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Harry Potter Meets Holes by iluvdanandshia
Chapter 1 : Harry Potter meet Holes
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Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or any Harry Potter characters. They are all owned by J.K Rowling. I do not own Holes, or any of it's characters, they belong to Louis Sachar. do not think i own anything! :o)

Author's note: Make sure you have read Holes or at least seen the movie, cuz this will probably make no sense to you if you haven't


Harry couldn't believe it. He was found guilty for the death of Cedric Diggory. The only people in the whole wizarding community who believed that he was innocent were the professors at Hogwarts and his friends. Last semester, Rita Skeeter (a reporter who writes trash about everybody) published an article about Harry being insane and dangerous. After that, Harry's reputation had soared down to an all time low. Harry thought he was going to be sent to Azkaban (wizard prison). He looked over his shoulder at his friends sitting in the court room seats. Hermione was crying, Ron was looking at the floor, and Professor Dumbledore was looking at the judge with a look of mild surprise on his face. The Weasley family looked like they were going to cry, and Harry's Godfather, Sirius Black, who was in dog form, looked shocked and angry. Or as close to that as a dog could possibly look. "Mr. Potter. I would absolutely love to send you to Azkaban. I would love it. However, one of my respected peers has asked that you be sent to a camp for troubled teenagers instead. We have chosen a camp called Camp Green Lake. You will start next week. Court adjourned." The judge slammed his hammer on the desk and stood up and walked away.

Harry walked over to his friends. "I can't believe it!" Ron said angrily. Hermione just hugged Harry. "At least I'm not getting sent to Azkaban. Who knows what could have happened to me there," Harry said. "But you're innocent! You shouldn't even be here in the first place!" Ron yelled. "I know," Harry said quietly. All of the Weasleys muttered words of inspiration to Harry and hugged him. Sirius nudged Harry in a way that said "Come on." Harry reluctantly said goodbye to his friends and walked with Dumbeldore and Sirius. "We had better get you packed and ready, Harry," Dumbledore said. "Where is Camp Green Lake, professor?" Harry asked. "America, Harry. It is in Texas." Harry felt his jaw drop.

The rest of the week went by in a blur. Harry found himself saying his goodbyes to his friends. Ron had promised that he would take care of Hedwig and would make sure his wand stayed safe, as Harry was not allowed to bring it because Camp Green Lake because it is a muggle camp. Harry sighed and draped his bookbag over his shoulder. He touched the portkey that Dumbeldore made that would take him to Camp.

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Harry Potter Meets Holes: Harry Potter meet Holes


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