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The Day the Music Died by TheOneAndOnLy
Chapter 11 : The Day Before
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A/n Tell me how you like it! it makes me soo mad when i get soo many reads and so little reviews!!!!!!!!

It was the day before the ball and Ginny
was still pissed at Hermione. Hermione was so stressed out, her best friend was mad at her, the ball was coming, and everyone thought that she was a major slut.To top that off she was two and a half weeks pregnant with twin boys. She had told George that he was right, and she shouldnt get an abortion. He promised her that he would help her with the twins one hundred percent. Hermione thought that would be very helpful because he was leaving Hogwarts this year, and Hermione still had two years to go. Another reason he was very helpful was because he had a very loving and kind family. Hermione didnt look any bigger for being pregnant, so no one could tell. She headed down to the library, where she was to meet George. They were going to Hogsmeade together. As she walked, she passed Ron Ginny and Harry. Ron and Ginny were the ones that gave her cold glares.

She tryed to forget about once she arrived
at the library. She was immediatly greeted by George's wonderful smiling face. He walked towards her and gave her a huge hug. Then he put his hand on her stomach and began talking to the twins inside. Hermione laughed. " So how you feeling?" George asked, looking deeply into her chocalate colored eyes.

" Im fine you?" George smiled.

" I told mum." he said. " you know, about the twins." Hermione smiled at Georges honesty, but then it faded as she remembered that everyone that was mad at her was a member of the Weasleys.

" What does she think about this? " Hermione asked nervously.

" Oh, shes thrilled. I told her she better not tell the rest of the family, but she was so thrilled she went and told them all, she did." he said, still a huge grin on his face. Hermione sighed. Ron and Ginny knew. ' oh my god. ' she thought. ' what if Fred hates George now? ' She knew she would feel guilty if she casued the one person George is closer than her, to turn against him.

" Is Fred angry at all?" she asked. George just smirked.

" He's fine with it. Hes really excited about becoming an uncle. and our kids are going to have a LOT of uncles!" He said laughing. Hermione laughed. She gave him a light kiss and then caught a carriage down to Hogsmeade.

George and Hermione got something to
eat and then headed towards a baby store. On the way they ran into Fred, who went straight to Hermione, put his hand on her stomach and began talking to the twins. Hermione laughed at how much they acted like twins. " Hermione, do you mind if i hang with Fred for a bit?" George asked, a pleading look in his eyes. Hermione nodded in approvement.

" sure." she said. George hadnt gotten to spend time with Fred ever since he found out Hermione was pregnant and Hermione thought that it would be good for George. She scratched the idea of getting baby clothes and headed towards the Three Broomsticks for a butterbeer. She sat sown at a table next to the door. She liked the time that she had byherself. She got out a peice of parchment from her purse and began making a list of people she would invite to the baby shower:

Mrs Weasley
Megan(her cousin)

She was soon at the bottom of the parchment, with enough room for one more person. She wrote Ginny down. Even thought they were fighting, Hermione missed her dearly. just as Hermione put the parchment away Ron, harry, and Ginny walked in. " Oh look its mommy dearest." Ginny snickered while Ron laughed. Hermione felt her eyes stinging with tears.Not because of the comment Ginny had just maded, but because of all the things shes been through ever since she started dating George. She just couldnt take it anymore.

" You know what Ginny, Ron. If you really hate me and George being together, then i will break up with him. Our friendship means too much to me to just ruin it over one guy." Ginny's smile suddenly faded and her eyes became glossy from the tears that welled up in her eyes.

" Hermione i...i never wanted you guys to break up. I would feel soo bad if i was the reason a great relationship was ruined. The only reason i said the things i did was because i...i was jealous. Jealous that you could have a better relationship with my brother than i could. I am sorry. Just dont Break up with George. It would break his heart. If you know how much he truly loves you then you wouldnt do it."she said crying. Hermione hugged her tightly. Then when she let go she noticed that Ron's face was paler than it usually was.

" Hermione i am real sorry, I never knew that you would do that for us.I was just mad because i thought that you could do soo much better than my brother. But now i realize that its not about getting the best person you can, its about getting someone you love with all your heart." He mumbled. Hermione smiled and gave ron a tight hug. Harry fel left out so he went and joined them. Hermione was so glad that she had her friends back.

A/n aaaw wasnt that such a sweet Chapter?

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