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His Charm by cutie17
Chapter 5 : Chapter 5
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His Charm
Chapter 5

After thinking about all my experiences with boys in the past, I don’t want to go on a date with Ryan. I just think he’s cute, I mean all the cute ones are usually the ones who don’t have brains, right? Oh, yeah, I forgot. Ryan is in Ravenclaw, so he probably is smart.

Well, I just don’t want to go out with him because, I’m not like Maria, who fell in love with Sam the second she saw him, but I do know that Ryan isn’t the one .

I believe in only dating the guy that I love. What’s the point in affairs when you can date the one and true love of your life, right? But I have to admit I want a pair of arms around me to catch me when I fall, to hold me whilst I cry my eyes out.

Sorry, but I’ve been having this feeling, and when I get this feeling, I know that something bad is about to happen. Anyway, right now I’m heading to the library to finish an essay for potions. Today’s Thursday, and this is my last piece of homework left. Man, the teachers really do work us 7th years really hard.

I found the only seat near the Marauders. Hold up a sec, did I just say Marauders?! I can understand Remus, but Potter, Black and Pettigrew are here! My god, the seat has to be right beside Potter too!

I groaned, but then I just decided to take the book I needed and go back to the Common Room. So I finished up my homework and then I went over to the room the hold’s the Prefect and Head’s meetings. I despise coming here. Why? Because I have to work with Potter.

Potter has still been annoying me with the asking out on dates. And of course I still refuse. But I can’t help but notice that the Marauders haven’t done any pranks, that they haven’t been annoying Snape and that Potter’s head has been deflated.

But he still acts the same with the charm. He still ruffles his hair around girls. He still flashes the same goofy smile to girls. He still … well he still has the same Potter charm he has used on me many times. You know, once I think about it, it always is cute when he does that, you know use the Potter charm. His once mischievous eyes now sparkle with innocence, his hair, well he still does ruffle it, but he doesn’t do it much around me.

His charming smile is never ending, if he frowns, it’ll be for a second and his charming smile will be replaced in an inst- oh my god! Was I just rambling about Potter?

Shit, I’m losing it. I’m starting to like Potter! I’m liking the ene- holy shit! That’s Potter! The Heads’ have a meeting today.

Potter skipped into the room. “Good evening my’ lady!” he said, flashing his smile.

“Okay Potter, we’re just supposed to discuss a couple of things, and then we have to patrol the halls.” I ordered, acting like Ms. Bossy.

“Alright, what are we going to discuss?”

“Professor Dumbledore was thinking of having a Halloween dance in 4 weeks.” I said, “Today is October 3rd. The theme, band and decorating is up to us.” I said.

“Let’s make a list of what we want for the dance and then share them to each other, make up a new list and share them to the prefects.” Jam- I mean Potter said.

My jaw dropped, I never thought Potter would be able to make up something like this in a couple of seconds.

“Hey, Lily!” I snapped out of it at the sound of his voice calling me ‘Lily’.

“Yeah, yeah we should do that. Tomorrow though, I’m tired right now.” I said, yawning slightly. “And there’s still patrolling left.”

“Alright Lily.” Jam-Potter responded.

“You called me Lily.” I pointed out.

“It’s your name isn’t it? I mean Lily we’re heads and we spend a lot of time together, and it would be nice if we could be friends.”

“Alright, I suppose Potter, friends it is. But friends don’t ask each other out on dates.”

“Fine, but you have to call me James from now on. Let’s shake on it.” James said.

We shook hands, and I tried to ignore the tingle that went up my spine once our hands touched.

James and I then left out different ways to patrol. It wasn’t that interesting tonight, usually I might find Black sneaking out to nick food, but the only thing that happened wasn’t until around 11:45 P.M.

I was patrolling, just as I had to and I heard a cold voice behind me speak.

“Hey look, it’s Mudblood Evans!” I knew that voice, it belonged to Lucius Malfoy.

I instantly turned my head sharply, my hair swishing and getting to the destination before I did.

“Look, its Malfoy,” my head turned slowly to boy walking with him, “and Snivellus. Let’s see, about two hours after bedtime. 60 points each, and a detention.” I said.

“Hey, I’m a prefect!” Malfoy demanded.

“And? I’m Head Girl, and I know tonight is not the shift for Slytherin prefects to be patrolling.”

“Then why take 60 points?” Snape said.

“Because, there are 60 minutes in an hour, and you guys are out of bed two hours after lights were out. Now go back to your dorms, quickly, quickly.”

“Not before we accomplish what we came out here for.” Malfoy said, stuffing his hand into his robe pocket.

“Oh yeah? And may I have the pleasure in asking what that is?” I said, heat rising to my face, I hate hanging around Malfoy, he can make me angry without saying one word, or doing one damn thing.

“This.” Malfoy said, pulling his wand out, and even though I had my wand out already, Malfoy was too quick for me.

He said some old, ancient spell; I couldn’t recognize it, it must have been only said to members of the Malfoy family, because I probably can recognize any spell that I’ve read about.

Anyway, the last thing I remember was a blinding blue light, and then it all turned black.

A/N: hey readers!!! Sry, I know I left a cliffie, and that you guys are probably going to kill me later, but I just an evil writer’s block!!!!!!!!!!! sry I haven’t been updating that fast as I would like to, but it’s vacation, and well … I’ve been taking my vacation!!!!! Everybody go crazy with me, HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE IS COMING OUT IN 2 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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