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Something In The Red by slytherinsangel
Chapter 1 : Oh No . . .
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Something In The Red

Chapter 1: Oh No …


Ron walked into the Gryffindor common room to find everyone having fun, while Hermione studied. That wasn’t a very strange sight to see, but it was only their second day back to Hogwarts. He was walking over to see what she could possibly be doing this early in the school year. Not even Snape had given homework and he was one of the meanest, self-centered, and hypocritical person he had ever met, much less a professor.

Just as I was almost close enough to talk to her, without attracting the whole common room to my attention, it hit me how beautiful she was. She wasn’t that annoying little girl that I had met for the first time in first year. No. Now she was taller and much prettier. She didn’t have those big teeth anymore; after they were enlarged she had them put back to a normal size. Her hair was straight now. She had decided over the summer to keep it straight. As soon as I was closer she looked up, and I felt as if I could have drowned in her endless brown eyes.

“Hey, Mione,” I managed to find a seat near her that wasn’t covered in books.

“Hi, Ron. Where have you been? You seemed in a rush during dinner. Then you ran out half way through. I was so surprised that you ran out during a meal that I almost choked on my chicken. Then Ginny and Dean left not too long after you.”

“Well, you’ll find out when Harry comes. Anyway, why and what could you possibly be studying already? It is only the second day of school you know,” I asked very surprised.

“I was looking through my new books trying to brush up on what I read over the summer. I had just stopped to reread a section in my Arithmancy book that I wasn’t very familiar with,” she said while stacking all of her books from the chairs on top of the table.

We had just started to talk about some of the ways to punish Hermione for always being correct when Harry ran in.

“Harry what is so exciting that you came running in? Did Malfoy get expelled already? If so lets have a party!” Hermione asked very surprised. Even when she had no clue what going on she looked great.

“No Malfoy isn’t expelled but I have great news. Do you want the short version or the long one?”

“The long version,” I said, only knowing part of what he was so happy about.

“Yeah, I think we have enough time for you to give us the whole story,” Hermione said looking at her watch. It was only 7:30.

“The whole team wanted Fred and George to be the co-captains for our team,” Harry started. “They didn’t want to be the captains because they would be leaving the school next year. Also they wanted to quit the team so they could focus on the plans for their joke shop. The rest of the team voted me captain. Ron, Dean, and Ginny left during dinner because I wanted them to replace the people who were no longer on the team. Ron is a beater with Dean and Ginny is the keeper. Isn’t that great?” He finished totally out of breath.

“Ron why didn’t you tell me you were a beater? That is the best news I have heard in ages,” Hermione said apparently very angry.

“Uhh. I just wanted Harry to give the good news. He is now the captain. I just thought that his news was more exciting,” I weakly said putting my head down so I didn’t have to look at her.

“Well I am very glad that Harry is captain. But I figured that he would be the captain. You though. You get the chance to live your dream. Play quidditch,” Hermione finished very upset.


They were back in their dorms. Dean, Seamus, and Neville hadn’t come up from the common room. They were throwing Dean and Ginny a party for making the team. Ron thought that it would be best if he told Harry how he felt about Hermione.

“So, what was it that you said you wanted to talk about,” Harry asked a bit puzzled the Ron was asking him about something and not Hermione.

“Well, I thinkilikehermione,” He said so quickly that Harry’s face twisted in confusion.

“What was that you said.”?

“I said I.THINK.I.LIKE.HERMIONE. Can you understand now? After I left the pitch I came right up. I saw her in the common room and all these thoughts about how beautiful she was just popped into my head.”

“Oh,” he said slowly starting to understand exactly what I had just said. “Well did you tell her? You really should she would probably understand.”

“You know, I really don’t think you understand. I like her. I don’t know if she likes me. I do not want to make a fool of myself, especially in front of her.”

“I guess I know what you mean, but are you sure. She does seem to care about you a lot.”

“She cares about you a lot too.”

“Well you obviously didn’t notice how excited she was about you making the team.”

“I thought she was mad at me.”

“That is one of the many reasons you are such an idiot,” Harry said trying very hard not to laugh at his best friend.


Then out of the blue a few weeks later.

“Malfoy, shove it we weren’t even bothering you. Now go away.” Ron yelled. He tried not to attack Malfoy right on the spot.

“Shut your mouth, Weasel, I wasn’t talking to you was I. I was pretty sure I was talking to your deprived friend Potter.” Malfoy said obviously mad that Ron had interrupted.

“Now, I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted,” he glared maliciously at Harry who just smirked. “I want to do for real. Not like in first year when I tricked you,” he said very arrogantly. “We’re in fifth year and I believe that we can go through with a wizard duel on our own. Without tricks.”

“Fine. We’ll duel. Only if Ron could come too. As my backup.”

“Okay. Then I get to bring Crabbe and Goyle.

“Then see you tonight in the Astronomy tower at nine.”


Hermione unfolded a note that she found on her bed when she went up to her room for the night. It was about 8:00. The note read:

Dear Hermione,
If we don’t get back to the common room by 10:30. come get us from the Astronomy Tower. Malfoy, his lackeys, Ron, and I are going to duel. Don’t worry about us.
Your friend,

Oh what have you two gotten yourselves into this time was all that was going through her head.


When they reached the Astronomy tower that night Malfoy, Goyle, and Crabbe were already waiting. Ron was walking in front of Harry. Malfoy smirked then so did Harry, even though Ron didn’t know as then came to a halt.

“Well so you finally decided to show.”

“Sorry, we were finishing an assignment.”

“Well let’s get this over with.”

Crabbe and Goyle stepped forward towards Ron and pulled him away. Ron could see that Draco and Harry had moved closer together and seemed to be talking. All of a sudden Harry yelled at Malfoy. He couldn’t see what was happening anymore because Crabbe and Goyle had pulled him far away.

Then Crabbe said something; “We had some special orders to dump you in an abandoned classroom.”

“Well, I won’t let you,” Ron tried to wriggle free, but he couldn’t, Crabbe and Goyle had too strong of a grip.

As soon as he tried to wriggle free again Crabbe punched him in the face. So did Goyle, and they proceeded to beat Ron up. Then Goyle said, “We also had orders that if you tried to get away to beat you up.”

That was the last thing Ron heard before he woke in the Hospital Wing. Harry had left Malfoy when he heard someone getting beat up. Ron was lucky that Madame Pomfrey was such a good healer. Harry told him that he was going to tell Hermione what happened.


Hermione was getting nervous. It was 10:45. She wanted to wait before she left, just in case they were running late. She was just leaving, when Harry ran in the portrait hole babbling something she couldn’t understand.

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