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2 become 1 by phoenix
Chapter 1 : 2 become 1
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Hi everybody!!!
This is my first romance HP fanfic, I am soooo excited *waves arms furiously and starts to scream like a fan who has just seen her favorite movie star or singer* okÖmaybe a little too excited n_n .
The song ď2 become 1Ē belongs to the ďSpice girlsĒ, not me
Iíll do another stories with more chapters later, for now I Hope you like this short storiy n_n better......*glares*

I donít own any HP characters, It all belongs to the great J.K. Rowling

Author: darkphoenix





The fireplace was out. Candles were everywhere.
Everything was silent, nobody could be seen because everybody was sleeping at their dorms...well, almost everybody.
If you look carefully around the room, youíll notice a sixteen-year-old girls sleeping on the couch with a pleasant smile on her face.
A book and a candle laid next to her...wherever you saw a book, there was the most intelligent witch at Hogwarts: no other than Hermione Granger
You could say she was alone but...she wasnít.

Candle light and soul forever,
a dream of you and me together
say you believe it, say you believe it

- Hermione, wake up Ė someone shook her gently
- Uh?? What???- she rubbed her eyes, she was still kinda confused from her dream...she was walking around a lake holding hands and kissing a guy by the name of....
- Harry??
- Yes?- answered the green-eyed boy
- are you doing here?
- Oh! I just had a....weird dream....nothing bad really!!- he added immediately seeing the worried expression of his best friend- so, I decided to come here to clear my mind
- Oh
They stared at each other for a long time, lost on each others eyes

- You should um....
- Yeah, I should go now....good night- the teenage girl practically run out of the room to disappear on the staircase that lead to the girls dorm

Free your mind of doubt and danger,
Be for real donít be a stranger,
We can achieve it, we can achieve it,
Harry Potter looked at the staircase
- Oh Hermione youíre so important to me.....I donít want to hurt you....I want you to be happy
His green eyes focused on the things Hermione left. He saw the book and smiled...always studying so hard...then he saw the candles and look at the flames of one of them.

ĎCause tonight
is the night
when two become one

Two weeks passed since that meeting at the common room.
Harry seemed to avoid Hermione at every time, even at lunch.
A week later, the Griffindor table was so packed that there was one sit the side of Hermione, and he did not eat that day ,or the other time when the same thing happened and he ate at the Hufflepuff table, where he had some friends.
But those two weeks were miserable for both of them. Their hearts ached from the pain of not being with each other. They felt lonely, more than ever.
They were so insecure, they wouldnít admit their feelings, but the more Harry avoided her, the more he needed her.
And Hermione...felt incomplete....alone.

I need some love like I never needed love before
(wanna make love to ya baby)
I had a little love, now Iím back for more
(wanna make love to ya baby)
Set your spirit free, itís the only way to be


Harry was pacing around his room looking seriously worried
- <>
I have to end with this, I canít avoid her forever, I LIKE HER...I NEED HER...

Harry run to the common room unaware that Hermione just had the same problem but in the girls dorm and talking with lavender about it helped her a lot

- - thought Hermione
- - thought Harry
- >

The two friends found each other at the end of the staircase. Their eyes met, cinnamon against emerald green. They had a total eye contact and you could see love written in them

Silly games that you were playing, empty
Word we both we both were saying
Letís work it out boy
Letís work it out boy

- Hi Ė both said at the same time
- are you doing?
- Iím fine too
There was an uncomfortable silence and Harry felt all his courage disappear
- I need to go, bye- the boy said quickly and run out of the common room, went through the portrait of the fat lady and kept running until he was out of breath .

Hermione passed through the corridors of the school towards her Arithmancy class. There were many couples holding hands, including her other best friend Ron with lavender, other people boys were whispering sweet things into their girlfriends ears, kissing or hugging each other ...and she felt heart broken

Any deal that we endeavour,
Boys and girls feel good together,
Take it or leave it
Take it or leave it

Hermione remembered all the times she had spent with Harry, moments of bliss....of love. She remembered his cute face when he was thinking...even if it was a lie for his divination homework trying to figure out what kind of death was suitable for him, she remembered how brave he was when he and Ron saved her from the troll back on their first year at the school. But mostly, she remembered how caring, funny and perfect he could be.

Are you as good as I remember baby,
Get it on, get it on,
Ďcause tonight is the night,
when two become one


Harry was thinking hard on his bed. What should he do??? He tried to talk to Ron about his problem with Hermione, after all, he was with Lavender and had more experience in love than Harry, but every time he found her...he took a while to tell him...and Ron doesnít have much patience, so he would leave him alone and go with lavender.

The only thing he was sure of was that he was in love with his best friend, he cared about her, he missed her, he needed her, he loved her...

I need some love like I never needed love before
(wanna make love to ya baby)
I had a little love, now Iím back for more
(wanna make love to ya baby)
Set your spirit free, itís the only way to be

- I love her so much


Hermione felt her head about to explode...and she couldnít even study, she had been reading a single page for the past 10 minutes and she didnít remember a thing of what she read because everything reminded her of Harry

- I love him so much


Once again, both teenagers were running towards the Griffindor common room,
And once again, they met at the end of the staircase
(Hermione knew Harry was in his bedroom and she wanted to talk to him and Harry was pretending to go to the library)
Their eyes met and they seemed to forget about the world, they were focused on them. The common room was empty, everybody was out, with their respective couples.

Harry led Hermione to the center of the room and very slowly, put his hands on her face, as if he were scared of his actions, but he wasnít thinking anymore, because his heart was in control.
Hermione shivered at his touch and closed her eyes to feel the moment.

Be a little bit wise baby, put it on
Put it on
ĎCause tonight is the night
when two become one

He looked at his angel lovingly, studying her beautiful features. He wondered how could he be such a JERK for not noticing before!!
She opened her eyes and saw the most handsome boy in the school looking at her with love.
She couldnít believe her luck!!! But she was so in love with this boy, with the ďboy who livedĒ

He leaned towards her to give her the sweetest kiss you could ever imagine.

I need some love like I never needed love before
(wanna make love to ya baby)
I had a little love, now Iím back for more
(wanna make love to ya baby)

They parted, wondering if this was a dream...but they were so happy they didnít seem to care, just enjoy the moment,, the feeling of being complete, with someone they cared...

This time, Hermione leaned towards him, to feel him again, and hug him, he hugged her back.
Finally, they were with the people they loved and nothing could tear them apart.

Again, they parted and she rested her head on his chest, Harry just stroked her hair and hugged her tightly.

Their hearts beated at the same time, at the same speed.
No words were spoken, everything was so perfect...with so much love...they werenít two friends anymore, they were more.
They were complete...

They were one.

Set your spirit free, itís the only way to be


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