silent for a moment, then he looked into Harry’s eyes.
“Yes, Harry I do” Dumbledore said firmly. Harry stood.
“Why is he doing this sir…when he knows that Voldemort was or is alive?”
“There was no evidence of Voldemort actually being there Harry… and Fudge is a coward and has to use a seventeen year old boy as an escape goat to stay in office, because stating that Voldemort has truly returned and was raging a war on Hogwarts and you…he would be kicked out of office for sure.” Dumbledore stated. Harry sat there looking at the stones on the ground letting it all sink in.
“He would condemn someone who is innocent just to stay in office?”
“Yes…I am afraid he would” Dumbledore said, Harry shoulders fell. He couldn’t fight politics.
“What am I going to do sir?” Harry asked looking like the lost little boy he was when he came to Hogwarts at the age of eleven.
“I do not know Harry…but I promise you that fudge would not dare come near you…he knows the Order is protecting you” Harry nodded, but then thought he was just endangering more people for his safety.
“I am sorry you had to find out this way Harry…I wish it wasn’t happening, but nothing come simple in your life, we are just going to have to take his one step at a time.” said Dumbledore after a moment of silence.
“One thing I must ask of you Harry….you must stay calm becoming angry and unleashing the power you hold inside will only fuel the case the have against you…you must promise me to stay calm.”
Harry nodded.
“I will do my best sir”
“Then that is all I can ask…Come Harry let us return to the Burrow, you have many frighten Weasley’s waiting for you” Dumbledore said motioning the way back to the Burrow.

The trip back through the woods was in silence, Harry was walking with his head down and Dumbledore was looking from tree to tree bird watching. He would ever so often whistle at the birds and it would sound exactly like the bird call that was just heard. When they got to the edge of the woods Harry’s anger had subsided. But he stopped dead in his tracks when he saw what was in front of him.
“HARRY JAMES POTTER?” a male voice yelled. Harry saw the five wizards in blue robes standing there between him and the Burrow, wands at the ready they stood waiting for him. Harry Looked at Dumbledore and for the first time in Harry’s life he could see that Dumbledore was furious. The words that came out of the mans mouth next all most knocked Harry off his feet.

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