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From The Weasley's, To Hogwarts by JLB
Chapter 1 : \"From The Weasley\'s, To Hogwarts\"
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Chapter One, Home At Last.

Author's Note: For chapter one what I mean by home at last is Ron's home, in one of the books I think Harry said Ron's house is like his second home. But I'm not sure. You know Harry would not want to be in his real home with the Dursley's! (LOL) But in Chamber of Secrets he also said to Dobby that Hogwarts is his home. So....yeah. But I told you the main point. Also the story is about after he finishes his forth year at Hogwarts, so now he is a 5th year. But I don't know when they get out of school. June probably? He's probably 14 turning 15 soon. I'll just base it off of when my school gets out because I have no clue. Oh, I don't know how many years Percy is ahead of Harry, so I'm just going to say that he is on his 7th year this year. I have no idea, I know Percy was in the 1st and 2nd book. Not sure about the 3rd and 4th. Well now I know he graduated in the 3rd book, well damn it that's why I have imagionation. I explained why Percy isn't graduated and gone!So I'm going to say that he had a mishap, which was actually from his twin brothers that got blamed on him so he couldn't resume school until Harry's 5th year. I made up something, he's 17 for this story. Had a bad accident from his brothers testing an aging potion on him saying it was pumkin juice, last year as well, so they fixed Percy as much as they could. And could get him to only 17.

This summer, it being the month of June, Harry was staying with the Weasley's. Of course you knew his aunt, uncle, and cousin Dudley were all the better happy with this news. He had mailed them after going streight home with Ron, his brothers and sister.

Because the last time Ron's parents' mailed a letter the muggle way they didn't do it right. Vernon and Petunia didn't take too kindly to that either. I mean wouldn't you think the person or magical folk that sent the letter was crazy. Or like some of the others out there, think it was a prank? Seeing an envelope nearly enveloped with stamps. ( No pun intended.)

When Harry's reletives recieved the news they were still quite angry with him. Because they went out of their way to pick him up after school was over and he wasn't there. He didn't care if they were mad or not. As long as he didn't have to see, hear, or put up with them it was fine with him.

When they arrived at the Weasley's home everyone got out of the car, ( Yes the Ford Angelina.) and Mr. and Mrs. Weasley helped everyone get their trunks, well, out of the trunk. Harry, Ron, Ginny, Percy, Fred and George all drug their trunks upstairs to their rooms. And unpacked them, leaving somethings in their trunks.

During the school year both the Weasley parents built a guestroom just for Harry when he stayed. He was like a son to them. They wanted the neglected kid to feel at home when he was here. Which for Harry Potter it was like a second home to him. There was a dresser with a mirror, some extra clothes in the dresser. A tall coffee table next to the bed on the left side in the corner. Also a owl perch to put the cage or just the owl on. And a nice comfey bed in the lower left hand corner or the room. A window on the left wall near the bed. Chuddley Cannon posters were plastered all over the walls in a attempt to " decorate" the room from Ron.

Harry put the trunk under his bed after unpacking. He put Hedwig's cage on top of the owl perch. Ron knocked on the door.

" Come in." said Harry.

Ron opened the door and came in.

Harry was sitting on the bed with a smile on his face.

" So how do you like your room?" Ron asked.

" I love it," Harry grinned " it's really nice."

" That's good, Harry. Well come outside in a bit, Fred and George are gonna practice some Quidditch plays."

He nodded, " Okay, I'll bring my Firebolt."

(I don't know how he takes his broomstick, but he's gotta put it somewhere. It's magic.)

Ron Weasley left the room leaving the door open.

Harry took his trunk from under the bed and opened it. He took out the Firebolt (I guess it could fit in there?) and closed the trunk, sliding it back under the bed. And exited his room, when he passed Percy's room he heard loud sobs and cries. He double backed and the door was slightly ajar, so curious the young wizard peeked through it. The prefect yet again this year, was ripping up letters and photos of someone.

The red haired Weasley was saying, " Why!? Why!? What did I ever do wrong!? Why me!?"

Poor Percy... thought Harry Potter. But then he thought it was someone humorous. His laughter was stiffled, but Percy caught some of it and looked towards the door.

" Who's there?!"

Harry froze, then took off running through the rest of the hall, down the stairs, and out the door.

" Over here!" said Fred, George, and Ron in unisen.

He went to the open field behind the house where the Weasley brothers were at.

" Hey Harry," George said " we've got some bludgers and a snitch."

Potter looked surprized.

" How'd you get those?"

Fred pushed George out of the way, and stood infront of Harry instead of George.

" I've got this one, George. We experimented with a bunch of transfiguration spells and charms. That was for the bludgers. We bought a snitch from Diagon Alley. The Quidditch shop, ya know. With that money you gave us, we had some left over."

" Why didn't you just make a snitch?" Harry Potter asked.

" Dad said he could get us one so we gave him some money. But I have a sneaking suspision he could get it for free, because he came home with some new- -"

Ron looked like he was getting impatient and interupted Fred.

" Okay! Let's just play you guys. Fred and George stop talking Harry to death!"

Fred and George had broomsticks in their hands, they were Shooting Stars. There is also a box not too far away from them. Poor Ronald still didn't have a broom at all.

He drooped his head.

His twin brothers opened the box and each of them took a club. There was two bludgers chained down, squirming. Fred opened a hidden compartment inside the box and the snitch came out wizzing, then disappearing out of sight.

Harry put his hand on Ron's shoulder.

" Don't worry. I'll let you ride my Firebolt when we're done."

Ron's eyes grew big with happiness and his head was up.

" Really?! Thanks alot, your the best!"

He gave Harry a hug, then released him.

Fred waved his hand for Harry to come over to them. That's what he did, Firebolt in hand.

" Ron!" George yelled.

Their brother Ron ran over to the box and took out a band with a whistle on it and put it around his neck.

" Everyone mount! On my count, one... two... three... GO!"

He blew the whistle and released the bludgers and they launched into the air.

Fred, George, and Harry pushed off the ground and flew into the sky on their brooms.

Harry already had seen the snitch.


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