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No More by drowninginmusic
Chapter 1 : 1
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You all should know my name to be Draco Malfoy. I am 18 years old. My father is Lucius Malfoy. Yes, the Deatheater that was sent to Azkaban. The Dark Lord has been trying to set those Deatheaters that were caught free, so that he can build up his army once more. My father has left behind a huge mess that I must now deal with. The Dark Lord wishes that I take my place at his side, just as my father did. He is hosting a ceremony for me today, so that I can have the Dark Mark burned into my arm. The question I keep asking myself is, am I ready? Is this what I really want to do with my life? To follow my father's footsteps and have the same fate he has? Will I live the rest of my life, hiding behind someone and doing his dirty work? Will I always do what I'm told? I feel that all of these answers will be answered in time. I still dwell on them too much.


At this moment I am laying in the comfort of my bed in the Malfoy Manor. It has now become mine along with our money. I am thankfully out of Hogwarts. I still can't believe I actually made it through. Especially with Potter always watching me like I would kill someone right then and there. But oh do I miss her. The girl that I secretly had a fling with. Nobody knew about it. I wonder what she could be up to at this very moment.

A shadow appeared out of nowhere and I sat up quickly as a reflex. "Who are you? What do you want?"

The cloaked figure let out a hollow laugh and spoke in a raspy voice. "Draco, Draco, Draco. Today you will receive your very own Dark Mark. I am very glad to see that you have chosen the right side. You will be my right hand man Draco. I hope that you never betray me or else I will be forced to kill you. Now your ceremony starts in five hours. I think it is time you get up." As quick as the shadow appeared, it disappeared.

I slowly rose from my bed without much effort and stumbled out of my room. I was hungry so I went into our dinning room. My mother was sitting at the table, picking at her food. She has been a mess since my father was thrown into Azkaban. I hate watching my mother when she's like this. She's not as pretty as she used to be. She's now so skinny that her rib cage is sticking out of her stomach and her hair is always a mess. She never puts makeup on and never leaves the manor. Hell, she barely leaves her room. I need to do something. Maybe I should take her to Azkaban to see the man she fell in love with. But before I decide to do anything, I should eat and try to get her to talk to me. "You need to eat mother."

She looked up at me with her blue eyes, but they weren't the bright blue color you'd normally see. No. Now they were a dark, stone blue and filled with despair. Tears were stinging the corners which made them glossy. I hate it when she looks at me with those eyes. I want to see them shine again. She opened her mouth and what she said came out in a whisper, "I'm not hungry." Her voice was soft and she sounded like she was losing it. This is one of the few times she actually talks to me. Normally she just tries her best to ignore me. She says I look too much like my father, only with a haircut.

The elves brought out some eggs and bacon. "Do you want to go visit him in Azkaban before my ceremony takes place?" I asked breaking the tension between us. I was hoping that a trip to Azkaban would cheer her up at least a bit.

She knew who I was talking about even though I didn't say who. I can't. I hate the fact that he's my father. Just look at what he's done. Now my mother can't even look at me without breaking down and she can barely take care of herself. Our manor is searched by the Ministry once a week. When I go out in public, people either cower at the sight or me or glare. I hate him for what he has done. I'm expected to be a great follower to the Dark Lord, when I'm not even a real adult yet. Sure I'm eighteen, but i'm still a teenager at heart. I don't want the responsibilities of being an adult.

My mother nodded her head weakly, and without saying anything, got up from the table. I took the last bite of my eggs and went back to my room. I had to get ready because I was still in boxers and a t-shirt even though it was really lunch time. That's just how I've been passing my days. Laying around the house, thinking about how to solve some of the problems before me. I changed into something decent, brushed my teeth, and fixed my hair. After I was done I decided to wait for my mother in the living room. I plopped myself comfortably on the couch, waiting for my mother to finish whatever she was doing. She better hurry up or I might just change my mind. After all, it's not like I want to see the man who's the cause of all the things I have faced.

She finally decided to come down the stairs about thirty minutes later. Her hair was up in a neat bun and for the first time in awhile she had makeup on. She was wearing a nice outfit, and I must say that this was the best I ever seen her since the incident. Her eyes were still the same and she was still skinny. "Ready?" I asked, regretting that I was the one who offered to accompany her to Azkaban. She nodded her head, not speaking to me as usual. I nodded my head to let her know I understood.


We apparated in front of the great, wooden doors of Azkaban. I carefully opened the door and asked the man at the front desk if we could see Lucius Malfoy. The man approved and led us down a hallway of cells. Dementers were standing in front of the doors of each cubicle. The man stopped and opened a cell. My mother ran in but I decided to just remain outside out the metal bars.

Now here I am, standing in front of a cell in Azkaban, staring down at the man I call my father. Him and my mother were embraced in a long, tight hug. After some time, he finally pulled away and looked up at me. "How are you doing, son?"

I grimaced at the fact that he acknowledged me as his son. "Never better," I replied sarcastically.

He smirked at me. I swear, no matter how much time he spends here he will always have the Malfoy smirk that he passed down to me. "I see you haven't change much. Are you taking care of your mother?"

I looked at my mother who was now clinging onto him, as if she'd die if she let go. I looked back at my father and smirked just like he did. "I'm doing better than you ever could. Not that you care."

His smirk faltered, which made mine grow more menacing. He narrowed his eyes at me. "What's that supposed to mean?"

I narrowed my eyes at him, still keeping my menacing smirk. "It means that while you're sitting here, rotting away in this shithole, I'm dealing with all sorts of problems that you created. You do not care about me or her. You're really screwed over now father."

"Please don't fight. I just want us to have a family time," Mum squeaked.

"Narcissa. Please shush. Now son. All I tried to do was make the wizarding community a better place for my family to live in. I care so much for you too."

"Y-you do?" I thought Azkaban would make him hate me.

"Yes I do. You are my heir and my son."

I thought back to the past and flashbacks from the time my father got me my first broom and everything. Now I feel bad for thinking he was such a horrible man. I'm not going soft though. But I guess it's nice to have parents that care about me. "Well, it was nice seeing you father but we must go. I have things to do."

"NO! Just give me a little more time!"

"Come on mum! I don't want to leave you here!"

"No! Leave me! I want to stay here! I don't care what happens to me!"

"No come on! I was kidding!" She didn't budge one bit. What's her problem? I need to get her out of here, but if she likes it better maybe I should leave her. No, I can't do that to her. This would ruin her life even more. But what she said next changed my mind. "Leave me Draco. You can take care of yourself. I need to be with your father. No matter what."

She gave me a pleading look. I turned on my heel, walking past the other cells. I gave my mother one last, longing look, before I left. I stood outside of the doors. My blonde hair was blowing in the wind. I couldn't get things straight and I could feel a headache coming. What was her problem? Why does everything good in my life just disappear? I don't know how long I stood there, just hoping my mother would run outside and beg me to take her home. A thought came into my head. She wants to stay in Azkaban with the man she loves. Oh man. Father is going to hate me for this and I am going to be wanted dead. I really need to do this though.


Here I am, standing in front of the Ministry Of Magic. I took a deep breath and stepped in. Everything seemed to have frozen in place. All of the wizards and witches stopped what they were doing and stared at me. Some drew out there wands. My blue orbs scanned the room. They stopped when they came to that familiar curly hair. I smiled and made my way to the person that hair belonged to. "What do you want Malfoy?" She asked in a piercing voice.

"I came to see you Hermione." I went to give her a hug but she put her hand out and stopped me.

"Draco, what are you doing?? Have you lost your mind? We are in public!" Hermione looked around nervously.

"So what. I came to tell you something. I need to speak with you!" She grabbed my arm and pulled me into what I assumed to be her office. "Wow. They are treating you well here. This office is huge!"

"Well get to it! What did you want to talk about?" He light brown eyes sent me a questioning gaze.

"Well, I brought my mom to Azkaban today to see my father." I began.

"That's lovely and everything but where is this going?" She started tapping her foot impatiently.

"Let me finish without you interrupting!" She huffed as I continued. "Anyways, I was walking out and told her to come but she refused to. She wanted to stay with my father. Do you know why?"

"Umm. She was tired of you?" She replied smartly.

"No. She's in love with my father and cannot live without him. I care about you Hermione. You know I do. You are the only one that does too. I was wondering if you wanted to pick up where we left off?"

"Pull up your sleeves." I interjected. "Excuse me?" She repeated herself and I did as I was instructed. She took a hold of my arms and examined them thoroughly. I raised an eyebrow at her as she finished. "well it has been awhile since I've seen you. You could be a Deatheater for all I know. I still cannot believe that you think you can just waltz in here and think we can pick things back up. I haven't seen you in forever. I donít know you anymore."

I looked down and she lifted my chin back up. She held out her left hand. It had a ring on it. "What's this?" I asked, even though I knew what it was.

"It is an engagement ring. Draco, I am engaged to Ronald. Things have changed." Hermione took a step back and looked down.

It was my turn to lift up her chin. "But you don't want to."

"How dare you tell me what I want and donít. You donít know me anymore Draco. What we had is gone."

"No. What we had was wonderful. Donít throw it away. Do you know what I am risking for just being here? You know the Dark Lord would kill me in a heartbeat. Please Hermione, donít marry him. I love you. And I know you love me." I looked at her with pleading eyes.

She nodded her head weakly and I smirked. "Donít get all bigheaded now Draco. You donít understand what I'm throwing away to give us another chance."

I gave her a big hug and we walked out hand in hand. We were going to face a lot of troubles in the future, but we were ready for them. This is what happens when bad boys grow up and fall in love. They learn what living is really about. It's not about serving a master. It's not about fighting with other people. It's about living it how you want. Not the way others want. Sometimes you have to take some chances and just follow what you believe in. That's all Hermione and I could ever wish for.

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