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A Black Marriage by chewbaccasolo
Chapter 12 : Chapter 12
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As Halloween and the first Hogsmeade trip of the year approached, date offers flew around the school. Sirius received a myriad of offers, turning down all of them. It made you feel guilty. You pulled him aside after yet another disappointed admirer walked dejectedly away.

^You can go with someone if you want to,^ you said.

^I donít want to,^ he assured to you.

^Alright. But really, Iíll be okay.^

^Well, same goes for you. Go with somebody.^

^I donít have anyone Iíd like to go with.^

^So youíre hanging out with Mya and Lily?^

^Nope. They both have dates. Iím flying solo.^


^Youíll have fun with the guys, though.^

^Theyíve got dates as well.^


^Kat! Come on! Iím hungry!^ Mya yelled from down the hallway.

^Coming!^ you and Sirius headed towards your friends.

After the last class of the day, you got your first offer to Hogsmeade. It was from a 5th year boy, Roger Casey.

^Hey Kat!^

^Hi Roger,^ you said unenthusiastically. He was never your favorite person.

^Would you like to go to Hogsmeade with me?^ No! You needed a good excuse. Or the truthÖ

^Sorry, I canít. Iím married.^ Sirius started to crack up behind his hand.

^Oh, okay,^ he said unsurely, and then walked away. Sirius didnít even wait until he was out of earshot before he removed his hand and just laughed. You joined in. The others, except for Remus, who was also laughing, looked at you funny.

^Whyís that so hilarious?^ James asked, although you could tell he liked the response.

^It just is!^ Sirius said between laughs.

^OkayÖ^ Lily said. Just then a girl walked up to Sirius.

^May I steal your excuse?^ he whispered. You nodded.

^Hi Sirius,^ the girl said in a flirty voice.


^Do you have a date for Hogsmeade?^


^Would you like to go with me?^

^I canít,^ he replied seriously, ^Iím married.^ The girl frowned and walked away as you tried not to laugh. You didnít know why you found it so funny. Maybe because you were telling the truth to total strangers and weird guys, and no one knew. Probably. But each time Sirius got an offer and told someone he was married, you laughed hysterically. Your friends were exchanging disturbed looks; theyíd all thought youíd gone crazy. But you and Sirius loved it. It was the first time youíd been able to laugh about everything. Sirius turned down four more offers before you got to dinner, and the excuse didnít get old.

^Are you two alright?^ Peter asked concernedly.

^Perfect!^ Sirius laughed.

^Fantastic!^ you laughed.

^I donít get it,^ Lily said as Sirius told yet another girl that no, he couldnít go to Hogsmeade with her, he was married. ^Whyís it so funny?^ You just shrugged.

You and Sirius couldnít look at each other without laughing throughout the entire meal. You remembered what heíd said the other night by the lake. You were married. And you were dealing.

The weekend before Halloween brought Hogsmeade. Mya and Lily rushed around preparing for their dates. You threw on a t-shirt and jeans and ran a brush through your hair, and settled down in the common room to wait. Sirius joined you a moment later.

^Hey Kat.^

^Hey Sirius.^

^Still no date for today?^


^You wanna hang out?^


^Cool.^ You were celebrating inside. A whole day with just Sirius. Nice prospect. Very nice. You noticed for the first time that day how hot he looked. He was dressed like you, in jeans and a black t-shirt. And damn, he looked good. As usual.

^Ready to go?^

^Sure.^ You yelled up to Lily that you were leaving and walked out of the common room with Sirius.

^So whatís your favorite color?^ Sirius asked randomly on the way.


^Whatís your fav-^

^I heard you! Why are you asking?^

^Because I donít know.^


^Arenít you going to ask me?^

^OkayÖ Sirius, whatís your favorite color?^



^YeahÖbut I like it.^

^Reason enough.^

^Donít you like your last name?^

^What does Simmons have to do with colors?^

^Oh, come on. Blackís got a certain appeal to it. Kat Black.^ You scrunched up your nose. ^No? How about Katherine Black?^

^Donít call me Katherine. Ever.^

^Right then. Kathy Black? Katie Black?^

^No and no.^

^How about Black, Kat? Get it? Black cat!^ He laughed. You didnít. ^Thatís a no, then.^ he thought. ^Kate Black? Doesnít anyone ever call you Kate?^


^Can I call you Kate?^

^If you really feel the need to.^

^Ok, Kate. K.B.?^

^Not K.B. Please.^

^Kat, then?^

^Kat sounds nice.^

^Kat Black.^ You didnít object. It did have a nice ring to it. You walked on in silence until Hogsmeade village was in sight.

^Whatís your favorite candy?^

^Whatís with the random questions?^ you asked.

^Your husband should know these things!^ You both laughed.

^Okay. I like Chocolate Frogs, or a plain old slab of Honeydukeís finest chocolate.^


^But so good. How about you, Mr. Exciting?^

^Although Chocolate Frogs are high on my list, Iíd take some Every Flavored Beans any day.^

^Ah, a risk taker!^

^If I do say so myself.^ You rolled your eyes playfully at him.

^Youíre nutters, Black.^

^Just the way I like it, Black.^

^Whatís your favorite food?^ you asked.

^I thought I was asking the questions around here?!^

^Not anymore. Answer.^

^I like steak.^

^Me too! Or strawberries!^

^Steak and strawberries? Youíre a weird one, Mrs. B.^

^I said or, not and.^

^No objections to the name?^ No! I love it!

^Nope. Itís the truth.^


^Yeah.^ Another quiet period fell as you walked down the street. As you neared the Three Broomsticks, Sirius asked,

^Kat? You wanna get a butterbeer?^

^Sure.^ He opened the door for you and you walked inside.

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A Black Marriage: Chapter 12


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