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A Black Marriage by chewbaccasolo
Chapter 10 : Chapter 10
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a/n: hey guys! i was just wondering if there's anyone who's like to make me a banner. i'd really appreciate it! =)

The next day, you, your friends, and the Marauders were on your way to lunch when Severus Snape walked up to you.

^Well if it isnít Mr. and Mrs. Black,^ he said mock pleasantly.

^Shut up Snivelly,^ Sirius growled.

^Itís only a project,^ Mya added. You shushed her.

^Expecting children any time soon?^ Snape continued, sneering.

^Theyíve already got one!^ James said.

ąOh really! Mrs. Black doesnít look like sheís had a child.^

^Itís a doll you stupid git!^ Peter snapped. Snape ignored him and stepped closer to you.

^Is it a girl or a boy?^ He rubbed your stomach. You slapped his hand away.

^Stop it Snape.^ You didnít need this.

^Why? Havenít you told your little friends? Keeping it a secret? How sweet.^

^Iím warning you Snivellus,^ Sirius threatened.

^Or what? Youíll set your friends on me?^

^No. Iíll kick your ass myself,^ you said, punching him in the eye. ^Keep your big ugly mouth shut, Snape,^ you added, and then walked away, face burning.

^What was that about?^ Lily asked angrily, catching up to you.

^Are you mad at me?^ you returned incredulously.

^Why did you hit him? He was being a stupid git as always. Youíve never lost your temper like that before. Whatís going on? What was Snape talking about?^

Sirius butted in before you could answer.


^Sure.^ She turned back to you. ^He was saying all that stuff about the two of you that Mya and I have been teasing you about.^ Once again Sirius cut you off.

^And she doesnít like it! Snape was being an ass and she took care of it. Iím just as sick of the ĎKat and Siriusí crap as she is! So if punching Snape is what it takes ro stop it then Iíll do it 100 times. Just leave the subject alone.^ Lily glowered at him. She hated to be yelled at.

^Iím sorry Kit Kat. Iíll leave it alone. I know you said to stop teasing you and all. Honestly-^ she looked pointedly at Sirius. He backed away, leaving you two to talk.

^Honestly, itís been weird this year. Youíve changed; youíre quieter and have new friends. Itís weird, and it takes getting used to.^

^Itís alright, Lils. I just didnít have a good summer. Iím not ready to talk about it yet though.^ There. Now youíd feel a little better.

^Okay. Me and Mya are here when you are ready. And Iím sorry for teasing you.^

^Thanks, and itís alright.^ You hugged and everyone else joined you as you resumed your walk to the Great Hall, Snapeís taunts still fresh in your mind.

The next day brought classes and homework, and, of course, more guilt. On Tuesday Sirius received a letter at breakfast. He scowled when he read it, and he passed it discreetly to you on the way to class.

Once you were seated, you unfolded the letter and began to read.

Mr. and Mrs. Black,
I am writing to inquire about your happiness these first few weeks of your school days. I fully expect you to be miserable, as blood traitors such as yourselves deserve to be. We had known from the beginning the relationship would be a disaster, in spite of your assurances of Ďworking things outí. I saw through the lie and hope things are going just as well as they were this summer.
Andrew Simmons

You, too, were now scowling in indignation. Of course your parents didnít want you to be happy, but to say it, and like that! Sirius caught your eye and shook his head in anger and disbelief. You nodded your agreement. You could think of nothing but the letter all morning. Why did you have to have such bad parents?

At lunch your eyebrows were still furrowed, until Mya and Lily suggested going outside. You abandoned your lunches and walked around the grounds. You talked about classes and school work and you felt much better. The letter was forgotten for awhile.

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A Black Marriage: Chapter 10


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