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A Black Marriage by chewbaccasolo
Chapter 11 : Chapter 11
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Later that night, you and Sirius were hanging out in the common room.

^What a terrible letter,^ he said suddenly.

^I know. That was low.^

^I mean, Iíd expect it from them, but I hate to think that anyone could expect something like that from anybody. I know they hate us but weíre still their children.^

^Yeah. Couldnít they be content ruining our lives, without rubbing in the fact that they did afterwards?^

^Obviously not.^

^I canít stand this anymore, Sirius. Snape almost told them. Why do people feel the need to meddle in our lives? We canít be that interesting.^

^Speak for yourself!^ You laughed at Siriusí mock indignation. ^No, I get it though. Snapeís a git, like our parents. Not happy just knowing weíre screwed. Heís got to make things worse. You showed him though!^ You smiled sheepishly.

^I didnít mean to hit him. It just happened.^

^Well it was brilliant.^


^You know, weíre not as miserable as they think.^

^Thatís a big victory for us. I bet they never thought weíd actually be friends.^

^I know. I didnít either.^

^Me either.^

^Iím glad we are though.^ He smiled at you as he said it.

^Me too,^ you replied genuinely. Because you really were glad youíd gotten to know Sirius. Even if you had to marry him to do it. Because now you knew that he wasnít the conceited, big-headed, womanizer youíd thought he was. He was kind and sweet and funny and hot. And lately you couldnít help feeling victorious every time he turned a girl down.

^Kat?^ Siriusí voice snapped you away from your thoughts.


^Good night.^

^íNight.^ You both rose and went to your dorms.

The days passed without further taunts or letters. Your life began to return to normal; it was easier now to forget that Sirius was your husband. Now instead he was your friend- and your crush.

The second week of October brought something youíd long awaited. The end of the Parenting Project. It was the happiest day of the school year when you handed in the wretched doll and high-fived Sirius. It was over, and you loved it. You also didnít mind Siriusí hand on yours, even if it was only for a brief second.

^Thank Merlin!^ Sirius yelled once class concluded. ^Itís over! No more stinking doll to take care of!^ You laughed, sharing in his exuberance. The walk back to the castle was a happy one, all of you exchanging Parenting Project horror stories that seemed so much funnier now that the dolls were gone.

But, as was the trend, the good mood couldnít last for long. Two days later you were helping Mya pick out an outfit for a date. Lily was trying to accessorize, and was looking through your jewelry box. You realized too late that you had some rings in there that you didnít want anyone to seeÖ

^Kat? What are these?^ Lily held up both the diamond engagement ring and the plainer wedding band.

^They look like wedding rings,^ Mya added. Your friends laughed.

^Whereíd you get them?^

^Yeah. You didnít have them last year.^ Oh no. Your brain was frozen. Not one good lie came to mind.

^Kat?^ Lily repeated Mya. Again you were silent. But you did grab the rings and walk out of the dorm. Mya and lily followed you into the common room, where most of Gryffindor was still gathered.

^Guys, I just need to be alone, okay?^ You didnít wait for an answer, exiting the Tower before you cried in front of everybody.

You didnít stop walking until you reached the lake. You sat down and hugged your knees. You hated what your parents had done, and what you were reduced to because of it. You lied to your friends and hated it, but still couldnít even bring yourself to tell them the truth. You wiped your eyes and jumped as you heard your name again.

^Kat?^ It was Sirius.


^You okay?^

^Do you want the truth or the happy faÁade?^

^The truthís always good.^

^No. Iím not so okay right now.^

^Whatís wrong?^ He came and sat next to you. He was close, and you liked it.

^Mya and Lily found my rings,^ you explained, opening your fist to reveal the bands, ^and I couldnít say a thing when they asked where Iíd gotten them. I just took them and left.^

^I saw you.^

^I was wondering how you found me.^

^Now you know.^ You smiled slightly. ^And now for a solution to the ring problem. Wait here.^ With that, Sirius sprinted back to the castle. 15 minutes later he joined you, his own wedding ring in hand.

^Whatís your plan?^ you asked, curious.

^I donít have one,^ he stated. ^But I figured we should have all of the rings when we figure one out.^ You laughed.

^OkayÖ^ he was strange. But in such a lovable way. ^Letís make up a plan as we go,^ you suggested.

^So the plan is there is no plan?^ you nodded. ^I like it! First, we should make a pact. We canít forget that weíre married even though the rings are gone-^

^Thatís not likely.^

^Shh! No interruptions! Anyway- and we should..,^ he thought for a minute.

^Run in circles and sing ĎLet it Beí?^ you suggested when he added nothing.

^Exactly!^ You did so, laughing at Siriusí version of the Beatles song.

^Well done!^ he exclaimed happily when you concluded the song. ^Next step in Operation Ditch Rings: snog a blade of grass!^ You laughed as he picked a blade and kissed it. You followed suit.

^Next,^ you stepped in, ^We have to do an interpretive dance about how happy we are to be ditching the rings.^ For the next ten minutes you and Sirius jumped and skipped and tangoed your happiness. Out of breath, Sirius spoke.

^And now the final step. Wearing the rings for five minutes and thinking of all the words that rhyme with ring.^ You did so, laughing at the stupidity of the activity.

^And finally, getting rid of these blasted things,^ Sirius declared, ripping the ring off of his finger. ^But how?^ You both looked around, until your eyes fell on the lake. Without a word, you chucked your engagement ring into the middle of it.

^Nice,^ Sirius admired either the plan or your throw. ^Before the wedding rings join the engagement one, letís remember that weíve been getting on fine with this marriage deal. Itís a reality, and weíre adjusting quite well. Itís no big deal.^

^Right. No big deal,^ you echoed.

^Ready? 1,2,3, throw!^ Sirius screamed, and you both threw the bands into the lake. With another high five, you watched the ripples expand and imagined the rings, covered with sand and seaweed, on the bottom of the lake.

^That felt good,^ you said happily as you started to walk back to Hogwarts.

^I didnít know you felt that way about grass!^ Sirius exclaimed, fake anger in his voice. ^I thought we agreed no dating!^
^We did. But it was just so sexy. And green, and longÖ^ you broke off, laughing along with Sirius.

Siriusí POV
You finished your walk to the castle in a comfortable silence. She was so beautiful in the moonlight. And you hadnít had as much fun as youíd had tonight in a long time. And never with a girl. She confused you. You didnít know if it was because of the strange circumstances that brought you together. But for some reason you couldnít tell her how you felt. Youíd never had a problem with the other girls before. Then again, how many of them had you really liked? Sure, they were good for a one night stand or a couple of weeks of good blow jobs, but how many were smart, and cute, and hilarious like Kat? None, you answered bitterly. You felt bad now for all the girls youíd used. But in fairness to you, many of them had asked you for the sex. This made you feel a little better. But not completely.

^Sirius?^ Katís voice cut into your thoughts. ^Why didnít I just tell them?^ She looked upset.

^I donít know,^ you answered honestly.

^This sucks.^ You agreed with a nod of your head. ^Well, good night, Sirius.^ You realized that you were in the common room.

^Night Kat.^ You watched her as she climbed the stairs to her dorm.

Why did you have to marry the one girl you could never have?

Katís POV
Mya and Lily were sitting on your bed when you entered the dorm.

^Hey guys,^ you said quietly.

^Kat, weíre sorry.^

^Sorry for what?^

^Pushing you about the rings.^

^We donít even want to know anymore.^

^Thanks guys.^ You smiled genuinely. ^Iím sorry for running out like that. I know Iíve been weird this year, but you guys have bee awesome. I promise Iíll tell you whatís happened when I can.^

^Good enough!^ Mya shouted. ^Now how about this outfit?^ You gave your opinion and the outfit was declared perfect for Myaís Hogsmeade date.

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