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I am the Mask You Wear by ImaPirateArrr
Chapter 1 : Am I Fonder of Dolls or of Goblins
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oo la la la la! we've started another story! woot! ok. So we hope you all enjoy this one. Dont forget to review please!!
*"Am I fonder of Dolls or of Goblins" are lyrics from the song "Little Lotte" which is in Phantom of the Opera which was written by Gaston Leroux
*"I am the Mask You Wear' is also from Phanom of the Opera
*I own nothing you recognize
party party party

The small girl paced along the corridor of the train looking for a compartment. She dragged her trunk behind her as she slid open the last compartment door. It wasnít really filled with people, but there were enough to make her nervous. "Ummm, hi." 'way to sound lame' she thought to herself
"Do you think I can sit here? Everywhere else is full"
The boy closest to the door smiled "I donít see why not" he held out his hand "My name is Tom Riddle" She smiled back timidly "Sable Lestrange"
"Lestrange? Then you must know Persephone"
"Yeah, she's a year older than me. Cousin of mine"
Sable walked into the compartment and sat down by the window across from Tom. She was then introduced to everyone else in the compartment "That's Artemis Rosier and her younger brother Kale" Tom stated as he pointed to a pair of dark haired children "And this is Sebastian Snape and Lucas Malfoy" Sebastian nodded in her direction and Lucas smirked
"Nice to meet you... all" she wasnít used to the attention and began to fidget under the looks of her fellow compartment mates. But she was saved from the stares when a girl burst angrily into the apartment. She had long blond hair and clear grey eyes, which were now clouded with anger.
"Perce, what's wrong?" Lucas asked from where he was by the door.
"That third year cow Myrtle called me a whore!" the flaxen haired 12 year old cried from the doorway
"Artemis and Tom and Lucas continued to console their year mate and Sable was spared from comforting her cousin when Kale pointed out that the train was slowing down.
"Come" Kale said grabbing Sable's elbow, "we need to get to the boats so we donít get a leaky one!" Sable allowed herself to be led out of the compartment by the dark haired boy, Sebastian followed silently. Sable followed Kale and Sebastian into one of the rickety old boats near the lake and they were followed in by a brunette named Charlotte Avery.

They arrived at the castle soon after it began to drizzle. They were welcomed by a man with auburn hair and striking blue eyes, which were hidden behind half-moon spectacles.
"Welcome to Hogwarts first years, my name is Professor Dumbledore" he smiled kindly at all of them and led the whole lot of 11 year olds into a hall
"Please wait here till I return" he then left and the room burst into speech.
"This place is bigger than my house"
"My mansion-"
"Not everyone lives in a mansion!"
"I hear we have to be sorted"
"I heard it was painful"
"I'm glad I pre-read all my school books"
"Am not"
The door opened again and the imposing figure that was Professor Dumbledore entered with a large grin in place
"Please follow me"
They lined up in 2 lines and proceeded into a bigger hall which was filled with students. Sable noticed a 3 legged stool with an old looking hat sitting on it
"We have to try that on? Charlotte hissed from where she stood behind Sable. The latter nodded and jumped when the hat started singing. When the song had finished, Dumbledore took out a scroll and began reading names
"Avery, Charlotte"
The hat was on her head for at most, 5 seconds before it screamed out "SLYTHERIN!"
Sable had to watch many more students be sorted before Dumbledore finally called out "Lestrange, Sable" she took a deep breath and made her way up to the stool. Dumbledore placed the hat on her head 'Hmmmm, Slytherin upbringing no doubt about that.' The hat murmured into her ear, causing her to jump again. The hat laughed 'Jittery one hmm? Ok, well lets see, you have many features that would fit well with Hufflepuff- loyal, friendly, understanding, hard worker, but your Slytherin qualities are definitely more prominent... Where to put you where to put you" the hat sang softly as it looked deeper into her mind 'Aha! Well then, must be SLYTHERIN! The hat cried triumphantly as she sighed in relief, thatís where all her friends were.

Dinner was an exceptional affair where Sable learned more about her housemates. They were all from pureblood families except Tom

* * *

The first month of school went smoothly for Sable, she learned what classes she loved [Astronomy, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Charms] but she also learned about the classes that were most difficult [Potions and Transfiguration] and the classes she downright hated [Flying]. She also became closer to all the Slytherins Ė who were not as bad as they were made out to be.

One night, as the common room emptied out, Sable sat the one desk closest to the fire place, in an attempt to warm herself from the cold drafty common room. She was staring at her half finished transfiguration assignment and gave up all hope of turning it in on time, so she began to hit her head lightly on the solid mahogany table.
"Stupid, THUD, stupid, THUD, stupid, THUD..." but her handiwork was interrupted by an amused voice behind her
"You being quite productive Sable"
She whirled around and saw Tom leaning against the banister that lead up to the boys' dormitories
"Well" she rubbed her forehead where the table thumped against it numerous times "You could say that" He smirked "What seems to be the matter?" he questioned coming over to sit next to her. She frowned as she shoved her Transfiguration homework at him
"I see" he muttered as he read the line "I hate Transfiguration" written 50 times in neat handwriting
"You really have been busy" he said smiling up at her. She scrunched up her nose and took her paper back
"Yeah, but it cleans off. Scourgify" she stated flicking her wand. Immediately the 50 identical lines were wiped clean of the paper and she took out a quill and opened her book decisively ' gotta finish this tonight' she thought grumpily to herself and began to flip through the pages. After about half an hour and a paragraph later Tom spoke up
"Need help?"
Sable let out a shriek
"Merlin Tom, I thought you already went to sleep" he shook his raven head
"No, I cant sleep anyways"
"Why not?"
He shrugged "No reason really, I just cant." She nodded understandingly
"Help would be nice"
The two of them spent the next few hours working on transfiguration or just talking. By the time they were finished it was 1:25.
"Wow, it's late...or early" Sable laughed sleepily to herself "I have to be getting to bed. Night Tom"
"Night Sable"

The next morning she was woken up by someone hitting her with a pillow. She opened one violet eye and quickly snapped it shut when she saw the pillow flying towards her face.
"Char!" she gasped, grabbing the pillow as it came down for a second blow. The brunette started giggling.
"Sable wake up! We have 15 minutes to get to class!"
"Are you kidding me!?" Sable cried from under her covers
"No! GET UP!" Char yanked the green covers off of her friend and threw her uniform at her "If you hurry we may have time for breakfast"
"Yes mum" Sable threw on her uniform and quickly did her tie as she rushed down the stairs with a hair tie and brush between her teeth. They reached the great hall in a record time of 5 minutes and had 10 to get something to eat before class started. They took their seats across from Sebastian and Kale. Sable did up her hair and tried to catch her breath. Char poked her side
"You need to get in shape love"
"Youíre the sporty one m'dear, I'm the couch potato"
Char shook her head and pulled out her schedule.
"Transfiguration first" her friend announced
"Oh goody" Sable muttered sarcastically as she buttered her toast. She heard a chuckle and looked up, meeting the dark eyes of Tom Riddle, he smiled at her and she gave a small smile in return. She mouthed 'Thank you' and began on her breakfast.

* * *

Weeks passed and finally Halloween came and the 4th years and up went to the traditional Masquerade ball. 3rd years and below stayed in their common rooms. The 4 Slytherin 1st years were sitting around the fire lying on their stomachs. Kale was teaching Sable how to play chess while Char and Sebastian looked on, laughing occasionally when Sable made and idiot of herself. By the end of the night Sable had fully learned the rules of chess, but was the worst player to ever grace the earth with her presence.

Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months. Days for Sable were spent trying to absorb all that the teachers were telling her and nights were spent being tutored in Transfiguration by Tom. And by the time end of the year finals came she could happily say that she passed all of her classes.

Over the summer, Sable spent a lot of time with her 3 new friends and tried to retain all the knowledge she had gained in school, but to no avail.

In August Sable got her book list and her aunt volunteered to take her and Persephone to Diagon Alley. The two girls agreed and the week before school started, they ventured to Diagon Alley. Once they reached the small pub 'The Leaky Cauldron' Persephone saw someone she knew across the room and began waving haphazardly. Sable looked to where her cousin's eyes were glued and saw the willowy figure of Tom Riddle walking lazily towards them.
"Good afternoon Persephone, Sable" he acknowledged each with a nod oh his head.
"Hello Tom"
Sable was about to greet her friend as well when her arms were pulled behind her and she was dragged out of the pub by 3 people. Once the 4 people reached Ollivander's, they stopped and Sable turned to face her captors. "Char!" she cried happily when she saw her brunette friend standing there, she glanced around at the other people there "Sebastian! Lucas! Good to see you guys" she gave them their respected hugs and trailed after Char into Ollivander's. A small excited looking man was standing inside and a boy was standing near by with a wand in his hand. He was too big to be a first year, but he was just buying a wand, Sable was confused.
"Half-breed" Lucas hissed in her ear as he regarded the boy with contempt.
Sable raised an eyebrow at her discriminatory friend, but was jolted out of her inquisitive demeanor when the large boy and his dad pushed passed her and she was bumped abruptly to the floor.
"Sorry bout that" the boy said turning to look at her, he held out a hand to help her up but Sebastian pushed him aside and pulled Sable off the ground. The boy shuffled out of the shop after his dad and the door closed with a tinkling of the bell

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I am the Mask You Wear: Am I Fonder of Dolls or of Goblins


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