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A Black Marriage by chewbaccasolo
Chapter 9 : Chapter 9
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The ‘let’s be friends’ deal was working better than you thought it would. You found that if you took a lot of deep breaths then you could refrain from giving Sirius a taste of your biting sarcasm. At least most of the time. His self-control was just as good. And it was really scaring people. Because after a week or so, it wasn’t hard at all to be nice to Sirius. He was nice and funny and you liked spending time with him. Plus, he got sexier very time you were together.

Sirius’ POV
You couldn’t believe you were making friends with Kat. She was the last person you’d thought you could work things out with. But you were. Sure, it was hard at first. You were so set in your ways. And now you actually liked her company. You had a good time together. She was refreshing. Very happy. This surprised you. She’d never shown you this side before. Then again, your only interaction was yelling and hexing. Now you got to see her smile. And hear her laugh. Merlin, that laugh. It was melodic. And pure joy shone on her face. You wanted to see her laugh every day forever. You smiled happily just thinking about her. Too bad she didn’t feel this way about you.

Remus’ POV
Whatever Sirius had said to Kat, it worked like a charm. Now the two of them were friends. You were glad; they seemed happy. And they deserved happy. You hadn’t seen either one of them that way since school started.

^Hey Moony,^ Prongs greeted as he came into your dorm.

^Hey Prongs.^

^What’s up with Padfoot this year?^ Uh-oh.

^What do you mean?^ Stay calm, Remus.

^First he was moody and sulky, and now he’s friends with Kat.^

^So they’ve worked out their differences.^ And they’re married!

^And, he hasn’t had one girl in her yet.^ Now how could that be explained?

^Maybe he likes Kat?^ you suggested, and then regretted it.

^Yeah! They sure do spend a bunch of time together. But, that’s ever stopped him from bringing girls up before. And he would have told me.^ Boy, did you feel bad now. This whole lying thing made you feel guilty. You were keeping something from everybody. How did you get in the middle of this?

^Moony?^ James’ hand waved in front of your face.


^Should I ask him?^ Huh?


^Should I ask Padfoot if he likes Kat?^

^Yeah, why not,^ you said.

^Ok. I’m gonna go find him.^ You sighed as James left in search of Sirius. You sure hoped this charade would be over soon.

Sirius’ POV
You were talking with Kat, Mya, and Lily by the lake. The first weekend of October had brought beautiful weather. And the girls, though hostile at first, were fun. You just felt too guilty to spend too much time with the Marauders. You hated lying to them.

^…his name was Aidan. He was really tall and so hot…^ Mya was telling you about some Irish guy she’d met in Ireland…^and he was a dancer. He sure could move…^ Kat and Lily were making funny faces at her, and you were trying not to laugh. ^…he fed me grapes…^ Kat mock fed Lily grapes, and Lily was pretending to step dance. You couldn’t take it anymore. You cracked up. ^What?^ Mya asked. She turned around just too late. Kat and Lily were still, and you looked like a jerk for laughing at her.

^Nothing,^ you answered lamely.

^Sirius was just thinking of that time he dated an Irish dancer. Right Sirius?^ Kat was your savior.

^Yeah. Sorry, she was a bit of a wack job. Heather Something. Tried to get me to dance with her a little too strangely, if you get my drift.^ Kat giggled. Yes, the giggle was even cuter than the laugh.

Mya opened her mouth to speak but was cut off by someone’s shouts of ^Pads! Padfoot!^ You turned around to see James running towards you.

^Yes Prongs.^

^I’ve got a question for you,^ he said, with that grin. The one that he got when there was mischief to be done or information to be uncovered.

^Ask it then.^

^Not here.^


^it’ll only take a minute, depending on what your answer is.^

^Oh good,^ your voice was laced with sarcasm, but you got up.

^Hey Kat!^ James said cheerfully.

^Hi James! How’s my conversation starting master?^

^Great. I’ve started two already today.^

^I’ll bet they were interesting. ^

^That they were, my young apprentice. That they were.^ Kat laughed as James nodded at Lily and led you away.

^Do you fancy Kat?^ He was blunt. You were set to lie. To say no, and let that be that. But you couldn’t.


^You do?^


^Since when?^

^Not long.^

^Why didn’t you tell me?^

^It’s a little weird. She’s not like the others. I can’t just invite her up to the dorm. You know?^ Prongs nodded.

^I get it. Good luck mate.^

^Thanks Prongsie.^ You should tell him everything. You knew you should.

But you didn’t. You watched your best friend walk back to the castle, your heart heavy with guilt. You couldn’t keep this up much longer.

You went back to join the girls, who were heading in to dinner.

^It’s hard, isn’t it?^ Kat whispered.

^Yeah. Really hard.^

Kat’s POV
^Yeah. Really hard.^ You didn’t know why you felt the need to keep this a secret. They were your friends, you could trust them. And now you and Sirius were friends. So what was the problem? You honestly didn’t know. But something was keeping you from telling them.

Your doll began to cry.

^Oh Mrs. Black!^ you winced at the name lily shouted down the stairs. ^Come shut up your baby!^

You were beginning to think you’d found the reason you were keeping quiet. Although you’d told them to stop, the occasional you ad Sirius jokes were hurled your way. And they’d probably be pretty funny if they weren’t true.

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