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Harry Potter and the Fulfilled Prophesies by GRWeasley
Chapter 1 : Summer Woes
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Summer Woes

Harry Potter sat silently in the back of the Volvo as his Uncle drove him home.
“You stay away from Dudley you hear boy…you don’t come near him. I don’t know what your kind did to him….but you stay away from him you understand me” Vernon spat, his beady eyes looking at Harry through the rear view mirror.
“Yes sir” Harry said absentmindedly looking out the window. Every so often he would touch he face were the new scar was, it wasn’t as pronounce as the lighting bolt but it was still there, another affliction by Voldemort, Harry’s anger started to boil to the surface, and suddenly the radio came on.
“And this evening on the-“
“What in the blazes” Vernon screamed as he shut it off, he looked back into the rear view mirror at the boy in the back seat he could see the outline of the scar, and noticed that he was nursing his arm.
“What is the matter with you boy?” Vernon asked suddenly. Harry was caught off guard by the question and didn’t answer at first he just looked into the mirror at his uncle.
“Well…what in bloody hell happened to you?” Vernon spat again. Harry was confused for a second then he realized his must be asking about the scar and his arm.
“A game at school”
“A game….don’t lie to me boy”
“I’m not…you wouldn’t want me to tell you about it anyway so why even ask” Harry said angrily, he turned his head and looked out the window watching all the buildings go by. Vernon’s eyes went wide when he thought he saw Harry’s eyes flash white, it couldn’t be through he was seeing thing, yeah that is seeing things. He clicked on the radio again and started to listen to the news, he would glance back every so often at the boy in the back seat, just if he knew that he had a time bomb just waiting to explode.

As The Dursley’s car pulled into the drive way Harry’s insides started to tighten, he was going to have to go inside and see his cousin, the person who he thought was dead, the person who he thought he buried, but again it was another sick and twisted way for Voldemort to get into his head.
“I hope I did kill him” Harry said as he stepped out of the car, he took a deep breath in, he almost wanted to cough the city air wasn’t anything to the magical air around Hogwarts, he couldn’t wait till he could go back and get away from this place.
“Get you things boy….Your aunt is going to have dinner ready soon I want all your ‘Belongings’ in your room in 15 min so you can set the table” Vernon said walking into the house.
“Welcome home Harry” Harry muttered under his breath as he used his one good arm to grabbed his trunk.
As he open the door, he heard a too familiar noise one that he wished could have stayed a memory. There standing at the threshold of the door to the kitchen laid Dunkirk growling his little growl, looking as if he was ready to pounce on Harry. Harry just closed his eyes and sighed.
“What is Duninkins” the voice of Aunt Petunia said as she was coming out of the kitchen.
“Oh its you….my word boy do you think you could look any more like a hoodlum”
“Hello Aunt Petunia” Harry said distastefully.
“Yes…well whatever…get up stairs and get change you need to set the table…”
Harry did even say a word he just took his trunk and walked up the stair.
“AND YOU NEED TO GET THAT MOP YOU CALL HAIR CUT YOUNG MAN” Aunt Petunia screamed, as Harry closed the door behind him. Since Christmas he hadn’t done anything with his hair so now it was long, longer then it had even been before, if he did not push out of his eyes it all most went to his nose and the back of it was covering his neck, he almost looked like Sirius. Harry rested his head on the door and closed his eyes. He had only been home for five minutes and he already feels like just leaving. He put his trunk over at the end of his bed, opened it and took some clothes out, as he walked into the hallway he turned and ran right into a skinny figure, they both fell on the ground. When Harry stood up he was looking into the eyes of stranger, the person was skinny and his face was sunken, the eyes were the worst part they looked to be haunted.
“Dudley?” Harry whispered.
“Ha…Harry” Dudley whimpered. Dudley inched his way back to his room, and then suddenly ran inside and shut the door. Harry just stood there blinking over and over again. He cousin was alive, and his cousin was completely and utter terrified of him. Harry bent down and picked up the clothes he dropped and headed to the shower.
“It’s going to be a really long summer” Harry said as he closed the door to the bathroom.

Albus Dumbledore was sitting at his desk at Hogwarts of Witchcraft and Wizardry staring at parchment after parchment. The Ministry had conducted their investigation of the forest and he was reading over all the findings.
“Forty-five people dead” Dumbledore spoke.
“And twelve of them unexplained” He said again shifting through the papers.
“Did they say anything about the whereabouts of Voldemort sir?” A voice asked from in front of him. Dumbledore looked up over his half-moon shaped spectacles and was staring into the eyes of Minerva McGonagall.
“Nothing…the ‘official’ report does not even state Tom was even there….it states the followers of Tom were in control of the whole operation” Dumbledore said putting down the parchment and sighing, he took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes.
“You’re telling me they don’t even believe Voldemort was there?”
“That is what I am saying….and there is more”
“What…Albus you look like you have seen a ghost”
“Worse my dear Minerva, worse all the evidence they collected comes back to Harry being one who was responsible for all the murders” Dumbledore said closing his eyes.
“But Albus you said…”
”I know what I said Minerva but I do not know what happened deep in the woods between Harry and Voldemort… I do not know who killed all those Death Eaters and the young girl…for all we know Harry could have”
“I will not believe it sir”
“Neither will I right now…but we must do something about this investigation…before it hits the Daily Prophet” Dumbledore standing up. As he stood Fawkes appeared in a burst of flame on his perch.
“Hello my old friend I need you to do me a favor…please take this note to our dear Minister Fudge and if anyone tries to stop you…well don’t let them he needs to see it right away and please do not leave until he had written me back” Fawkes took the letter in his beak and with a ruffle of his feathers and a crackle of fire he was gone.
“What is that all about Albus?” McGonagall asked.
“I am going to have a little talk with Fudge”
“It didn’t do anything last time, you told him everything that happen and he still goes and approves that investigation which he knows is a lie.” McGonagall said pointing at the stack of papers on Dumbledore’s desk.
“I know Minerva I know…but we have to bide our time, if we push the Minister too far, he will lash out and that is not what Harry needs right now, he could be put in a very sour spot if the Ministers wants him to.” Dumbledore said.
“I still can’t believe that coward became Minister”
“All politics Minerva all politics” Dumbledore said walking and sitting behind his desk.
“Don’t you have a train to catch Minerva?”
“Yes…but I figured-“
“Do not worry yourself about all this” Dumbledore putting a finger on the papers.
“Go and have a lovely vacation…where is it you are going again?”
“Rome sir”
“Ah…Rome such a exquisite place…when you arrive ask for a Martin Vertieri…he is a old friend of mine and will show you all of wizarding Rome”
“Thank you Albus I will do that…you have good summer Headmaster”
“Thank you very much…you have a relaxing summer Minerva and do not return till you are fit to”
“I shall be here for the opening of the term sir”
“Very well I will see you then…now off you go” Dumbledore said with a smile. Minerva nodded and left the room. Dumbledore sat back in his chair and put his folded fingers to his lips looking blankly at the Parchment in front of him, as he skimmed through it the word Harry Potter came up way to many times.

As Harry was finishing with the table he noticed that his Aunt and Uncle were skittish around him to.
‘Do they know something about that battle?’ He thought as he looked outside in the back yard.
“Boy….Boy” Vernon broke Harry out of his trance Harry just looked at Vernon for a second.
“I’m talking to you…are you finished with the table?” Vernon asked. Harry looked down and shook his head.
“Yes sir”
“Good now take this and go to your room” Vernon snapped handing Harry and large plate with large portions, with out a word he took the plate and walked up to his room when he got there and shut the door he heard Dudley’s door open and the creaks of the floor boards as Dudley made he way down to dinner. Harry sat down at his desk and shook his head as he stabbed into his ham.
“I’m never going to have freedom here” Harry said. SQUAWK! Harry turned quickly to see Hedwig was nipping at her cage door.
“Ok….Ok I will let you out hold on” Harry said putting down his fork and opening the door to her cage she flew out quickly and landed on his shoulder after stretching her wings she nipped his ear lightly.
“Want to go out do you?” Harry said opening the window as soon as he did she flew from his shoulder and was going into the orange and red sea of clouds. Harry sat back down at his desk and finished his meal; it was weird to have a meal like this at the Dursley’s when he was done with his food, he tiptoed down stairs, when he reached the entry way he heard the sounds of the TV playing in the den and decided that it would be safe to go to the kitchen, when he swung the door open he was wrong, there was Dudley standing at the kitchen counter looking wide eyed at the door.
“Mum!” Dudley said.
“Dad!” As if they were bolts of lighting Harry’s aunt and uncle were in the kitchen.
“Did I not tell you to stay away from him!” Vernon growled snatching the plate.
“Yes…but how am I supposed to stay away from him if we are in the same HOUSE!” Harry said angered. The lights in the house were starting to flicker.
“Mummy what’s going on?” Dudley said moving towards the sink.
“Stop this at once damn it” Vernon said standing up into Harry’s face.
“Or What?” Harry asked, the demonic voice rising in side of him, his eyes flashed white quickly.
“Or…” Vernon said raising his hand, one of the lamps broke suddenly.
‘Control’ Went through Harry’s mind at that instant. ‘Control’ the lights went back to normal and Harry looked again to be the average sixteen year old that he wasn’t it. Dudley and Petunia were standing the corner huddled together looking around the room. Vernon was scared out of his mind as he stood there in front of Harry.
“I’m going to my room” Harry barked and walked away.
When Harry got to his room the door swung open and then as he entered the lights in side went out and the door slammed shut and locked behind him. He threw himself on his bed, he couldn’t stay in this house all summer he would either destroy the house or someone in it, or go to prison and none of those options sounded good to him.
“I need my job back” Harry said turning over on his side and looking blankly at the wall. He wasn’t even tired but his eyes started to get heavy and soon he was sleep. Sleep usually came as a luxury for Harry Potter but that night even though he didn’t even change for bed or get into his bed, the night sleep he had was the best ever. He has had good night rest but those were induced by dreamless sleeping potions. The sleep he had tonight was nothing like that; he dreamed, but they were dreams when you wake up you can only remember that last second and half of and the more you think about it the more it disappears. Harry slept the whole night with out waking or barely even moving, when the sun came up Harry slowly opened his eyes, he couldn’t believed he slept till morning, he looked over at his alarm clock, it was 6:45 it was his first day of summer vacation and since his Uncle wanted him to stay out of the way he was going to sleep in, he never really got to do that but he figured now that he cant walk around the house he could sleep, so he kicked off his shoe and climbed under that covers.
“Maybe the summer won’t be so bad” He said as he fell asleep.
When he woke up it was almost noon, no one had woken him, he really didn’t want to sleep most of the day away but it was the best night sleep in years and for Harry Potter that statement was true. He got out of bed and took off his clothes that he slept in and went and took a shower. He was going to talk to Dick today about seeing if he could work again, anything was better then being in the house all summer since he didn’t have any clue when he was going to get out of here, if ever. When he was done with his shower went back to his room were he changed into clean clothes. As he stepped in to the hallway he listened for sounds, none were being made from down stairs, so he crept down there slowly stopping every so often to listen for the TV or some one talking, nothing. He made all the way down to the entrance way and into the kitchen with out seeing anyone. When he got to the kitchen he realized why he didn’t hear or see anyone that was because no one was home, there was a note of the fridge telling Harry that they went out and were going to be out all day and to not touch or break anything. Harry scoffed at that.
“I only break things when your around” He said opening the fridge and getting out some lunch meat, he loved it when the Dursley’s weren’t around, it meant that he could eat what he wanted and if he were so inclined watch TV. He hadn’t watched TV in so long that it really didn’t matter to him that much if he watched it or not. Deciding against the TV he sat down at the table and eat his sandwich and can of pop. Sitting in the empty house, his mind started to going into thinking mood which made him try and remember what had happened that night in the forest. Nothing not ever a quick memory a flash of something nothing.
“Damn it” He said throwing down his sandwich. He thought about it longer, does Ron and Hermione know? What about Duncan does he know? If they did know would they tell him?
“I don’t know but lets find out” Harry said finishing up his sandwich and drinking the last sips of pop he put the dish in the sink and the can in the trash and ran up stair to his room when he got to his room and looked at the empty cage he remembered.
“She’s not here DAMN!” He said. Upset that he could not ask her friends questions he was afraid to ask at school he went back down stair and picked up the phone, then it hit him Hermione’s parents are Muggles they have a phone. He put down the phone and picked up again about to dial the number, only problem was he didn’t know.
“God damn, the first time I need a girls phone number and I don’t have it” He tried to rack his brain to think if he ever knew her number, and he didn’t.
“Oh well” He said clicking the receiver so he could get a clear dial tone again, and he dialed Dicks number, he remembered that one.
“Dick Archemy’s landscaping how can I help you today?” The female voice said on the other line.
“Um…Can I speak to Dick Please?”
“He is currently out at a job, can I take a message?” the voice asked.
“I ah yeah sure…just tell him that Harry Potter called and if he could call me back.” Harry said.
“I can do that for you Mr. Potter anything else?” She said politely.
“No jus that thank you” Harry said shyly.
“OK then I will relay the message to him, thank you and have a great day”
“You too” and He hung up the phone. He looked around, he didn’t have anything to do, he wasn’t getting yelled at he didn’t have to do any chores yet, he was kind of lost then an idea came up to him, He could go and see his parents.
Harry ran from the house as quick as he could, he didn’t even have his running shoes on but he tore down the street towards the old cemetery as quick as he possible could, he hadn’t been running in so long so the exercise was taking a toll on him, and he wasn’t healed all the way so he probably shouldn’t have been running like that but he wanted to be by his parents. When he reached the cemetery he stopped running completely out of breathe and in lots of pain he laid on the ground on the outside of the cemetery trying to catch his breathe, he leg where he broke it stung like hell, and burned as if it were on fire.
“Fuck!” He said “I am defiantly walking home.” He finished to himself as he walked up the little hill towards his parents graves. When he got to the top of the hill he stopped and looked over at their graves, a rush of relief flooded over him as he saw their head stone, he continued his journey to where they lay, when he reached them he sat down in front of their graves.
“Hi” He said as he sat.
“Well I made it through another year….Not sure how” He said pulling up grass and tossing it aside.
“God do I wish you two were here, I really need you right now” Harry said, as he finished the sentence the wind started to pick up whipping around he long untamed hair Harry looked around the trees at the end of the cemetery were not moving, and the trash on the ground ten feet from were he was standing wasn’t either, he looked back down at the headstones, something new was on them. Shocked for a second he just stood there not really looking at anything, then as the shock wore off he moved closer and read what said. Right under his parent’s dates of birth and death read something new some that scared Harry, it was chiseled in the stone just as all the rest of it was, but he had never seen it before, he took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes and put them back on but the words were still there


Cornelius fudge sat at his desk in the Ministry of Magic, The whole ‘problem’ as he called it that happened at Hogwarts was taking its toll on him, The explanation that Dumbledore gave him about Voldemort coming and stealing magic from student was crazy insane even, Fudge had half a mind to commit Dumbledore.
“Yeah that would get me far” Fudge said to himself out loud. He picked up the parchment of the report done by his investigation team.
“Forty-five people” He said shaking his head. There was light knocking on his door.
“Come in” Said Fudge in a tired voice.
“Sir?” The young blonde man said as he opened the door, it was one of Fudge assistants. Fudge looked up from his desk.
“Yes what is it?” Fudge sighed.
“There are more of them” the assistant
“Yes sir…about 250”
“Alright well…file them and then I will read them tomorrow and Thursday” Fudge said.
“And the owls that want replies”
“Send them away…tell them that they will get their replies in the paper” Fudge said shooing his assistant out.
“Yes sir” And the blonde haired man shut the door.
“Now only if I could get rid of you with out a reply” Fudge said looking at the beautiful red bird staring at him with his head cocked to the side.
“But I know Dumbledore and anything that is has pet will be as persistent as him….alright, alright you bloody bird here” Fudge said as took out a piece of paper and wrote a quick note stating that he would meet Dumbledore and they would talk. He rolled the parchment up and handed it to the bird.
“He isn’t going to like what I’m going to say” Fudge said pulling out a piece of parchment that was to the Daily Prophets editor. the parchment stated that what happened at Hogwarts at the end of last time, that all the death were in relation to Harry Potter, and the Ministry will be taking action against the boy. He will not get away with this.
“It’s the only way to get them off my back” Fudge said putting down the parchment, and jumped suddenly when the bird that was right next to him exploded in a burst of flames.
“God Damn Phoenixes” He said and opened his drawl and pulled out a bottle of firewiskey and poured some in a glass. He put the bottle back into the drawl and took the glass he took a sip and place the glass on his forehead. He was going to condemn an innocent person, a boy at that for something he didn’t even do, but no one would believe the story about Voldemort he would be kicked out of the office so quickly, he needed to stick to the story, even if it is killing the boy who lives.

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