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Harry Potter Meets VH by Lisa
Chapter 1 : Harry Potter Meets VH
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Harry Potter was at odds with the Dursleys.' They locked him in his cuppord for the 4th time that day. They just couldn't handel him when he mention the name "Sirius Black" so they got Mrs. Figg to come over to his house. Mrs. Figg let him on the computer and he stumbled upon a website called http// and he registered for the chatroom. He signed in as "Nobody" and sees a whole world going on.

1LadyofHP: *glomps fluer
Fluer: *glomps everyone who glomped or greeted her
>Nobody welcome to our chat. Please stay on topic and be as polite as possible
Nobody enters the room
Flitwick: Hello, Nobody
JenniMoore: Hello, Nobody
Nobody: Hello
markbolvin: Fluer, you are hott!
markbolvin: * mark bolvin glomps Fluer
Fluer: Geroff, mark
1LadyofHP: Get off of Fluer!
markbolvin exits the room
snuffles enters the room
1LadyofHP: Go away mark!
Nobody: Mark? Mark left
1LadyofHP: You must be new to this, Mark is also snuffles
snuffles: Hoot hoot
Nobody: More like an owl, lol
1LadyofHP: >[Nobody] so, what brings you here?
Nobody: >[1LadyofHP] nothing really. mrs figg let me play
1LadyofHP: >[Nobody] YOU'RE HARRY POTTER???
Nobody: >[1LadyofHP] yea
1LadyofHP: >[Nobody] cool

Harry didn't even know that muggles knew about him. he was dayzed so he logged off. He went to his room and sat on his bed thinking about what he could do on the chat the next day.

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Harry Potter Meets VH: Harry Potter Meets VH


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