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Death Comes Around by Daphnie
Chapter 1 : Death Comes Around
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Death Comes Around


a/n This is a song fic about Hermonie died in Draco's arms. This makes it hard on him. Based on the video.
"I Believe"Diamond Rio.

Draco ran to Hermonie who fell down dead. Draco ran his fingers throught her hair.

Every now and then,
Soft as breath upon my skin,
I feel you come back again,
And it's like you haven't been,
Gone a moment from my side.
Like the tears were never cried;
Like the hands of time are holding you and me

Draco said not caring that she is dead wispered in her ear,"Hermonie I love you and I don't want you to go"
Draco softley kissed her pale lips.

And with all my heart I'm sure,
We're closer than we ever were.
I don't have to hear or see,
I've got all the proof I need.
There are more than angels watching over me:
I believe; Oh, I believe.

Harry walked up to him and patted his back. Harry pointed silentley to Ginny who also died in the bombing. Ron, and his family was gathered around her crying.
"Harry that's your girlfriend"Draco said droping a tear on Hermonie's forehead then wiped it off gentley.
"Yes, I can't see her there dead. It's depressing"Harry said.
"How would you live your last year without her there"Draco asked"I wouldn't make it. My baby is dead."
"Ok Draco i'll go and see her"Harry said starting to cry.
"It's ok"Draco said starting to smile.

That when you die your life goes on:
It doesn't end here when you're gone.
Every soul is filled with light,
It never ends and if I'm right,
Our love can even reach across eternity:
I believe; Oh, I believe.

Draco looked at her. Thinking what it would be like if her was alive. Sitting at his house talking about anything and anything and there marrage. The best day of their lives. Draco now doesn't know what to do. Draco kept shacking his head in confusement. Everytime he looked at Hermonie laying there the more hear broken and dpressed he got.

Forever, you're a part of me.
Forever, in the heart of me.
I will hold you even longer if I can.
Oh, the people who don't see the most,
See that I believe in ghosts.
If that makes me crazy, then I am,

This wizard about Snape's age came to Draco's side. He gave Draco a cloth and told him to put it on her forehead. Draco done what was said. Hermonie opened her eyes and looked at him and smiled. Draco started to cry. Hermonie lifted her arm and wiped the tears off his face. She save him a hug abd Draco gave her one back. The wizard told Harry to do the same thing and Ginny woke up Harry was so happy he cried. Ginny smiled at the wizard as he walked into the fog.

'Cause I believe
Oh I believe

What do ya think? I got the idea from watching the video thursday while I was on the phone with my cuz Trevor Pennington !: ) Good reviews PLEASE!

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