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Black Like My Heart by blackrose978
Chapter 2 : Grffindor Pride
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The Hogwarts Express came to a screeching stop as we arrived at our destination. I waited until Laura and Myra left the compartment before I began to gather my stuff. I could tell we weren’t going to be the best of friends.

Another loud cry escaped from my small cat carrier. I would have let Silver out during the train ride, but I didn’t think my new “friends” would approve of that. And since it was only my first day here, I wasn’t ready to start making enemies.

Not yet anyways.

“Oh stop complaining you baby.” I scolded the kitten, kindly. “We’ll be unpacking soon enough, and you can come out.” I blew my kitten a kiss, and then laughed softly.

“Knock, knock.” A voice said; as someone’s knuckled hit the doorframe twice. I looked up to see the boy- Sirius- who I had met earlier.

“Hey. Sirius, right?” He nodded.

Idiot. You already knew his name.

No shit, but did I really wanna look like a stalker?!

“Yep. And you’re Avril. Correct?” I nodded, and smiled. He remembered my name. My heart skipped a beat. “Do you know where the Great Hall is?” I must have looked confused, because he laughed a little and added “I’ll show you.”


Sirius grabbed my trunk, and his own, and dragged them carelessly behind him. I grabbed Silver’s carrier, and followed behind him.

“SIRIUS!” Someone called, as we got off the train. I looked around, and saw Emily, the girl who had come looking for James earlier. She jogged towards us. “Do you know where-”

“WHERE’S POTTER!??!” Another voice called. This one sounded extremely angry, and even more annoyed.

A red headed girl with emerald green eyes appeared behind Emily. She looked as angry and annoyed as her voice had sounded.

“Black, where is your prat friend Potter?!” Sirius shrugged. I could only assume that he was “Black”, and maybe James was “Potter.”

“Dunno, he was with you earlier Evans.” Sirius answered calmly, as if he was used to this girl’s crazy temper.

“No shit, Black, and now he’s not.” The red head let out a frustrated sigh. “We were supposed to show the first years to the Great Hall.”

“Lily, calm down, he has to be somewhere.” Emily said comfortingly, patting her friends on the shoulder.

“Oh, then you must not know James Potter!!” Lily replied. Sirius nodded in agreement.

I stood awkwardly next to Sirius.

“Are you new?” Emily asked suddenly.

“Yeah.” I replied. My answer sounded so plain, but I had nothing more to say.

“I’m Emily.”


“Have you been sorted yet?” Lily asked, looking at me.

“That’s Lily. Sometimes she’s a little insane.” Sirius said, pointing towards the red head who had just spoken. He twirled his fingers around the side of his head and rolled his eyes. Emily giggled a bit, but I could tell Lily was about to attack him.

“No.” I said, as Lily was shooting death stares at Sirius and fully ready to throw around any curse that came to her mind. “I’m supposed to go to Professor McGonagall’s office before the feast.” I frowned. “I have no idea where her office is…”

“Oh, I bet you can find her at the feast.” Lily said, a note of helpfulness in her voice. I nodded, but remained unsure.

Suddenly a disheveled James appeared behind Lily. He held his pointed finger to his lips and made a soft “shh”- ing sound. But Lily heard him.

“POTTER!!” She screeched angrily.

“Lookin’ good Evans.” James said, winking flirtatiously. Lily attempted to scowl, but a tint of color managed to make its way onto her face.

“Where have you been?! We were supposed to show the first years to the Great Hall!! I had to ask Hagrid to do it while I found you!!!”

“Calm down Evans, I was taking care of some business.”

“Oh?! And what business might that be?!?!”

“They’ll go on for hours.” Emily said suddenly. She looked wearisome. “It gets old pretty quick.”

“Too true.” Sirius replied.

“THAT’S NOT BUSINESS!!” We heard Lily scream, throwing her hands in the air in anger.

“Ah, it’s good to be back.” Sirius said. I smiled. “To the Great Hall?”

“..To the Great Hall it is.” I replied.

And Sirius, Emily, and I left the Head boy and girl to bicker.


“So that’s Professor McGonagall?” I asked, pointing to a middle aged women, with a pointy black witch hat.

“Mhm. She can be quite intimidating I suppose.” Emily answered.

“Naw, she’s a sweetheart once you get to know her.” Sirius said.

We were standing at the entrance of what I had learned was “The Great Hall.” It was a large, spacious room, with four tables- five counting the staff table. A group of small children who must have been first years were lining up by a staircase.

“Oh, and I suppose you know her?” I asked, and giggled a little. Sirius wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

“You should go over there… if you’re supposed to be sorted…” Emily said. “Sirius and I will go sit down. Oh look, I see Remus is already over there.”

“Hopefully James is still alive.” Sirius replied. “Good luck Avril. With the sorting and all.” He turned around to wave, as he and Emily sat down next to a sandy haired boy who looked extremely worn out.

I sighed and adjusted my little Hogwarts tie as I walked across the Great Hall to the table where the staff was sitting.

“Proffessor McGonagall, I was supposed to talk to you about being sorted-”

“Ah, yes, Miss Scarletto. I would have met you in my office, but something came up.” I nodded, but didn’t reply. “Just a moment…” She reached under the table and pulled out a dirty, patched up hat. I frowned. McGonagall placed the hat upon my head, and I immediately began to worry about my hair. At least, until the hat began to talk, and my hair became the least of my worries.

“Ah, Miss Scarletto. I was wondering when I would see another.” I gasped. The hat was talking to me!! “No need to fret, I’m just here to sort.

“Now, now, where should I put you? Loyal, like a Hufflepuff; Clever, like a Ravenclaw. Determined, inspirational, bright, brave. But where to put you…” The hat furrowed a bit, suddenly, as if he had thought of a very clever idea. “Interesting… Interesting… Ah, I know just where you belong.”

“GRYFFINDOR!!” The hat yelled, and the few students who had already found their seats at their tables looked up, confused.

I saw Sirius and Emily smile, from the table they were sitting at, and I concluded that they must be Gryffindors too.

McGonagall snatched the hat off my head.

“Now, if you’ll please excuse me, I need to get to the REAL sorting. The Gryffindor table is right over there, please take your seat.” She pointed to where Sirius and Emily were sitting, waving like maniacs.

Oh yes, I think I like Hogwarts very much. I thought, and smiled, as I skipped over to where my fellow GRYFFINDORS were sitting.


“And that’s Remus.” Emily finsihed, pointing to the sandy haired boy. I smiled politely at him.

“And I’m Sirius. SIRIOUSLY!!!” I giggled. Sirius was immature, but cute, so it was ok.

“Those get old fast mate.” Remus said, giving his friend a pat on he back. His tone was nice though.

“Hey, she’s new here.” Sirius replied, pointing towards me. “Seen James lately?”

“Or Lily.” I added. I could tell the two of them were going to be handful. Remus shook his head, and opened his mouth to answer. Before he could though, Emily pointing to the entrance.

“Speak of the devils…” James was walking a few feet in front of Lily, head bent, with quick, rushed steps. Lily was behind him, walking slower as if try to get away from him. Her cheeks were a bright red color. Somehow she managed to stay close to him the whole time, no matter how much she slowed down.

The light sound of tapping against a goblet turned everyone’s attention towards the headmaster, whose beard nearly reached his waist.

“Ah, and so begin another year of Hogwarts. Welcome back, and to those of you who are here for the first time, welcome….”

I dared sneak a glance a Sirius who was across from me and two people down. I found that his eyes had already found me, and my face turned a bright shade of red before I quickly turned away from him.

When I was sure he couldn’t see my face, I bit my bottom lip and smiled; my stomach swelling with butterflies that seemed to moving 500 miles an hour.


“Avril.” Sirius said from behind me. “Avril.” He tilted his head as he said it again.

We were standing outside the portrait hole, waiting for James to remember the password.

“I can remember it, I know I can.” I heard James say.

The long line of students went on for some way, and Sirius and I were near the back.

“Interesting name.” Sirius added. I nodded. “What’s it mean?” I looked at him questioningly. “You’re name.”

“April..” I answered, slowly.

“Like the season?” I laughed.

“Can you think of any other Aprils?”

“Well, my mother’s friend had this cat who had-”

“Enough. Don’t wanna know.” I said, holding up a hand to cut him off.

A group of fourth year girls walked by, giggling.

“Hi Sirius.” The tallest one said. She had frizzy red hair, those muggle contraption called “braces” on her teeth. Sirius didn’t reply, just nodded, somewhat annoyed. As he did so, it set them off more. We continued to hear their giggled and whispers as the made their way to the front of the line.

I cleared my throat. Sirius smile sheepishly and leaned against the cold stone wall.

“What can I say? Sirius Black: so great he gets his own fan club.”

“Siriusly.” I added. I managed to get a laugh from him, and I pressed my back against the wall as well, standing close to him.

Sirius reached up to run his fingers through his black hair, but on the way, his arm brushed against mine. I pulled back quickly, but he managed to catch my eye.

We stayed like that for a few seconds. Everything went silent, even though the chattering of the students around us continued. I could hear the thump of my heart, trying to break through my rib cage and run off- possible to run away with Sirius Black, but that’s just a guess.

He moved closer, and my eyes closed slowly. It was so perfect.

“MOVE!!!!” Someone yelled from behind us. My eyes popped open to see a very annoyed look sixth year girl looking at Sirius with anger, and me with- was that jealousy? I stuck my tongue out, and turned around.

“‘Nother member of your fan club?” I whispered to Sirius.

“Eh.” He replied, shrugging, as the girl stalked haughtily past us.

James had managed to remember the password, but Lily had taken him off to the side and was now giving him a right scolding.

“Listen to mommy Jamesy-poo.” Sirius cooed, and patted James on the head. James scowled, but Sirius just laughed.

“SIRIUS, CAN’T YOU SEE WE’RE TALKING?! YOU’RE SO IRRESPONSIBLE!” Lily yelled. I smiled before heading into the portrait hole.

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