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Nobody Wants To Be Lonely by CelticKisses
Chapter 1 : Nobody Wants To Be Lonely
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All song-ness © Ricky Martin.. and all plot-ness... how ever horrid, © Me

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'Smile Hermione . . they won't know anything's wrong if you keep smiling. . .'

"So Hermione, how's Ron?" Parvati asked, trying to strike up a conversation.

'Breathe . . .' she reminded herself before answering. She had to practically yell her response because it was so loud in the Great Hall, what with the blaring music and jubilation for the close of the seventh and final year in Hogwart's walls.

"We're not . . together anymore," she admitted. 'So please don't ask anymore about it . . ' That was a wound that was still bleeding.

"Well, at least you're not back with Malfoy," Lavender cut in with a small shiver. "Now there was a mistake."

The Patils had been two of the very few people who would still talk to her after that fiasco. In fact, that fiasco had been what broke her and Ron up.

"Hermione listen to me!" Ron said as he followed his storming girlfriend around the library.

"No!" she huffed as she turned around suddenly. "Draco and I have been over for almost a month and a half now! You need to get over it. Merlin knows I have! It was a mistake," she concluded as she turned back to the bookshelf. Mistake was a bit of an understatement. Just because they were seventeen and forced to share a dorm (Head privileges, sure.) did not mean what had ended up happening between them was worth anything.

"Hermione," he said while stepping between her and her books. "Just hear me out."

She huffed again and set her books down on the closest table, then turned back to him, her hands on her hips.

"You have got to be kidding me," he said running a hand through his hair as he sat down after meeting her eyes. "You must be blind," he said to her.

"What?" she asked, growing increasingly impatient.

"That look on your face. . . you really have no idea, do you?"

"Idea of what?" she cred, exasperated.

Ron stood and took her arms. "He still has feelings for you . . the way he looks at you . . the way he watches you . . "

"That doesn't matter anymore!" she protested against the small flip her heart did at his words. 

"No, see it does," he said, placing a hand on the side of her face. "Because I want you to be happy."

When she started to protest again he stopped her. "And I can see, that you and I isn't going to do that for you."

"Are you . . ." she stuttered in shock. "Are we. . ."

"I think it's for the best Hermione." He said dropping her hands. He started to back away and pulled her into a tight hug. "It's something I've learned from being with you. A great lesson that only you could have taught me. Before you and I came to be, I never would ahve been able to consider such a notion," he laughed dryly. "Most people still won't. I want you to be happy Hermione, and if the only way is for you to be with Draco . . then so be it, because I've seen the way you look at him too," and with that he left the library before he could change his mind.

"Yeah," she answered, her voice trailing off. "At least . . not Draco . ."

Wanting to get some air she walked to the side of the room with the least people and sat down with her legs crossed, twirling a cup of punch in her hands and completely unaware that she was being watched.

There you are

'Merlin. . .' he thought from the shadows. Her dress was black and shone in the light of the floating candles that illuminated the Great Hall. It was slit up the side and his body quivered at the expanse of thigh that peeked out as she shifted in her seat.

In a darkened room

Weasley was crazy to have let her go. Living with her after what had passed between them was the sweetest kind of torture. He found he couldn't even sit on the couch in the common room anymore with an overwhelming feeling of nausea taking over his senses.

And you're all alone

Then again, he had no right to judge Weasley because he, too, had let this magnificent woman walk away from him. He watched her chest rise and fall in a sigh as she stared dreamily up at the starry ceiling.

Looking out the window

Merlin he had been a git. He had been blind. He had been a boneless coward too. If he loved the girl like he had claimed he did, why had he let her walk away from him? How had he lived these past months, watching her disappear around corners with that red headed bloke, remembering what had happened in the dark recesses of the alcoves when he had been the one pulling her into them?

You heart is cold

His heartbeat quickened as she rose from the table and started walking through the crowd. Perhaps this was his chance.

. . . and lost the will to love

He followed silently and watched as she slowly made her way towards the refreshment table, her head down.

Like a broken arrow

She would occasionally be stopped by people who would say something. She would smile and he would have to fight the urge to grab her in his arms when a bloke would approach her. But each time, she'd shake her head at them and continue on. He couldn't hear their words; only watch their lips move and place his own thoughts in their mouths. Maybe they weren't coming on to her at all. Maybe he was embodying his desire into these unknown conversations.

Here I stand in the shadows

He found himself walking faster and faster towards her, cutting through the crowd without acknowledging the people around him.

Come to me

He shouldn't do it.

Come to me

He knew he shoudn't do it. He knew it was too late and he knew there was no hope. He knew all the scores against them, but he had no control over himself. He grabbed her hand and she turned around quickly to find that her face was only inches from his.

Can't you see that

He brought a hand to her cheek and gently brushed a stray strand of hair from her face. Her eyes were blank to the world, but he knew the pain that was in them. IT was his own echoed back to him through the distance between them. 

Nobody wants to be lonely.

He started backing up, pulling her with him towards the dance floor as a new song blared through the hall.

Nobody wants to cry.

He pulled on her arm and she spun into his body as his arms went around her, and she relaxed. This was familiar. His arms were a sanctuary like no other. Merlin, how she wanted him to wrap those arms around her and never let go.

My body is longing to hold you,

He ran his hands down her side, breathing shallow and slow and she closed her eyes, completely giving in to him.

so bad it hurts inside.

He exhaled, his breath hot on her ear and she opened her eyes, jarring herself back to reality and stepping away from him. This was forbidden. This was not acceptable. This was not right. 'What am I doing . . .?'

Time is precious and it's slipping away

They circled each other, their eyes locked. His hair dusted his cheeks and fell over his piercing eyes. She didn't realize each circle brought their bodies closer; closing the gap between them and weakening her resolve against him.

And I've been waiting for you all of my life

But why was he the only one who made her fell like this? Her body was burning and her mouth was dry.

Nobody wants to be lonely

He advanced on her again, taking her in his arms and turning her so that her back was pressed against his stomach.

So why . . .

"Why won't you let me love you?" He whispered in her ear as he released his arms from her and she stepped back and faced him.

Can you hear my voice?

Why? Because he was dangerous. He was pain. He was sacrifice and torture and loss. Merlin, she wanted him to be hers again.

They both stepped forward with their right foot, sharp and quick, their eyes locked. They both knew this dance, they'd done it before.

Do you hear my song

Their left foot stepped quickly in front of the right as their bodies turned.

It's a serenade

They dropped to their knees and as she slowly stood back up his hands skimmed down her thighs, over her dress on one side and under the slit against her bare skin on the other. She shivered.

So your heart can find me

She spun out and away from him, her dress swirling provocatively high and he pursued her, his hands finding her hips, pulling them to him, all the while dipping her backwards so her hair briefly swept the ground.

And suddenly your flying down the stairs

He pulled her up and the top half of her body followed her lower half in pressing up against his body, her face coming to a stop on his neck, her hands tight on his shoulders. Time stopped for a moment while the music turned soft.

Into my arms baby

For a tense moment everything seemed to go slow, she closed her eyes and breathed in deeply, his cologne bringing back memories that made her flush.

Before I start going crazy

The music suddely exploded and they joined hands and spun underneath, flying away from each other.

Run to me . .

He looked at her for a moment as if assessing her. Her face was red and sweat beads shone on her forehead, but her eyes were sparkling.

Run to me. . .

She had been looking down but feeling his heated gaze she peeked up from under her eyelids, and smiled at him.

Cause I'm dying

The effect was explosive. He took her in his embrace again and she draped her arms over his shoulder, their hips coming together as he spun her around him.

'This is outrageous . . . I never act like this in front of people . . ' Suddenly her conscience caught up with her and she put her hands on his chest, pushing him away, then scampering into the crowd. He was left standing alone on the dance floor, burning and flushed.

I want to feel you deeply

He followed her with his eyes from the other side of the floor. Merlin, he wanted her.

Just like the air you're breathing

How had this girl become so important to his existence? Why was she the only one who could ignite him like this?

I need you here in my life

She looked up unexpectedly and their eyes met, but they both turned away from each other. It hurt too much.

He was doing it again. He was letting her walk away. There was no way in bloody hell he was going to let her put him through that again. 

'Don't walk away . . .'

What was she doing? She wiped her hand across her forehead. How could she walk away from that at all? Her legs were threatening to melt beneath her and she had a fleeing fantasy of him rushing over to catch her.

'Don't walk away . . .'

She should get out now. Her heart didn't want the pain and the suffering. 

'Don't walk away . . .'

Pain and suffering? It was her own fault! She was doing it to herself!

'Don't walk away . . . no!'

Simultaneously they turned back to each other and she began to run.

Nobody wants to be lonely

He saw her hair flying out behind her and her mascara running and his feet took off to meet her.

I don't want to be lonely

Tears were pouring down her face, but she was smiling at him.

Nobody wants to cry

His heart beat faster and faster as he got closer and closer to her.

I don't want to cry

Setting all her faith in him she flew into the air, perfectly poised. They had practiced this before.  He had never let her fall, and he didn't now. He caught her by the waist and she slowly slid down his body until her feet were firmly back on the ground.

My body's longing to hold you

His hands tightened on her waist and the dance grew to such a proportion that the other's on the floor cleared it to watch the sensual escapade unfolding in their mists.

So bad it hurts inside

The Gryffindor Lioness and the Slytherin Prince? Was it possible? Hadn't she just broken up with that Weasley boy? The one who had liked her since, like, second year?

Time is precious and it's slipping away

As the dance came to an end he took her hands gently and led her outside, away from other's eyes.

And I've been waiting for you all of my life

When the cold air assaulted their sweat soaked clothes he turned to her and pulled her close. "Why are you afraid of me?" he asked softly.

"Because you were a mistake . . " she protested while pushing away from him.

"Is that what you told yourself?" he asked sadly. "or what everyone else said?"

She looked at him in shock. How could she have betrayed her heart like that? He was right.

"Ron sought me out." he explained.

"Ron sought you out?" she asked unbelievingly.

He nodded. "He said you were withdrawn constantly, unresponsive, that you always seemed sad."

"I was lonely." she admitted in a whisper.

"Nobody wants to be lonely, so why won't you let me love you?" he whispered in her ear.

She smiled at him as she wrapped her arms around his neck. "I guess some mistakes are worth making twice."

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