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A Black Marriage by chewbaccasolo
Chapter 16 : Chapter 16
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Katís POV
You awoke the next morning in a strange bed.

^Where am I?^ you asked out loud.

^In the boysí dorms,^ you heard a voice say behind you. You jumped, not expecting an answer.

^Why?^ you asked Sirius, settling back into the comfortable bed with nice-smelling pillows.

^You fell asleep last night when we were all in here, remember?^ You thought back.


^Good. Are you feeling okay?^

^I feel really good, actually. Well rested.^

^So Remus was right,^ Sirius said, almost to himself.

^Remus was right about what?^

^Oh, nothing. Mya thought we should take you to the Hospital Wing last night, but Remus thought you only needed sleep.^

^Heís a smart one, that Remus.^

^Thank you,^ you heard a voice mumble from the other side of the room, ^but would you mind shutting up?^

^Sorry Remus!^ you said quietly as Sirius laughed. ^Iíll just leave.^ You got up to exit when Sirius stopped you.

^Kat!^ You turned. ^Do you want to come down to breakfast with me?^

^Sure. Let me go get changed.^

^Ok. Meet you in the common room.^ You nodded and made your way to your own dorm.

Five minutes later you and Sirius were headed down to the Great Hall together, quietly discussing the previous nightís highlights.

^So were the guys mad?^ she asked.

^A little. But then they started asking questions and they got distracted.^

^Mya and Lily werenít mad at all.^

^Thatís good.^

^They asked a lot of questions too.^

^But Iíll bet they didnít ask quite so many questions about sleeping in the same room.^ you laughed.

^None, actually. I think they overlooked that part until Myaís very loud question. It was more like Ďwhatíd you wear?í and Ďwho was there?í.^

^Lucky. They wanted to know if Iíd seen you in a bra or if you got any lingerie.^ You both laughed.

^Perverts,^ Kat said fondly.

^Yeah but theyíre my friends.^

^Your perverted friends! Remus too?^

^Moony too.^ You shook your head. Boys.

^I feel much better now.^

^Me too.^ You entered the near empty Hall and sat down.

^Weíre not telling anyone else, right?^

^No. Unless thereís someone weíve forgotten?^

^I donít think so.^

^Me either.^

^Good. No more explanations, and no more stupid questions.^ Lily and Mya walked into the Great Hall.

^Are you up already?^ Mya asked, sitting down.

^So much for the no stupid questions theory,^ Sirius muttered.

^Yeah, Iím up. Thatís why Iím sitting here.^


^So how are you feeling?^ Lily asked.

^Better. Much more awake.^

^Good. What do you want to do today?^ You frowned.

^Homework. Iíve barely started.^

^Iím finished. Soís Mya,^ Lily said.

^Well donít let me stop you from having a nice day. Go have fun doing whatever and Iíll catch up later. Iíll try to finish early.^

^Alright!^ Mya and Lily grabbed a quick breakfast and left in search of entertainment.

You and Sirius ate in silence for a few minutes until you rose to leave.

^Iíd better get started on my work,^ you said apologetically. You didnít want to leave his company.

^Do you mind if I tag along? I havenít started mine either.^ Victory!

^No, I donít mind.^ He took a last bite of toast and stood.

^Where to then, Mrs. B.?^



You entered the cool room, empty but for the librarian this early on a Sunday.

^Good morning, Madam Clark,^ you said brightly.

^Good morning Kat,^ she answered with a smile. But then she saw Sirius and glared. ^What are you doing in here Mr. Black?^

^I came to work.^ Madam Clark looked skeptical.

^Heís with me,^ you said quickly, pulling Sirius over to a table. ^She doesnít like you much.^

^One too many fireworks, I suppose.^ You smiled. ^But donít worry, I wonít cause trouble today.^

^Good. Because I have too much work to be kicked out.^

^Like sheíd kick you out.^ You grinned.

^Okay, maybe not. But you canít get kicked out either.^

^Why not?^

^Because weíre working!^

^But you donít me to do your work.^ You know what to say.

^Yeah, butÖ^

^But you enjoy the pleasure of my company?^ he tried, smiling.

^So what if I do?^ you snapped, pulling out your half finished Charms essay. You could feel his eyes on you, but you were determined not to look up. You were afraid of what youíd do if you looked into his eyes.

So you sat, working, the library noiseless except for the scratching of your quills. The hours went by and you neared the completion of your last assignment.

^I like being around you, too,^ Sirius said suddenly, startling you. You looked up to see him staring back at you, a smile on his handsome face. You looked back down, blushing in spite of yourself. How did he make you do that so often?

^Well, I am a very cool person,^ you said lightly, trying to mask the thoughts running wild in your head. Did he mean he liked to be around you as a friend? Because you were fun or nice or whatever? Or did he mean it the way you so wanted him to? That he wanted to be around you because he liked you, wanted to kiss you?

Sirius laughed at your mark arrogance, and you smiled, pushing those theories out of your head. He meant what he meant, and youíd just have to wait and see what that meaning was.

You reverted back to silence, working away for another half an hour before you finished.

^Done!^ you announced proudly, throwing your quill down. You got no response, and looked up to find Sirius sleeping on his finished Potions essay. He was adorable when he slept, you observed. His shaggy black hair fell into his closed eyes, and his mouth was turned into a slight smile. You wished you could stare at him for just a bit longer, but Madam Clark was approaching your side of the library.

^Sirius,^ you shook him awake. He shot up and you smiled as he looked around quickly, trying to remember where he was. ^You ready to go?^ you asked once he got his bearings.

^Yeah,^ he yawned, groggily cleaning up his stuff. ^Iím starving,^ he commented.

^Me too. But I think we missed lunch.^ Sirius consulted his watch.

^Yeah, we did. But I know a place where we can get some food.^ You followed him as he navigated through corridors and descended many flights of stairs, finally arriving at a large still life of a bowl of fruit.

^Where are we?^ you asked, but instead of answering Sirius began to tickle the pear in the portrait. Just as you were about to ask what the hell tickling a picture would do, the painting swung back, revealing the Hogwarts kitchen.

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A Black Marriage: Chapter 16


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