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A Black Marriage by chewbaccasolo
Chapter 14 : Chapter 14
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Once in the common room, you and Sirius sat down on one of the couches. You could barely keep your eyes open.

^Are you alright?^ Sirius asked.

^Mmmhmm. Just tired.^ You yawned. You vaguely felt Siriusí shoulder under your head before sleep claimed you.

Siriusís POV
Katís head rested on your shoulder as she slept. God, you loved her being so close to you. You watched her sleep, memorizing and worshipping every part of her. From her just longer than shoulder length hair to her long eyelashes to her smallish but so perfect looking breasts to her toes. You wanted to kiss and touch and hold her. She drove you crazy; you could barely be around her without wanting to push her into a closet and shag her senseless. And she wanted to be your friend. Not that you didnít want to be her friend, you just wanted to be her friend that snogged her brains out. Kat snuggled up to you in her sleep. Why? Why did she inadvertently remind you that sheíd never do this while awake?

And today, when youíd told her she looked pretty, she blushed, but you could tell she didnít think you meant it. But you did. With all your heart. And sheíd probably never know. Why couldnít you tell her? Was it the same thing keeping you from telling your friends about your marriage? Unfortunately, you didnít know why your mouth stayed shut. But it didnít have to stay that way about everythingÖ

You shook Kat awake when it was time for dinner, feeling empty when her warmth moved off of you.

^Hey, Kat?^ You stopped her from getting up.

^Hmm?^ her speech was slightly slurred from sleep.

^I think we should tell our friends.^

^Me too.^

^Really?^ You hadnít expected it to be that easy.

^Yeah. Weíll do it after dinner tonight.^

^Okay.^ Tonight, then. You just hoped the Marauders didnít hate you.

Katís POV
The Great Hall was filled with rosy cheeked students just back from Hogsmeade. Lily, Michael, and Mya were already seated, so you grabbed a seat between your two friends. Sirius sat with the Marauders down near the other end of the table.

^Hey Kat,^ Mya greeted unhappily.

^Whatís wrong, My?^

^Oh, nothing. My date sucked, is all.^

^Iím sorry.^

^He was nothing like Aidan,^ your friend sighed. You didnít know what to say. It wasnít like sheíd ever see Aidan again.

^How was your date, Kat?^ Lily asked, smirking.

^What date?^ you and Mya asked together.

^You and Sirius!^

^We were just hanging out,^ you protested. ^But there is something I need to talk to you guys about after dinner.^ Mya and Lily exchanged a look, which you ignored.

Dinner went by way too fast, and before you knew it it was time to break the mews to your friends. Sirius gave you an encouraging smile as he and the Marauders headed to the common room. You smiled back and led your own friends to an empty classroom.

^What is it Kat?^ Lily asked once youíd shut the door. You took a deep breath. Here goes nothing.

^Ok. Well, I donít know how to say this exactly, butÖ^ Just say it! You told yourself. Mya and Lily were looking at you expectantly.

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