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Black Like My Heart by blackrose978
Chapter 1 : Miss Scarlett
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Black and Red. They just look good together. A story about the pains, struggles, and joys of a first love. Avril Scarletto had spent the last seven years in Italy at an all girls’ school, and Hogwarts was a welcomed change. Seventh year is full of bitches, new friends, backstabbing, struggles, pain, happiness, and…love with a certain boy by the name of “Black”?
Excerpt: He winked at Myra, but he gave me a different sort of look. A softer, more admiring look. It wasn’t bad, that’s for sure. He made me feel like I was the only girl that he could ever be interested in. But I had the feeling I was not the only girl he had ever made feel that way.

A/N: oo-la-la. A new story. Review? And I’ll…be your best friends? Kthanksbye.


Black Like My Heart
Miss Scarlet

The Hogwarts Express was filling up quickly and since I was already running late, the compartments were filled. I pulled open the next door I came to.

Two girls, who looked to be my age, were sitting inside, looking at me questioningly. I could tell that moments before they had been in deep conversation, and were not at all happy about being interrupted.

“Could I sit in here?” I asked. “Everywhere else is full.” My voice was nervous, and came out sounding like it belonged to a little girl. I silently cursed my vocal cords. I was in a new school; I didn’t need more reasons than I already had to be embarrassed.

The blonde, thin girl nodded, but her brunette friend just stared. They were both pretty. The blonde seemed somewhat overly happy, and stupid. The brunette, on the other hand, seemed aggravated, and bitchy.

I set my trunk, and my cat carrier down across from the girls, closed the compartment door, and then took a seat next to the window.

“I’m Avril.” I said, smiling politely. I’m normally a nice person, and get along with most people. There are, of course, exceptions to that.

“Laura.” The blonde replied. Then she motioned towards the brunette. “And that’s Myra.” Myra gave a bored nod. Or, somewhat of a nod.

I turned away from Laura and Myra’s unfriendly glances, and looked out the window. It was going to be a long trip. Hopefully Hogwarts School would be better than Hogwarts Express.


My name is Avril Madeleine Scarletto.

Most people call me Avril; some people call me Maddy, for my middle name; but one person has called me April, which is the English meaning of Avril. And April is the name that has affected me the most.

My mother used to call me “Miss Scarlet” when I was younger. She got it from that muggle board game, Clue, because she was muggle-born, and whenever I would misbehave, she would shack her head, admitting defeat, and say “Miss Scarlet, I do believe you have outdone me again.” Or something of the sort.

That was back when I knew my mother. Before I lost her.

I guess I owe a proper explanation, now that I’ve brought it up.

I had always lived with my mother, in a small, cute house in England. My mother was a full English woman, a wonderful witch, and a good mother.

Until she was killed by Voldemort.

She told me she was going out for tea, and I nodded, acknowledging her, and said a quick goodbye. My mother never returned home. Later, there was a knock on the front door, where I would find an auror standing, waiting to spill the news about my mother. As if it was that simple. My poor, simple mother, who had never done anything to hurt anyone, was now gone from the world; ceasing to exist.

This was a very big deal, and not at all simple.

I used to think that if I had never answered the door, maybe she would have returned home. But that’s silly. Stupid. Idiotic.

That was 7 years ago.

After, I went to live with my father in Italy. I knew how to speak Italian fairly well, since my father had lived with us until I was 6 years old. My father knew how to speak English very well, because he had lived with my mother for 13 years. So, we weren’t that bad off as far as communications go.

But my father was a very cold man.

He said he was sorry about what happened. He was sorry. As if that fixed everything. As if he was making the world a better place, making everyone happier. He said he was sorry. But I knew better. He was not. He never was.

We don’t speak much, despite how good my Italian is, or how good his English can be. And I like it this way.

I moved in with my father just in time to start school at “l'accademia di witchcraft de Venezia”. Which means, in English, “The Venice Witchcraft Academy”. Now, don’t get me wrong, Venice is beautiful, and I had many friends at my school. The only downside was that it was an all girls’ school, since my father didn’t trust me around boys.

That, and the longing that I felt to see my homeland, England, once again.

So, now that I’m 17, I have the right to choose what school I wanted to attend, since I’m of age.

Obviously, I chose Hogwarts, in England, otherwise this story would be completely different or maybe not at all.


The English countryside was absolutely beautiful; more than I remembered. If it hadn’t been for the view I swear Myra and Laura’s constant gossiping would have driven me insane. And, of course, my kitten, who meowed consistently every 2.5 minutes.

I had gotten my kitten, Silver, a month before I came before school started.

I love cats. Kittens especially. So, when I saw a box of kittens outside of an old house down the street from me, I had to stop. The word “free” was scribbled carelessly on a scrap of paper, and hung above the cardboard box.

I was instantly drawn to the grayish black kitten pawing at the corner. The other cats were all a dull gray color. But this one was mostly black. She had a silver streak running down her neck, and her stomach and paws were dotted with the same color silver.

The name “Silver” seemed to fit right away.

We were 2/3 through the trip when I thought I had finally been saved.

However, my saviors were an even bigger distraction.


“Ladies, ladies, ladies!!” A voice boomed, as the compartment door slide open. A tall, somewhat handsome boy, with messy raven colored hair, and glasses stepped into the middle of our compartment.

“JAMESY!!!” Laura, the blonde, screeched happily. And loudly, I might add. “I WAS SO WORRIED YOU FORGOT ABOUT ME!!!” She jumped out of her seat, and wrapped her arms around him. The boy, James, patted her awkwardly on the head. He exchanged looks with the black haired, good looking boy who had appeared behind James.

The second boy let out a cough that sounded strangely like “James’ gonna get some.” I snickered. The boy turned to me, as if noticing me for the first time, and I saw a look of curiosity come across his face. I don’t think I was the only one who noticed it though.

“Sirius,” Myra cooed, jumping out of her seat, and prancing to his side. She was attempting to snuggle under his right arm when the boy-Sirius, I’m guessing-pulled away from her. Myra pouted.

“Myra, darling, we broke up, remember?” Sirius asked her.

“Oh, but Sirius, you couldn’t have meant that.”

“But I did.” Sirius replied. He nodded towards me. “Who’s your friend?”

“She’s not-” Myra started to say, in an offended manner, but I cut her off.

“I’m Avril.” I stated with a smug smile on my face; after jumping from my window seat and standing in front of Myra, which I could tell was pissing her off.

I was attempting to think of something more to say, but the door had slide open for a second time, to reveal to brown haired, blue eyed girl, looking around franticly.

“James. Lily is going to murder you. And then bring you back to life and murder you again.”

“Emily, darling, how was your summer!!” James replied. Emily turned an obvious shade of red at being called “darling.”

“Lily’s already pissed off that you’re head boy. Do you really wanna make her even more mad?” Emily asked with a frustrated tone. James didn’t answer right away. “JAMES!” James and Sirius laughed. Laura was looking murderously at Emily.

“Alright, alright, I’m coming.”

“The rest of you better change. We’ll be arriving at Hogwarts soon.” Emily said to the rest of us, before exiting through the door, James following close behind her.

“BYE JAMES!!!” Laura called after him, even though the door had slammed shut, and he most likely couldn’t hear her.

“Well, ladies, you heard Miss Carr. I’m off to change into my robes.” Sirius pretended to tilt his hat at us, and Myra and Laura giggled like little girls. He winked at Myra, but he gave me a different sort of look. It wasn’t bad, that’s for sure. He mad me feel like I was the only girl that he could ever be interested in. But I had the feeling I was not the only girl he had ever made feel that way.

After the door had closed, Myra turned to Laura.

“You’re just going to let that bitch steal James from you like that?!” Myra asked.

“HEY! What about you and-” Laura started to say, but she stopped suddenly. They both looked towards me with skeptical and hateful looks. I quickly turned my gaze towards the window.

“Oh, I don’t think I’m going to have any problems.” I heard Myra’s voice say, and I could feel her eyes digging into the side of my head.

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