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Stand Still by PotterPhantomFan
Chapter 1 : Privacy Please
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“Harry, trust me it’s easy.” Hermione said to Harry as they walked down the tower from Astronomy.
“It doesn’t seem to be Hermione.” Ron said.
“And you would know.” Hermione laughed.
“Guys don’t start this.” Harry said.
“Oh listen I forgot something I must go and get it.” Hermione said.
“Alright,” Harry and Ron said still walking.
“So Harry why is it one of the most popular guys in school doesn’t have a girlfriend?” Ron asked Harry.
“Because his friends don’t give him a chance to talk to any girls cept’ one whom someone is in love with!!!!” Harry said.

Ginny walked out of Defense Against the Dark Arts class and was talking to many girls. Harry was talking with Ron and suddenly both groups stopped. Ginny looked into Harry’s eyes and Harry looked into Ginny’s. Ginny looked away and walked around Harry, the group of girls following.
“What was that look you were giving her?” Ron asked.
“Look? I wasn’t giving Ginny a look.” Harry said.
“Are you so sure Mr. Potter? I say Ginny look at you and you sat there.” Ron said.
“Listen Ginny and I are good friends.” Harry said uneasily. I want to be more than good friends, he thought.
“I’m sure Harry. Now before we get in trouble lets go to Herbology.” Ron said and they hurried off.

Later that evening Harry was asleep and he had the weirdest dream.
“Ginny?” He said.
“Yes, Harry I’m here.” She replied. They were in a big lake and trying to not get thrown over the waterfall.
“Come close.” Harry said he took her arm and pulled her very close he gave her a big kiss. Then Harry woke up.
“Harry! God you never respond anymore.” Ron said.
“Sorry Ron just had the strangest dream.” Harry replied uneasily.
“Let me guess, it was about Ginny. You kept saying her name. I think you should talk to her.” Ron said. He pulled Harry to the stairs of the girls’ dormitory. “Just shimmy on up.”
Harry, as Ron said, shimmied up to the girls’ dorms and figured out where Ginny was.
“Ginny,” Harry shook her, “Ginny wake up.”
“Harry? How did you get up here and why?” She asked.
“It’s a long story just I have a question. Will you go-,” Harry was cut off by Hermione walking in.
“Ginny I-, Harry what in Merlin’s name are you doing here?” She asked.
“Long story, I was talking to Ginny but you came in.” As luck would have it a girl named Hannah O’Harris walked in.
“THERES A BOY IN THE GIRLS DORMITORY!” She shouted. She turned to go tell a teacher but the door shut.
“Excuse me but there is no reason to tell anyone about Harry.” Ginny said her wand pointed at Hannah.
“Ma’am I’m sure Harry meant well but this could go bad. If they find out about another one they will-,”
“Another one?” Harry asked. “Ginny what’s going on?”
“Harry, c’mon we are going somewhere private.” She said pulling Harry outside of the Gryffindor Tower.
They walked down a hall none off them had ever seen before.
“Ginny where are we?” Harry asked.
“I don’t know.” They stopped walking and there was a stand with a book on it. Ginny opened it and writing appeared.
“Welcome to Midum’s Memories. I am what is left of Midum. I will take you back beyond your wildest dreams to when Midum was here in this school.” Ginny said she gulped. Then a flash of light came before them.
“Ginny take my hand.” Harry shouted. They took hands.

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Stand Still: Privacy Please


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