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The Promise by Rory
Chapter 1 : The Promise
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AN: The song is called "The Promise" By Tracy Chapman. I was listening to the song, and I got inspired. You should try to listen to the song while you read this, if you can.

The Promise

~*If you wait for me Then I値l come for you Although I致e traveled far I always hold a place for you In my heart*~

Hermione sat in her dorm. Her only wish was to drop of the face of the earth. "Why did I tell him?!" She said out loud to herself. 'He doesn't like me. There is no place for me in his heart. So why did I tell him I liked him?!' Hermione screamed in her head. She was referring to something she told one of her best friends, Harry Potter. After she told Harry she liked him, he said he had to go then he practically ran away.

~*If you think of me If you miss me once-in-a-while Then I値l return to you I値l return & fill that space In your heart*~

'I wish he felt the same way. there's apart in the back of my head that still thinks he might.' Hermione thought. Little did she know, that second voice screaming in her head "HE LIKES YOU! HE LIKES YOU!" was the truth. After Hermion had told him how she felt, he got a little nerves. He didn't know what to say. He just hoped he hadn't hurt Hermione when he ran.

The thing that made it worse for Hermione is, the reason it all burst out was the fact that they were having a VERY rare, fight. In the middle of the fight, Hermione leaned forward and kissed Harry. Harry had kissed her back. He had rapped his arm's around her waist. But when Hermione pulled back to tell Harry how she really felt, he ran.

~*Remembering Your touch Your kiss Your warm embrace*~

Hermione was mentally scolding herself, AGAIN, for doing what she had done; when she heard someone knock on the door. "Who is it?" She said in a muffled yell through her pillow. "It Harry." Came the reply. Hermione sat bolt upright like a spring had just hit her chest. Before she could tell him to go away, the door opened.

~*I値l find my way back to you If you値l be waiting If you dream of me Like I dream of you *~

Hermione froze. 'I'm not ready to talk to the buy who rejected me.' She thought to herself stubbornly. After this thought, she folded her arms over her chest and turned away from Harry. Harry gave a sigh, "Come on, Herm. We need to talk."

~*In a place that's warm and dark. In a place where I can feel the beating of your heart.*~

"What's to talk about. You ran away from me. You didn't say anything, you just left me standing in the common room." Hermione said, not bothering to look at Harry. Harry walked over to Hermione's side, "Please just hear me out before you started throwing books?" He ask. Hermione raised an eye-brow, "I hadn't even thought of that." Then she leaned over and picked a heavy book up off her night stand. "You have 30 seconds, then I started throwing." She said finally. Harry took a deep breath, "I didn't know what to say, you surprised me. I mean, we were fighting and then... the kiss. It through me off." Harry said hopping it would make Hermione listen more. "You have 25 seconds." Was all Hermione said.

~*I値l find my way back to you If you値l be waiting If you dream of me Like I dream of you*~

Harry took another deep breath, "I'm sorry if I hurt you. I didn't mean to. It just seemed better to leave, rather then say something stupid." Harry said, again hopping Hermione would stop looking at her watch. "15 seconds." She said, not taking her eyes away from her watch. "You mean alot to me Herm. You're my best friend. You help me through so much. I just don't want to ruin anything." Harry said, then again he hoped. Hermione starred at the watch, "10...9...8..." She said. Harry knew one thing would get his point across (which he couldn't seem to form into words). Harry put his hand under Hermione's chin, and then he tilted her chin upward. She stopped counting.

~*I値l find my way back to you If you値l be waiting I've longed for you And I have desired to see.......*~

Harry leaned forward, and kissed Hermione. 'This kiss is so sweat.' Hermione thought. The kiss went deeper. Then Harry slowly, and reluctantly, pulled back.

~*Your face, your smile. To be wherever you are. Remembering; your touch, your kiss, your warm inbrace. I'll find my way back to you.*~

"Hermione, I like you. I have for about a year now. And before, I really didn't want to say anything to make you mad at me. But i guess it was the me not saying anything that got you mad." Harry said. Hermione bit her lower lip, "Harry, I like you, too. Have for a long time. And, yeah, it hurt when you ran away. I really thought you didn't like me. And I was afraid I had just killed a friendship as well." Hermione finished.

~*Please say you値l be waiting Together again It would feel so good to me In your arms where all my journeys end.*~

Harry sat on Hermione's bed next to her, "I don't think I could ever forget our friendship. But I hope it's not just a friendship anymore..." Harry said, with the pleading voice of a 13-year-old-boy, even though he was sixteen. Hermione smiled and nodded, "You not the only one to hope that." She said as she leaned forward and kissed him lightly on the forehead.

~*You can make a promise If it痴 one that you can keep I vow to come for you If you値l wait for me.*~

"It's weird. I used to think of the way are lives are. You know?" Hermione said. Harry nodded, "What parts of our lives?" He asked with genuine interest as he wound his arms around Hermione's shoulders from behind, like they had been going out for awhile. Hermione felt comfterble and save as she spoke. "The fact that, we really live in this place. This different world. And that, people can fall in love at a young age and be happy." She finished. Harry raised an eye-brow, "Why, Miss Granger, are you in love?" He asked, knowing fully well what the answer will be. Hermione nodded, "So fast, and so far." She said with a wide smile.

~*Say you値l hold a place for me In your heart A place for me in your heart.*~



AN: I hope you liked it. R/R!:)

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The Promise: The Promise


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