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Problems with Love by HermioneG
Chapter 3 : Completely in Love with His Best Friend
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The sun shone through the window in Ginny’s dormitory. Ginny wouldn’t get up; it was so wonderful to sleep in the wonderful bed. But she didn’t sleep any more, thanks to Jane.

“Ginny, get up!” Jane said. “We have to be in the Great Hall!”

“No… Please, no…” Ginny muttered. Then she sat up in bed quickly. “What? We have to be in the Hall? I didn’t know it was that late… You should’ve said that at once!”

“Don’t listen to her, Ginny…” another voice mumbled. Missoalda “Missy” Adams. “It’s just 6 AM…”

Ginny, who tried to pull a sock on her foot very fast, stopped moving. “6 AM? It’s six o’clock? Just 6..?” she said softly. A little too softly, which wasn’t a good sign when it was Ginny Weasley. Now the outburst followed. “JANE DARLA JOHNSON! This happens EVERY year! You have to wake us early on first school day EVERY SINGLE year… WHY?!” All this screaming woke up the last girl on their dorm, Clara Dobbs.

“Oh no, not this year too…” Clara moaned.

“Why I do wake you up? A ridiculous question, but I’ll answer. We have to have much time; I won’t have too little of it…” Jane said.


“I know,” Jane said, smiling broadly. “That’s because I got you up!”

Ginny went down to Great Hall together with Jane, Clara and Missy. Ginny was still angry with Jane, but she tried to keep it to herself. Jane is really not that bad, Ginny thought. Yeah, but she is still waking you that BLOODY early!

“Hi Ginny,” a voice in front of her said. She looked up. It was Hermione. She looked a little pale.

Ginny was just going to say ‘Hey!’ back, when Hermione grabbed her arm and asked, “Can I talk to you a bit? In private…”

“Sure you can,” Ginny answered, while she waved at the other girls. Hermione and Ginny went, with Hermione in the front, to the empty Charms classroom.

“So, what’s up?” Ginny asked. “Are you all right?”

“I don’t know, really… I mean – I don’t know if something’s up, but… I’m a little scared… No, I’m not scared, but…”

“Just tell me. I’ll listen to you.” Ginny said, and then Hermione told her everything: Ron, Peter, how she had taken Ron’s hand, how jealous she thought Ron was and then her concern about that he maybe just did think of her as a second Ginny…

“…and if he just thinks of me like a sister, then I’ve made a complete fool of myself,” Hermione finished. It was almost a hint of desperation in her voice.

Ginny thought for a while before she answered her friend. “Well, to everyone else that could’ve made sense, but not to me. Know why? Because I am Ron’s sister, so I know him very well. Not that you don’t know him, but I know him in another way. When he’s mad at me and my boyfriends, it’s because he doesn’t think that they’re good enough for me. I reckon he wants me to get together with a boy he has chosen…” Ginny rolled her eyes. “But he doesn’t behave like that with you. He looks so jealous! Just think about the Yule Ball… About that Vicky-thing, I mean. He was just so mad! And everyone was completely sure that he liked you. Well, everyone, except from Harry. He is really thick sometimes… I had a chat with him yesterday, on the train. We talked about you two, and he didn’t understand that Ron fancies you! Honestly…”

“What?” Hermione croaked. “You told Harry?”

“Hermione, the whole school knows, so why shouldn’t your best friend know? But back to my point. I’m totally sure that he likes you. Just his reaction when you talked with Peter…”


“Yup. So, you’re going to do homework with Peter at 5 o’clock? He asked you out?” Ginny said, eagerly.

“Um… he didn’t ask me out, but… Yes, I’m going to meet him afterwards. Do you think Ron is angry?”

“Who cares? If he really likes you, which he does, he has to take the first step rather soon!”

Hermione and Ginny went slowly down to breakfast. They had a lot of time. It was 7:45 AM. Ginny cursed Jane, as usual; it was not a first day of the term without cursing Jane for waking her too early. When they came into Great Hall, Ron and Harry waved at Hermione. Ginny hesitated, but when Harry shouted: “Gin! Over here!” she walked over to him with Hermione.

It was so boring. History of Magic, her last class of the day. Ginny looked over at Clara Dobbs, who sat beside her. She looked back; both sighed, and both thought the same. Why are we here? Why are we in this class?

Ginny wrote a note, quickly: ‘Hey Clara! Wanna do homework with me in the library? Answer, or I’ll say to everyone that you’re with Vincent Crabbe! ;)’ She gave the note to Clara, and Clara started to write back in panic. Ginny grinned. The warning about Crabbe was terrifying to Clara. Of course she wasn’t with Crabbe, but if THAT rumour came out to the public, everyone would looking for the root of the rumour, and maybe even believe it!

Ginny received Clara’s note and read:

‘Vincent Crabbe? Are you crazy?! That’s the last thing I want everyone to know! And it’s not true. NOT TRUE. Vincent Crabbe? Are you cra- Never mind. But the point is: I have never been, I will never be (and I’m not now either) Crabbe’s girlfriend. Hope you get it. Homework in the library, you say? Sure, I need help with the Potions essay we got today…’

Ginny wrote under Clara’s handwriting:

‘Okay, see you five o’ clock in the library!’

‘Anything, if you don’t make that rumour about… You-Know-What.’

‘What rumour do you mean? The one I told you to make up last time, the one about ‘picture of Snape under Clara’s pillow’? Or ‘Clara’s favourite food: Bugs in soup’, or ‘Clara’s favourite book: On the chicken farm’ or… the one I made up now? That Crabbe thing? That you were deeply in love with each other since day one? That you love to kiss each other with all your heart? And that you love to do something more than that? That you love to have passionate s-’ Here Clara yelled aloud and grabbed the parchment from Ginny.

Even professor Binns noticed Ginny’s laughter and Clara's yelling. “Miss Waffle and Miss Dolls, is there any problem?” He, and the rest of the class, stared at the two of them.

“No, professor,” Ginny said between giggles.

“No, not… any… problems, pro…fessor,” Clara said, with anger in her voice.

“Very well,” Binns said, and continued to babble about something no one would ever listen to.

Clara wrote quickly and gave the note to Ginny. ‘So, five pm?’

‘Yes, if you really want to leave your gorgeous Vincent alone.’

‘Shut up.’

When Ginny had eaten with her Gryffindor friends, she went to the library and walked to Clara, who had taken a table with two chairs. She looked a bit impatient.

“Um… why are you looking like the only thing you want to do is to embrace your homework? I’m not that late.”

“Aren’t you? Look at your watch.”

“Oh yeah, terribly late. Two minutes.” Ginny said sarcastically.

“Whatever. Let’s start with our potion essay. I really don’t understand this! And Snape, the old git, is always complaining about me being such an idiot. Can you believe him? Dork. But he’s…”

But Ginny hadn’t heard a word of what Clara said. She just stared at a table behind lots of Potion books. There sat Hermione and Peter, laughing at each other. When they finally stopped with the laugh, they smiled. Peter grinned to Hermione and touched her hand. She looked flattered, for some reason. Maybe something Peter had said. Ginny sighed. She didn’t fancy the two together. Peter was gorgeous, for sure, and Hermione wasn’t bad-looking after all, and both were smart, but still… They just didn’t fit… Peter was too perfect. Okay, so maybe Hermione was the best student in her year, but so what? She wasn’t that dorky. Ginny thought of her as a normal teenager. Actually, she admired Hermione, because she didn’t pretend that she was someone else; she was herself.

Ginny had a weird feeling about Peter. He reminds me of someone… she thought. Her thoughts automatically flew to Tom Riddle. No! It’s not him. Well, they’ve almost got the same looks, but Riddle didn’t act like Peter does. No, it must be someone else… She shook her head and tried to think at something else than who Peter’s ‘double’ (if you could say it so) was. Her gaze went to a red-haired guy hiding behind a large book called How can you explain your secret feelings towards your Divination teacher? He sat with his arms crossed while scowling at Hermione and Peter.

Ginny snorted. Hmm. I really wonder who that can be. Everyone could see his Weasley-hair and his usual, jealous look (which arrived every time he saw Hermione with a boy).

Clara had also seen Ron. “Oh, isn’t he cute?” she sighed.


“Do you think I’ve got any chance on him?” Clara said, watching him with a little smile.

Ginny knew that Ron would never, NEVER like Clara that way, so she didn’t answer, but tried to save the situation with a Crabbe joke. “But you can’t let your dear Vincent alone! He’ll probably go and kill himself!”

“Shut up!” Clara said, throwing a book at her. “Honestly, do I have any chance on him?”

Ginny bit her bottom lip. She wouldn’t make Clara sad, but she couldn’t lie, either! Oh, what shall I tell her? I’ve got to let her focus on something else…

“Clara, look at that book he’s holding!” Ginny said. “Do you think he knows what he’s ‘reading?’”

“Dunno,” Clara muttered; it looked like she’d got Ginny’s point.

Ginny felt a little mean, but what should she say then? Ginny, it's not your fault! Honestly! You can't lie and you didn't exactly TELL her, so... You're innocent!

Ginny sighed. “Do you mind if I help my brother with his Astronomy questions a bit? He looks completely lost.”

“Whatever. I’ll go to my dorm,” Clara said, packing down her stuff.

Ginny would give Clara an apology, but she started to think again. What shall you apologize for? It’s NOT your fault!

She shrugged. “Okay.”

While Clara quickly left the library for the common room, Ginny went to Ron. She cleared her throat. “Ron, professor Trelawney isn’t that bad, perhaps, but honestly! Find someone at your age!”

Ron jumped up. “What? What were you saying? Something about Trelawney?”

“Look at your book.”

“Huh?” He picked up the book he was ‘reading’, and his eyes widened when he saw the title. “’How can you explain your secret feelings towards your Divination teacher?’ Oh no, Gin… that’s so not true! You really don’t think that I-”

“No, Ronald, I don’t think you have any good feelings about that hag, because I’m sure you aren’t reading after all!” Ginny started to get mad at him.

Ron got very Weasley-red. “What are you talking about? I don’t understand what-”

Ginny wished she could shout at him, shout at him that he was a lousy loser, but she couldn’t. Not in front of Hermione and Peter. Instead she grabbed her brother’s shirt and pulled him out of the library and into the empty Charms classroom Hermione had brought her to earlier that day. Ron protested but Ginny didn’t care; now she would tell him, honestly, what everyone knew…


“Yes?” Ron answered, terrified.

“YES? I’ll give you ‘yes’, oh yeah, I’ll do… What I am talking about, huh? You don’t understand me, huh? Alright…” She breathed deeply before she continued. “JUST ADMIT IT, the only reason you were in the library is that Hermione and Peter were there!”

“Um…no, I was actually study-”

“OOOOOH! That’s SO not TRUE! COME ON, RON! Everybody knows!”

Ron was looking a little bit scared, but he dared speak. “Everybody knows… what?”


Ron lost all the colour in his face. Ginny thought he was going to deny what she had said, but he just squeaked, “How?” He was looking like a lost puppy; she suddenly lost all her anger.

“Ron,” she sighed, and sat down with him. “You’re just so obvious. Both of you.”

He had a weird look at his face. “Both of- You mean- You mean that she-”

Ginny smiled. “Yes. Remember your fourth year? You got jealous at Viktor all the time? And Hermione got jealous every time you seemed to like Fleur?”

“Blimey, was she jealous? I just thought that she didn’t like her… because Fleur was so beautiful and Hermione- well, she wasn’t.”

What? That doesn’t make any sense! Ginny thought, shocked.

Ron smiled slightly. “I’m a lousy liar, aren’t I? Of course Hermione is pretty; she’s actually the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen… And at the Yule Ball… She was pretty at that time, but- (just say I’m insane) every time I watch her I’ll see an extremely pretty girl… Much better-looking than before, I can’t explain it! She just gets better and better every minute…”

“Aaaww…” Ginny said, smiling. “Know what? That could almost be a wedding speech.”

“What? Wedding? No, no, no, I think I’ll wait a bit with that,” Ron said, now red again.

“You’re so stupid, Ron!” Ginny said (but laughed a little at the same time), and hugged her brother so much that he couldn’t breathe. “Stupid, stupid, stupid…” she muttered, still holding Ron in her arms.

“Gin?” Ron said. He sounded somewhere around choked.

“Sorry,” she said, and let him go. They sat in silence for a while before Ginny spoke again.

“So… you’re going to tell her?” she said, looking Ron in his eyes.

“NO! Are you crazy?” Ron shouted.

“I’m not crazy, but I think YOU are!” Ginny said, with a little bit of her earlier anger in her voice. “You know your feelings towards her, and you know that she fancies you, and still you won’t tell her?”

“No, I don’t know that she likes me, and neither do you. You just THINK that she might like me. Tell me, how can you be absolutely sure that she feels the same way?”

Ginny was just about to open her mouth, but she closed it again. I can’t tell him that she talks to me about it all the time; Hermione does actually trust me.

“Thank you. Now I know that there’s almost no chance there. Thanks, Ginny,” Ron said sarcastically.

“No! It’s not that!” Ginny said, desperate. “I just know that she likes you. I just know… Trust me.”

“You know I trust you, but I can’t be sure. I won’t ruin our friendship.”

Ginny bit her lip; if she hadn’t known they were made for each other, she would have thought that he sounded wise. She had to make him tell her! “But what about Peter Hanson? Hermione fancies you, but I think she actually does the same thing with him!”

Ron looked so sad; Ginny would do almost everything to take that look away from him. “Yeah, I know,” he said. “That bloody Peter is a problem. He’s perfect for Hermione, isn’t he? Bloody handsome, bloody Head Boy, bloody smart, bloody funny, I bet he’s bloody rich too. Did you see that cloak of his? And bloody popular, the list doesn’t end. Hermione deserves a bloody perfect guy, doesn’t she? Yeah, she does; she deserves the best…”

When Ron continued with staring at the walls for ten more minutes, Ginny thought it best to leave. She shut the door silently behind her. Poor thing, she thought. Ron does really deserve Hermione. He must love her! But he won’t dare to tell her… Oh, I hope he will do it soon. I really hope he’ll do.

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