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Secret Lusts by FlameWolf3182
Chapter 4 : "Don't Anger Me"
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Author's Note: Revised.

Hermione got back to the Head Dormitories still racking her brain for a meaning behind Dumbledore's words. 'What is forbidden holds many secrets.' She thought about much different probable reasons, but none of them she liked or believed possible.

Hermione walked up to the painting of pitch black scenery. "That's just a little weird; who do I tell the password to..." Hermione thought to herself out loud. Then she heard a soft whisper, singing in an angelic tone almost.

"Your password young Ms. Hermione." The still faceless painting called to her from the endless distance of the black canvas. Hermione thought about a password for a couple minutes trying to think of something nobody would ever guess. People who knew her would probably joke around and say her password was 'books,' or Malfoy would probably guess 'insufferable know-it-all.'

"Forsaken..." Hermione whispered to the still black painting. As it gently swung open, Hermione could hear the painting whispering, "Those who see forbidden as a challenge, are those who succeed..."

"Merlin, what's with everyone telling me stuff about being forbidden?" Hermione mumbled to herself. She looked up at the extravagantly lavish common room. The dorm proudly showed colors from all four of the houses. A dark blue from Ravenclaw, black from Hufflepuff, forest green from Slytherin and the proud dark red of Gryffindor. Hermione stood there mouth completely a gape to the very well furnished Head Dormitories.

After walking around for a little taking in the beauty of her new 'home', Hermione plopped herself down on the extremely comfortable couch near the roaring fire heating the room. She finally decided to go up to her room and get some sleep since classes would be starting the next day. She sulked up the stairs to her room falling half asleep on the walk there. She opened her door finding her room was decorated in the Gryffindor colors. But it was not over done, very elegantly adorned with the gold and red from her house. The dresser and desk were a rich and dark mahogany with maroon draperies over the two wide windows on the further side of the room. The trimming and small items in the room were mostly gold, or a dark yellow.

A golden pillow caught her attention. It was just lying on the floor carelessly tossed off the bed. Then she saw three more, another gold pillow and two red ones. She looked up to her bed finding the covers crumpled up and untidy.

"This isn't happening... all I wanted to do was sleep for once. Stupid bed..." Hermione murmured in a sleepy daze. She stomped over to the unmade bed not caring half the blankets were tossed off the end of the queen sized bed. She stripped from her robes and skirt walking over to the dresser. She pulled out a black tank top and matching black silk pants. After slipping them on she grabbed a large book from the top of her trunk and headed back to the bed. She flopped onto the bed in a drowsy trance.

"Owww! What in bloody hell was that?!" somebody yelled from under the covers. Hermione was immediately torn from her daze and jumped from the bed in a matter of seconds. She grabbed her wand and slowly pulled back the satin covers to her bed.

"MALFOY! What are you doing in MY room!!!???" Hermione shouted as loud as she could.

"You never came back from the hospital wing and the house elves havenít made my bed. Do you mind? I was sleeping, Granger." Malfoy said throwing the covers back over his head to block the light Hermione turned on.

"Malfoy, Merlin, help you if I get mad." Hermione threatened through clenched teeth.

"Shut up you ruddy mudblood, here go camp out on the couch." He said casually tossing her a blanket and pillow. 'Oh Merlin, not again...control yourself this time 'Mione.' Hermione felt the familiar pain in her mouth. She knew what was happening and it hurt like hell this time.

"Granger? Do you need to go to the hospital wing again?" Draco said getting out of the bed and beginning to panic a little.

"Malfoy, get out you stupid ferret!" Hermione said trying to keep her mouth shut so the glistening fangs that had finished coming in didn't show. "I mean it Malfoy, don't anger me right now." Draco couldn't tell but he swore he saw something peeking out of her mouth.

"Hermione, are you alright?" Hermione shot a death glare at Malfoy; he immediately jumped back all the way to the bed. Hermione realized her eyes must have changed yellow again, and he saw them. She closed her eyes and started shaking her head so her eyes would go back to normal. There was a mirror right beside her so she ran to it and looked to see if she was normal again. Draco was still in shock after Hermione got her teeth to disappear. He didn't see the fangs, but he definitely saw the piercing yellow of her eyes.

"Bloody hell Granger, what was that!?!" Draco asked amazed.

"Get out..." Hermione said on the brink of tears. She couldn't let anyone know about her secret. If Draco stayed he might figure something out and then the whole damn school would know and she would be shunned from everyone.

"Hermione did-"

"Get OUT!" she screamed still facing the mirror. He shuffled out of her room and down the stairs to the couch. 'What's going on with you? "Why can't you control this anymore?" Hermione thought to herself walking back to her now vacant bed.

She laid her head down on the pillow and felt her eyes getting heavy the second she touched the soft and warm material. The bed was warm from Draco sleeping in it, but she didn't want to think about that ferret in her bed. Then again, the bed did smell really good. "So the ferret has a nice scent, doesn't mean he can sleep in my bed." Hermione whispered to herself with a small smile.

Hermione woke the next morning to a hard tapping at her window. She looked over to not see an owl, but a beautiful red and yellow Phoenix. 'Must be from Dumbledore, I bet he wants me to leave the castle for good.' Hermione thought sadly to herself. She opened the window and gently petted the soft feathers of the Phoenix. She unfolded the parchment tied to its leg and read out loud to herself.

"Dear Ms. Granger,
I'm writing to you and Mr. Malfoy to inform the two of you of a meeting I'm holding for the Heads. Mr. Malfoy did not receive a letter so you will have to tell him yourself. The meeting will be today after breakfast in my office. Also, tell Mr. Malfoy to bring Florence some candy, he hurt her feelings last time. Chocolate Frogs are her favorite.
Thank You to the both of you,
Professor Dumbledore."

Hermione headed down to breakfast with the parchment in her hand so she could give it to Draco when she saw him. When she opened the heavy oak doors to the Great Hall she let her sight fall on the Slytherin table and searched it for a tall blonde boy. She found him pretty easily and strode over to him. She tossed the letter from across the table to him and without saying a word she shifted to get to her own house table.

"Hermione, what was that?Ē Ron asked sounding a little mad.

"What was what?" Hermione was confused, she hadn't done anything yet.

"You just gave the ferret a letter, since when are you his messenger."

"Ron, I'm sure the letter wasn't from Hermione, probably a professor or a mixed up owl." Harry said without even looking up from his food.

"Harry what's wrong? You seem kind of depressed." Hermione said with a voice of concern for her friend.

"Ginny rejected me, I asked her to go to Hogsmeade with me, and she said she had other plans." Harry said in a monotone.

"Sorry mate, I really thought she would say yes, she's liked you since her first year." Ron said apologetically.

The two boys soon got over the discussion of Ginny and into Quidditch like always. Being bored with the conversation, Hermione let her eyes and thoughts wonder around the Great Hall. She wasn't very hungry, but then again, she never really was. She could only eat a little bit of normal food before she felt nauseous. Her whole situation confused her because she wasnít like the vampires in texts she read.

"I have a meeting with Dumbledore. I'm going to leave now so I wonít be late to Potions. See you there?" Hermione asked standing up from her seat and grabbing her books and quills.

"Yeah, donít be too late; Snape doesn't accept Dumbledore's meetings as lateness excuses." Ron told her.

"Alright bye now!" Hermione hurried out of the Hall seeing Draco getting up also. She could also see Pansy Parkinson grabbing onto his robes trying to get him to sit back down with her. She could see him saying something and then her pout, but couldn't tell what he actually said to her.

Hermione tried sprinting to the doors so she could get there before Draco. She didn't want to have to walk with him all the way to Dumbledore's office. Too late, he got there the exact same time she did. 'Of all the bad luck.' Hermione thought to herself pushing past him and out the Hall towards the huge staircase. Draco kept up with her the whole time.

"I got those Chocolate Frogs, you want one Granger. It didn't seem like you were eating during breakfast." Draco said flatly.

"Not hungry, leave me alone."

They got to the gargoyle and Draco hesitantly gave the chocolate to Florence and she happily let them by to the office of Dumbledore.

"Ah, Mr. Malfoy, Ms. Granger. You are both early." Dumbledore said cheerfully with that distinct twinkle of joy in his eyes.

"Professor, why are we here, the first Prefect Meeting isn't until Thursday." Hermione said.

"Oh this isn't about being Head Boy or Head Girl it's about-"

"So why are we here, I'm leaving if it's not important." Draco said bluntly turning on his heal and heading out the door having no regard for his Headmaster.

"Mr. Malfoy, you might not want to do that. This concerns you both. Ms. Granger, I think you have a, condition, to inform Mr. Malfoy about..." Curiosity shown in Draco's eyes the second he heard the words come from the old man's mouth.

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