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A Black Marriage by chewbaccasolo
Chapter 13 : Chapter 13
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It was packed with Hogwarts students, including Lily and her date, Michael Kelly. You waved to her and she gave you a questioning look. You just shrugged. She wanted to know why you were here with Sirius.

You grabbed two open seats at the counter and Sirius ordered two butterbeers. You reached for your money as Madam Rosmerta, the bartender and owner, came with your drinks.

^I can get it,^ Sirius offered, but you declined. This was too much like a date already. You didnít want to get your hopes up.

^Hey there Sirius!^ Madam Rosmerta greeted happily.

^Rosie! Long time, no see!^ You rolled your eyes inwardly. Sirius flirted with everyone.

^I know. Youíve got to come around more often.^

^Iíll try.^

^And whereís James today?^

^On a date.^

^Ah, all alone then? Whatís with the two drinks?^

^No. Iím here with my-^ he paused for a millisecond, ^friend, Kat.^ He gestured to you and smiled at the grinning Rosmerta.

^Nice to meet you,^ she said, ^youíre always in here with the redhead and the loud girl, right?^

^Thatíd be me.^ Such a perfect description of your friends.

^Theyíre nice girls.^


^Very nice,^ Sirius added, nodding his head. You swatted his shoulder.

^Thatíll be two Sickles each,^ Rosmerta said. You both handed her the money and she went to serve other customers.

^Do you flirt with everyone?^ you asked, smiling.

^Almost,^ Sirius answered.

^Doesnít it get tiring?^

^Not yet. Especially with you.^

^We donít flirt.^ Did you?

^Not really.^

^Not at all. Talking and having fun are different than flirting.^

^If you say so.^

^I do.^

^So whatís flirting then?^ You shrugged your shoulders, but then pointed to Lily and Michael.

^Thatís flirting.^

^So if I leaned in close and gave you compliments?^

^Sure.^ He leaned in closer to you, and your heart started beating ten times faster.

^You look really pretty today, Kat.^ You blushed in spite of yourself. You knew he was only joking. Wasnít he? He leaned back away and smiled at you.

^God, Sirius. Youíre too good at that.^

^Itís because I practice on Ďeveryoneí.^

^I see.^ You took a sip of butterbeer. The silence that ensued wasnít quite as comfortable as the previous ones. You didnít know whether he was joking or if he really meant the compliment. You glanced over at Sirius to see him, deep in thought, staring into his drink. You kept your eyes on him for a moment, taking in his beautiful features. After a minute, he looked up, sensing your eyes on him.

^Are you alright?^ you asked, concerned.

^Yeah.^ You werenít convinced, but you let it go. When Sirius suggested you go back to walking around you readily agreed.

In no time the awkward atmosphere evaporated, as the conversation picked up once more and turned to pranks youíd played on each other.

^Remember the time I bewitched your quills to poke you in the ass?^ you asked.


^You have to admit it was good.^ He nodded.

^Yeah, it was. But I personally liked when I put that stuff in your drink that made you tell everyone you were in love with me.^

^Hilarious. You just liked to hear it!^

^Basically. Itís a nice feeling.^

^I wouldnít know,^ you said honestly.

^No oneís ever told you they loved you?^

^Not that I remember.^

^That sucks. How is that possible^

^Well, have you ever heard it from your family?^ he shook his head. ^And not everyoneís so lucky as to have a fan club of personal sluts.^ Whoops, you thought once you said it. But Sirius, to your surprise, wasnít mad.

^True. But no boyfriends?^

^Nope. None that said that.^

^Wow. I would have thought all your boyfriends would tell you that.^


^Because youíre so great.^ You blushed for the second time that day.

^Thanks,^ you said sheepishly.

^N trouble. Itís the truth.^ Three times and counting.

^Letís go in here,^ Sirius suggested as you came upon Honeydukeís.


You entered the shop and Sirius led you straight to the samples.

^These are new.^

^What are they?^ Whatever they were, they didnít look appetizing.

^Cockroach Clusters,^ Sirius read. You exchanged looks of disgust and Sirius looked to the next sample.

^How about a Fizzing Whizbee?^

^Okay.^ You both picked one up and put it in your mouth.

^That was good,^ you said when the sensation of bubbles popping in your mouth was gone.

^Yeah.^ You picked up a small piece of chocolate. It was the best youíd ever tasted. ^Yum.^ Sirius took one.

^Double yum,^ he said, which made you laugh. ^Letís get some,^ he suggested.

^Alright,^ you agreed. Splitting the cost 50/50, you walked out of the store a few minutes later with a bag of the amazing chocolates.

^Where t next?^ Sirius asked as you began your destination-less wandering again.

^I donít know.^


^Not today. You can go if you want.^ You were suddenly very tired.

^No, Iím fine.^



^Do you want to go back to the castle? Iím kind of tired.^

^Sure.^ You turned around and headed back to the school.

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A Black Marriage: Chapter 13


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