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A Black Marriage by chewbaccasolo
Chapter 15 : Chapter 15
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^Iím married to Sirius!^ you blurted out. Whatever your friends might have been expecting, this wasnít it. Eyes wide, they were staring at you like you would laugh and say Ďjust kiddingí any second.

^Are you serious?^ lily asked after a couple of minutes.


^So Snape wasnít joking?^


^Oh.^ She fell silent once more.

^Didnít the rings make you suspicious?^ you asked.

^We thought they were your grandmotherís and she had died, or something!^ Mya cried.

^You guys thought I was upset that my grandma died?^ you asked incredulously. They nodded.

^Why didnít you tell us?^ Mya asked quietly a moment later.

^I donít know,^ you answered honestly. ^I guess the idea just took some getting used to for me, you know?^ Itís weird.^ Please, donít let them hate me, you prayed.

^Why would you marry him?^ Lily asked. ^You hated each other.^

^Youíre not mad?^

^No! I just want o know what happened.^ You explained the story quickly.

^Wow,^ was all they said in response. But the awed silence didnít last. Once you started back to Gryffindor Tower, the questions began.

^What did you wear?^

^A wedding dress,^ you answered Myaís most obvious question.

^What did it look like?^ You described the dress.

^Was Snape there?^ Lily asked.











^YES! They were all there!^

^Ok. Calm down!^

^Did Sirius wear a tux?^

^Yes.^ You reached the Fat Lady.

^Betelgeuse,^ you gave the password. You all stepped into the common room where Sirius and his friends were coming down the boysí staircase, bombarding him with questions.

^Did you have sex?^ Mya asked loudly enough for everyone to hear. The Tower went silent, all attention turned to the blushing you.

^No,^ you answered Mya simply. Sirius was blushing a little, too, you noticed when you glanced at him. You rolled your eyes at Mya and he shook his head, laughing.

^May we join you on the couch for a little chat,^ James asked, grinning.

^No,^ you replied. ^The entire world doesnít need to know my business. Or-^ you cut off Jamesí attempted smart-ass remark, ^the entire Gryffindor House.^

^Boysí dorms then?^ he offered.

^Okay.^ The seven of you went up to the dorm.

Siriusí POV
Dinner was over, and Prongs, Moony, Wormtail, and you were heading back upstairs.

^I have something to tell you,^ youíd said during dinner. And now it was time.

^Iím married,^ you said quickly as soon as your door was shut.

^What? To who?^ Prongs shouted.

^Kat.^ There was a short silence, and then Prongs and Wormtail began to laugh.

^Good one, Pads!^ they cried. But when your face showed desperation and guilt and no traces of humor, they stopped.

^Youíre serious?^ You had to stop yourself from the almost obligatory pun recital.

^Yes,^ you said simply.

^^Since when?^

^End of August.^ You prepared yourself for the anger.

^Did you sleep with her?^


^Did you?^

^Youíre not mad?^

^Well yeah, sort of. But did you sleep with her?^


^Oh.^ Prongs fell silent. Moony was smiling.

^Why didnít you tell us?^

^I donít know. Because itís strange? I mean, first I hated her and now I love her and Iím married to her and Iím so confused!^

^Sounds like it.^

^So Snape wasnít talking about the project?^ You shook your head.

^And the day Kat yelled that she was your wife, that was about what?^

^Oh, that. I was kind of snogging another girl.^

^Kind of snogging?^ You shrugged. ^No wonder she was pissed.^

^And now youíre in love with her?^ You nodded. Your friends considered this.

^Does she know?^


^Okay. Did you share a bed?^


^Sweet. Did you get to see her naked?^


^In her bra?^


^Whatís the point of being married?^

^We didnít ask to be married!^ you shouted.

^True. Did she get any lingerie as a wedding present?^

^Actually she did.^



^Did you-^

^No, I didnít see it on her, Prongs.^


^So do Lily and Mya know?^

^Katís telling them now.^

^Letís go wait for them.^ You started down to the common room.

^Did you have sex?^ you heard from near the portrait hole. You looked over to see a reddening Kat.

^No,^ she replied coolly as every eye in the room turned towards her. You noticed that you, too, had turned slightly pink, despite the fact that only six other people in the room knew Mya was referring to you.

James was talking to Kat, and before you knew it, you were on your way back to your room so everyone could pump you for more information.

Kat came in and sat on the closest bed, which happened to be yours. Just as you went to sit next to her, she laid down.

^Hey!^ you exclaimed, trying to mask your delight. She looked good on your bed.

^What?^ she asked, yawning.

^My bed!^

^But Iím tired.^

^You just slept all afternoon!^ You knew everyone was listening and watching as Kat made herself comfortable.

^Iím still tired though.^

^Are you sure you feel okay?^

^Yes. Your pillow smells really good.^


^Youíre welcome,^ she giggled. Well, now you had to let her stay there, even if it did excite you to no end. Damn, she was hot.

^Move over,^ you ordered, surprising yourself. She did so silently, and you lounged next to her.

Lily rose her eyebrows and Remus gave a sarcastic, ĎAwwí.

^Shut up,^ Kat ordered him and he laughed.

^Get on with it,^ you cut in.

^Yeah, before I fall asleep,^ Kat added from beside you. Maybe you did want then to take their time?

^Hey Sirius? How old is that water?^ She pointed to the water on your nightstand.

^Itís from last night. Why?^ She reached over you, draping her arm over your chest for a moment, and grabbed the water. She took a sip and, brushing your chest again, put it back.

^Thanks.^ You could only nod. Cold showers, cold showers. Prongs noticed your attempts at mind over matter and began to laugh.

^SoÖ^ he began, and Kat giggled again. ^Howís married life?^

^Peachy,^ she answered, ^right Sirius?^

^Oh yeah, sure.^

^Do you have pictures from the wedding?^ Lily asked. Uh oh. You and Kat had each been given copies of the pictures, butÖ

^I donít have mine anymore,^ Kat said.

^Me either.^

^Whatíd you do with them?^ she asked.

^I ripped them up and flushed them down the toilet,^ you admitted. She laughed. ^Where are yours?^

^I burned them and put the ashes in everyoneís pumpkin juice at breakfast.^

^Really?^ She nodded, grin playing on her lips. Her inviting, beautiful, so kissable looking lipsÖ ^I thought it tasted funny one day.^

^It did.^ She yawned again. ^Merlin, Iím tired.^ Her eyes were drooping.

^Maybe you should go to sleep,^ Lily suggested.

^Good idea.^ Instead of moving to her own dorm and bed, she just closed her eyes.

^Kat?^ No answer.

^How could she already be asleep?^ Prongs asked.

^Maybe somethingís wrong with her,^ Mya panicked, ^letís get her to the Hospital Wing.^

^Maybe sheís just tired,^ Remus hypothesized, ^sheís been going through a lot. I say we just let her sleep.^ Everyone consented their agreement, and you slid back in next to Kat, falling asleep almost as quickly as she did.

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A Black Marriage: Chapter 15


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