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Only Time Will Tell by tinkerbell025
Chapter 1 : The Worst Start to a New Year
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"Well, I managed to escape that one quite well," thought Lily Evans in her dormitory on the fourth day of school. Already, James Potter had started his usual "year round" ritual of pursuing her and trying to win her affections. He had just tried to ambush her on her way to the stairs, no doubt to ask her out for the umpteenth time, and she merely put up her hand and kept walking. Maybe that was the better approach to it, she thought. Maybe just completely ignoring him would get him away once and for all.

"Lily! Come on, you're not gonna let James have a go this year?". Kylie Brown's, Lily's best friend in the whole entire world, voice interrupted her musings. She looked up and sighed.

"I mean its our seventh year here and I donít reckon you'll see him after this year anyway. So why not give him a chance? He's been after you for- e-ve-r," Kylie drew out the "forever", and laid her head over the side of her four-poster, letting her long blondish brown hair fan out behind her. Her big brown eyes sparkled with charisma and mischief, and her freckles seemed to have faded over the summer. Kylie's 5'6 athletic frame sprawled out on the bedspread, and her shirt rode up a bit making her flat six-pack stomach, which made all the other girls jealous, clearly visible.

"Look, the day you date the infamous Sirius Black, I'll date the big-headed Potter." Lily concluded with a triumphant smile, for she knew this would never happen. Kylie and Sirius hated each other and he played little pranks on her all the time. They were harmless, but still, that didn't make her like them any better. Especially the time he put flavorless ink in her pumpkin juice and she walked around all day with black teeth before Lily told her about it. Oh, that was one fiesta of a day if you wanted your eyes clawed out. They were always competing with each other, Kylie and Sirius. Lily thought it was mostly because they were so much alike. Athletic, mischievous, smart, witty, yet sometimes reckless and rash. Good thing those two had Lily and Remus to take control of them, because James was no help at all. He just encouraged Sirius' actions and most of the time was part of them.

Then there was Madison. She was just laid back but not too sensible. She was smart, but not too bright in potions and charms. Her dim wittedness was made up for however, by her charming looks. She resembled Snow White in a way, but a bit softer looking. She had jet black hair a little ways past her shoulders, and deep blue eyes. She had the reddest most cherry lips you've ever seen and not one freckle or blemish was visible upon her. She was what most people would call perfect. She pretty much had dated every guy in the year, except the marauders. Sirius was only okay looking in her eyes and Potter was way to smitten with Lily anyway. Madison had never talked to Remus, although he was kinda cute. *Maybe the two of them will date this year* thought Lily suddenly.

"Has Madison come back from the library yet?", voiced Lily at this thought.

"Umm......I'm not--", suddenly Kylie was cut off by the entrance of the gorgeous Madison herself. Her 5'7 frame stood in the doorway and she had her hands on her hips in a pouty look on her elegant face. She looked like a famous modle framed in the doorway there, and Lily's thoughts erased from her mind. No way was Madison going for Remus Lupin, she definetly wasn't his type.

"What? Make-out session not up to your usual standards?", joked Lily with a grin.

"Oh shut up," pouted Madison, but she chuckled all the same. "As a matter of fact, I wasn't making out at all. Just talking to Jake Hammelton."

"Ooohh right," snorted Kylie, and she and Lily began to laugh.

"Anyway, wheres Hannah?", Madison changed the subject hastily.

Hannah was the girls fourth best friend. She was definitely the sweetest, kindest one in the group. She couldn't say no to anyone, and if you wanted you could probably talk her into doing all your homework without her knowing. She was very easy to manipulate and take advantage of. Thats what Lily, Kylie, and Madison watched out for each and every day. Sometimes Hannah was just too sweet and people like Malfoy would take advantage of her. She was so cute with her banana yellow hair down to her chin and her light hazel eyes. She was a little pudgy and only 5'4, but cute as a button. She was the one that held the group together. Over the summer the four of the girls would always get together at her house and have slumber parties. They would eat a whole carton of cookie dough ice cream, (Lily and Kylie's favorite) and watch old romance movies such as "Breakfast at Tiffany's" until they fell asleep. Kylie, Madison, Lily, and Hannah were all the best of friends and they enjoyed making fun of the marauders behind their backs, even though Hannah only laughed and didnt make jokes because she was just too nice. Lily always had a feeling that she had a mighty crush on Remus Lupin but she never said anything. Hannah and Madison had gone down to the library together supposedly just over an hour ago but only Madison had returned.

"What? I thought she was with you," questioned Kylie, finally sitting up on her bed. She was rubbing her head due to the crazy headache she just recieved from being upside down for so long.

", she said she was with you", said Madison slowly.

Lily looked up, her eyes full of concern all the sudden. What was Hannah hiding? Was she in danger?

"Startin' early this year aren't we James?", laughed Remus heartily.

"Nice try Prongs," said Sirius, smirking.

James had just failed once again at asking Lily Evans out. Except this time she just put up her hand and pranced her little way up the stairs. This was a change for her. Usually she just cut him off with a firm, yet bored "No Potter," before he even got the words out. But to not say anything at all? *Well thatís a bit too harsh if you ask me* thought James dejectedly. He didn't care though, he'd keep trying until the day he died.

"She wants me," he smiled at the other three.

"Pssh.....better luck next time," snorted Sirius sarcastically

James scowled at him."Right, like you don't want Kylie or anything. Come on Padfoot, you know the reason you're always playins pranks on her is to mask the fact that you like her," James reasoned with a trimuphant grin plastered to his face.

Sirius's face turned red and defiant and he hastily changed the subject, "Anyway," he continued, ignoring James observation " lets get down to the important matter at hand here. What' s going to be our beginning of the year prank? We've got to pull it by the end of the week, you know, in order to stay with tradition."
Remus looked sternly over at them from his book, but his look of contempt changed rapidly into a smirk as he saw his two best friends faces all lit up mischievously. He was glad that James had finally noticed Sirius's feelings towards Kylie Brown. He had noticed long ago but didn't voice his opinion because he didn't want to be jinxed by the two of them if they both were on Sirius's side. But now that James figured it out, the two of them could nag Sirius forever. Man, this was gonna be a good year. He just hoped that the two of them wouldn't figure out his feelings for Madison Winters. She was breathtaking, but he'd never really talked to her. Her little model, pouty look sent his mind into a frenzy, but he knew a girl like her would never go for a simple, plain guy like him. *Besides, he thought, shes probably shagged half the guys in the grade by now* , and he certaintly didn't want that kind of girl. Nevertheles, he didn't know the truth, and as long as she wasn't a slut, he would love her forever.

"Well, unless you want to be overheard," he gestured to all the students around them, " then I suggest we go upstairs."

"Thats the spirit, mate. Glad to see you've stopped trying to deprive us of our favorite sport," James smiled triumphantly.

"..not like I ever could," said Remus under his breath, and the trio trooped upstairs to find Peter and let him in on the joke.

"I heard that, Moony," remarked Sirius with a sly smile.


Meanwhile, the girls decided to go down and look for Hannah in the common room and if she wasn't there they decided to proceed to the Great Hall, and then to the Library. But they didn't have to look long to find their friend. For as soon as Lily descended the stairs, she let out a huge gasp. Kylie bumped into her back and her eyes widened and her breath caught in her chest. Madison, seeing what they saw, screamed, and rushed forward to the body on the floor. There she was. Hannah was sprawled out in front of the fire, clearly petrified, with blood spattered on her robes. Her glassy eyes weren't even shut and she was pale as a ghost. Lily's heart stopped and she couldn't catch her breath. This couldn't have happened. Not here, not now. This had to be a dream or one of the mauraders sick jokes, but grief filled Lily's heart even more as she thought that the mauraders wouldn't pull something like this. Not even they were that cold...and besides, Hannah wouldn't go along with it either and pretend to be dead.But she was there. Dead. Lily began to cry as she kneeled next to Madison, yet Kylie's grief seemed beyond tears. She was panting as though she had just run a race, and she had her hand pressed over her heart. Lily could tell that anger was filling her mind. Within Lily's mind there raced a million questions. Each one more urgent then the next. Who did this? Why did they do this?! What's going on?! Why my best friend in the whole world? Why? Why? Why?! She grabbed her hand and it felt colder than a thousand winters. She leaned on Kylies shoulder but Kylie suddenly stood up.

"All of you," she looked around the room, "what happened here?!" she bellowed. Lily looked up and in her haste to get to Hannah, had not noticed all the students around the room. Suddenly, anger raged through her heart. She glanced at Madison, who also looked completely enraged. All of these dim witted loser kids were standing around going about their daily lives as if nothing had happened. As if a beautiful, young girl wasn't lying dead right here, in th is very common room, right before their very eyes.

"What the bloody hell are you talking about ?", a boy yelled across the room.

"THIS!!!" screamed Kylie with a look of pure disgust and disbelief etched on her face.

"Oh my Gosh, I didn't even notice!" gasped a young />

"Obviously," cut in Madison. Lily was too shocked to even say a word, and her hands were shaking.

"One of you tell me what has happened to my friend, right now, or I will curse every last one of your snot nose asses into oblivion," whispered Kylie soft and low, cold fury evident in each word. Each one of them knew not to mess with Kylie Brown when she was angry; or even Lily Evans for that matter. The two of them were the two smartest girls in 7th year. Hearing these words, a young girl piped up.

"Sorry," she said softly, "but none of us saw what happened. In fact, I cant even remember what I've been doing for the last 10 minutes." She looked at them fearfully, and finally Kylie's face fell and she was reduced to tears. She choked on her sobs and grabbed Lily.

Lily held on to her tight, and sobed on her shoulder, because both of them had figured it out. Clearly, these poor children had had their memories modified and whoever had done this was pretty clever indeed, not letting anyone see, thought Lily angrily.

At the scream from downstairs, the marauders looked at one another and raced down the stairs. James descended first and saw his beloved Lily and her friends crowded around something..but there were feet sticking out the end. He hesitated for a moment, contemplating whether to ask her out again, but somehow, for once, he knew this was not the time. He rushed forward with Sirius by his side and Remus and Peter behind him. He reached Kylie first.

"We heard someone scream. Whatís going--", he started, but he needed no answer. His eyes traveled over his gorgeous Lily, whose head was on Kylies shoulder, and who was weeping.

His breath caught in his chest. There was no way this could have happened. He didn't know Hannah very well, but she had helped him with homework a couple times. From what he did know of her, she was very kind and he'd never heard a mean word come out of her mouth. He looked at her hair, framing her delicate face, and how she looked cold to touch. Madison had her hands on her face and was whispering "No, No No.." repeatedly.

"I'll go get Dumbledore," whispered Remus, and he walked quietly out of the common room.

"Run...hurry up!". Lily yelled after him hysterically. She couldn't take this any longer.

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