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Fire and Air by Night Owl
Chapter 29 : Epilogue
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- Epilogue -

Golden drops of sunlight were filtering in through the open window, gathering tiny specs of dust, creating a magical beam of light that filled the space. It was a sitting room, in what appeared to be a rather large, yet cozy cottage. A couch was placed against one wall, with a small table in front of it. There were two armchairs, and a rocking chair as well, that was slowly rocking back and forth, even though no one was sitting in it.

A fireplace was along another wall, and an array of pictures was on the mantle. Two awards were there as well, both shiny black plaques with gold lettering. Order of Merlin, First Class. A vase of fresh daisies was also present, brightening the room.

A screech was heard, and a large tawny owl flew in through the open window. It had a letter tied to its leg, and was careful not to crush it as it landed on the back of the rocking chair. It hooted softly, and blinked.

A moment later, a woman entered the room. Her skirt swirled around her knees as she walked towards the owl, whistling for it to take the treat she offered. It did so, and stuck out its leg. The woman removed the letter and took a seat in the rocker, swishing her brown, wildly curled hair over her shoulder as she did so.

Her fingers absently played with the diamond ring and gold wedding band on her left hand as she read, her chocolate eyes quickly scanning the contents of the letter. A bright smile grew on her face as she continued to read, and by the end her eyes were laughing with happiness.

She quickly stood up and made her way out of the sitting room, rounding a corner and quickly climbing a flight of stairs. The second story of the cottage was large and spacious, and the woman made her way towards a slightly ajar door, gently pushing it open.

The library was immense. Bookcases stretched from ceiling to floor and were filled with every tome imaginable. There were also glass display cases in the room, creating the effect of a gallery. Different types of weapons were hanging on the walls, mostly swords and bows, but a few daggers and axes as well. In the glass cases were different jewels and relics passed down from generations long gone.

The woman barely glanced at any of these things as she entered, her eyes instead seeking out a man. He had long blonde hair which was tied back in a messy ponytail, and piercing gray eyes that were reading a book. His lean body was draped languidly over a chair, and he seemed to be in a state of complete relaxation.

He looked up as the woman entered, and took the letter she offered him, reading it quickly.

Dearest Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy,

It is with great happiness that I write to inform you that I am in need of your services. I know what you are thinking, and yes, you are old. It has indeed been six hundred long years since one of your kind was last uncovered.

Well, let me say that two have been uncovered now, a boy and girl who are much like you two were. They are from different Houses, and do not get along at all. In fact, they seem to have this fierce rivalry going on that has landed many in the Hospital Wing. I am hoping that in time, they will come to be friends.

I, Headmaster Syvanston, formally invite you to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to teach these two students what they need to learn. Guide them in the ways of the Elementals; teach them how you were taught.

I look forward to seeing the both of you.

Headmaster Syvanston
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Draco Malfoy looked up at his wife, his clear gray eyes sparkling with excitement. Hermioneís dark eyes were also glimmering with happiness, and she laughed joyfully as Draco stood up and swept her into a hug, twirling her around the room.

Fire and Air, the most powerful of the Elementals, the most complex and the most intricate. The gift of the sky and the gift of the deeps. Heaven and Hell. The Angel and the Fallen, inextricably intertwined to create the greatest power of all.


Author's Note: Well, that's all folks! I know this was short, and I know it was simple, but that's how epilogues are supposed to be. This was just to tie everything together, and I hope it worked. I can't say how much fun I had writing this story, and it just added to the fun knowing that you all loved it. It really made my day to come on and see new reviews! So, just a big thank you to everyone who read and reviewed! It wouldn't have been near as much fun without you! So, I can't wait to know what you all think, and if you have time or are interested, check out my new stories, Fate's Choice and A Flower Quickly Fading. Thanks again.

Oh, and just to let you all know, all of these characters, besides Phillippe and Carolyn, aren't mine. They belong to J.K. Rowling, who also happens to own the Harry Potter universe. However, the plot, and everything else you didn't recognize belongs to me, and you may not use it unless you ask my permission and I give you permission. Thank you!

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