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Harry Potter and the Second War by AmazingWriter
Chapter 4 : Chapter Four: Surprises Around Every Corner
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Chapter Four: Surprises Around Every Corner

The moment Harry landed, his feet buckled underneath him, and he fell with a thump. He groaned, awkwardly as if the air had been so far knocked out of him he couldn’t even moan correctly.
He was back at horrible number 12 Grimmwald Place. He rememebred, how the garland, and tinsel hung above on the chandelier the first Christmas he ever spent here with his godfather. Breathing softly, a hand was held out for him. Harry looked up to see Professor Dumbledore standing there, holding out his hand. Harry took it and with Dumbledore’s odd… but rather great strength, Harry was prominetly on his feet.
“All right Harry? I believe my little messenger had sent you a certain message?” he asked looking at Harry, with warm concern on his ancient face.
“Er.. yeah.. F…fine.. what was Dobby talking about?” Harry asked curiously as he stood facing the Headmaster who smiled, and sighed, “I couldn’t nor could anyone else come and get you at the time. Too risky, so I had someone who was very descreet to tell you to leave the house.”
The swinging door that lead to the kitchen opened, and Mrs. Weasley emerged, red hair, thinning ever so slightly and in a kitchen apron wearing light blue robes.

“Harry! Professor!” she said in great shock, walking over quickly and embracing Harry who for once wish she hadn’t of done that because of the pain the Cruciatus Curse had inflicted on Harry was beginning to be too much.

“Oh Molly dear… let up a bit, he’s just been hit with the Cruciatus Curse.” Professor Dumbledore spoke gently placing a hand on Mrs. Weasley’s arms.

A look of thanks from Harry was all he had a heart to give, because he did treasure them hugs.

“Ron and Ginny is just cleaning up the drwaing room! Its completely changed now! Ron said you liked Gryffindor colors the best right dear?” she asked gazing into Harry’s emerald eyes who hadn’t hardly got a word out since he arrived.

“ER.. huh?” Harry asked in confusion, moving slightly to try and dull the aching pain.

Professor Dumbledore used his wand, and produced a phial with yellow liquid. Uncorking it, he handed it to Harry.

“Drink this Harry!” Professor Dumbledore told him, as Harry took the phial. Not even asking, Harry downed, the liquid that felt like thick… glue going down his throat. He felt all his bones and muscles relaxing quite quickly. The feeling felt very good indeed. Now he’d take that hug from Mrs. Weasley.

“Oh! Don’t you know dear?” This is yours now! C’mon lets get you something to eat!” she said immediately wrapping a warm arm around Harry’s shoulders, and steering him into the kitchen.
Harry then turned, and noticed something, no Mrs. Black, and no crude, ugly nosed paintings. He was about to ask when Professor Dumbledore answered for him.

“Harry, I have figured out the charms, to get the permanent sticking off the portraits, and naturally we discarded the unnecessary items.” He said with a warm smile, and no longer the blue flaming eyes, Harry had seen in Diagon Alley and only a couple other times.

They entered the large bright kitchen, that was always lit. A long table in the center, Harry was steered to sit down.

“Tonks, Remus, and Kinsley will be by Thursday afternoon. Hermione won’t be here, til a little before the first.” Mrs. Weasley said warmly as she bustled around the kitchen.

Professor Dumbledore smiled, and looked at Harry, “Remus will be giving you the rest of Sirius’s stuff, Harry.” He said placing a hand on Harry’s shoulders who nodded.

“Oh.. and you will be receiving your O.W.L reports very soon! I must be off, got loads to do. Have a good afternoon Harry!” he said warmly and letting up and with that he was gone.

“We didn’t expect you til the thirtieth! What happened that caused you to get the horrible curse?” she asked placing food in front of Harry and wiping her hands on her apron.

Harry looked hesitant a moment, then sighed, “Oh... I er… I was in Diagon Alley and Voldemort man an appearance.” Harry murmured, and he had wondered why Professor Dumbledore left so quickly, now he knew.

“Harry!” Mrs. Weasley scolding in a light motherly manner. A lot less of a scolding than she would give her own kids. Harry still felt a bit bad, he went very scarlet and the ears, and mumbled his sorry.

“I… I er sorry Mrs. Weasley. I was just so sick of Privet Drive.” Harry told her in a soft voice.

Her brown eyes softened immensely, “Harry its dangerous! You could have been hurt severly!” she said in a much softer tone.

Harry was drinking his pumpkin juice, when the kitchen doors swung opena nd two red heads entered. One much more gorgeous than the other.

“HARRY!” Ron and Ginny chorused together, with bright smiles, and shock on both of their faces.

Unlike Ron who was really freckly, tall and lanky with a mass of flaming red hair. Ginny Weasley was beautiful… SO Harry noticed! Her long red hair was to her back and her blue eyes were brilliant and bright looking. How come he had never noticed? He wondered to himself, when he was brought out of his thoughts.

“What are you doing here? We’re glad you’re here! But.. we thought you wouldn’t be coming til the thirtieth!” Ron said in shock, sitting down, and stealing his best friends pumpkin juice.

Harry smiled, “I.. er… well had a small encounter at Diagon Alley!” Harry murmured, making Ginny look over.

“What do you mean small enounter Harry? What happened?” Ginny asked taking a cookie from the table, as Mrs. Weasley bustled around, with a warm smile. Obviously she was happy to have Harry back.

“Oh.. Voldemort.” Harry murmured, getting several flinches.

“What were you doing at Diagon Alley? Thought you weren’t suppose to leave Privet Drive?” Ginny asked in sort of a Hermione voice.

“I was bored! Justin and his cousin lived just a few streets away! And I had been spending the summer with them. Justin asked if I wanted to go to Diagon Alley with him. SO I agreed. I had nothing else better to do!” Harry said lightly.

Ron grinned, “Did you see the twins shop?” Ron asked curiously.

“Yes! Its cool!” Harry said making Mrs. Weasley sigh, and roll her eyes warmly.

“Lets go upstairs! We got to show you what we did to the Drawing room!” Ginny squealed, grabbing his arm.

Harry raised, an eye, and got up, but not without swiping his pumpkin juice, and walking out with Ron at his heels.

“Yeah we’ve been fixing it up all month long now! Figured it would be much better looking than… well you know.. all that green Slythrin colors.

They walked up the steps, and Harry noted, that the elf heads were no longer, nailed to plaques.

“W..what?” he started, but Ginny giggled, seeing his bemused face, “Professor Dumbledore, came in and fiddled with it for about an hour, before getting them off. Kreacher is gone too. He was sent to the Insane Elf Center, Don’t tell Hermione of course, that there IS one.” Ginny6 said just as the got to the landing.

“Insane Elf Center?” Harry asked raising an eye, making Ron laugh, “Yeah… its in the Control of Magical Creatures Department. Theres also the Insane Goblin Center, and Ghoul centers.” He said as they opened the sliding doors,and Harry’s eyes widen in shock.

The whole room looked identical to the Gryffindor common room. There was a beautiful flaming red, and orange fire, in the cleaned fireplace, as well as the couch was changed to a scarlet soft couch as well as three armchairs, and gold cushions, a cherry oak coffee table, and the drapes, were changed from lurid green to amazing scarlet, with gold trim on it, and a large lion head on them. The walls had gold frames, with lions roaring back and forth and playing.

“Wow! This looks good!” Harry said in shock, as he turned, and looked around.

“Yeah! We actually had fun with it!” Ron said proud of himself.

Harry turned, and took a seat on a scarlet armchair, “So.. is this what you’ve been doing all summer? I got your letters, you said you were refurnishing! It looks great!” Harry said as Ginny took an armchair, and Ron sprawled out on the scarlet couch.

“Yep mate! The Orders been in and out of this house several times. I seen, Professor Lupin, Mad Eye, Kingsley, and Tonks… I ran into Snape, who just sneered, but said nothing because Charlie was in the room, and seeing Charlie would make Snape an extra meal for the dragons in Romania if he even thought about coming up with a snide remark.” Ron said with amusement.

Harry grinned, at the thought of Snapes head being fed to Norbert, or even… the dragon he faced.

“I’ll have sweet dreams tonight!” Harry muttered, causing Ginny to giggle, “They’ve been in and out. There very busy! Professor Lupin, we seen him the fifteenth and haven’t seen him since!” Ginny said softly.

Harry looked quickly, “Not at all?” Harry asked concerned.

“Oh don’t worry mate! He’s all right! I heard mum and dad talking about it! Besides, the seventeenth he had to leave anyway!” Ron told Harry who nodded remembering the full moon.

The day was quite warm, and a lot better than Privet Drive. He wrote, to Justin and Ashland before going to bed, upstairs in the large room, Ron and Harry shared, which was also in Gryffindor colors. It sure beat the dull deadened colors he remembered last year.
“Hey Harry!” Ron called, from his side of the bed. It was pitch dark out and Harry could only see the outline of Ron’s face but knew he was on his side facing Harry, who turned over.

“Yeah Ron?” Harry asked softly but a bit groggily. “I just wondered, d’you like Hermione?” he asked making Harry shoot up, into a sitting position and turn to look at the shadow of Ron.

“What kind of question is that Ron?” Harry asked in shock. Ron sat up, and Harry could see his outline shrug, “Just a question!” Ron said making Harry furrow his eyebrows.

“No Ron I don’t like Hermione. I see her more.. of my sister, why d’you like her?” he asked and Harry could bet his life, that Ron was scarlet right now.

“No! I just asked, is all!” he said laying down, “G’night Harry!” he said quickly making Harry raise an eye, “Right.. night!” Harry murmured, and laid down, he was fighting from laughing.

He had never really thought of Herione that way. Sure he thought she was pretty, and thought she was a bit crazy for saying she wasn’t pretty to herself. But he didn’t see her like that at all. He hadn’t really even thought about it.

Harry was up the next morning and downstairs, when he ran into Mr. Weasley, whose hair was thinning even more, and he looked exhausted. His rimmed glasses, over his brown eyes. He grinned, seeing Harry.

“Harry! How are you? I heard exactly what happened! Glad your all right! Its all over the papers!” he said pulling out the Daily Prophet just as the doors swung open, and several people entered.
Nymphadora Tonks, whose hair today was a sunny yellow, and spiraled, in a ponytail. Her bright yellow robes, obviously was blinding Mad Eye’s whizzing electric blue eye, for it was looking the opposite way.
Mad Eye, however, was looking just as strange, with his gray hair, scraggily and his face all burnt and twisted, and the chunk out of his nose was apparent, and his wooden leg, being held up by his cane. Also… Kingsley Shacklebolt, who was tall, black, with a gold hoop in his ear, and he was bald. He was wearing black robes, and smiled, at Harry.

“Hey Harry!” Tonks, and Kingsley said at the same time. “How is it Potter! We heard what happened! Need to be more careful!” Mad Eye growled, slapping him on the back, with his knarled hand.

“Oh… er.. yeah!” Harry said and gazed his eyes down, at the paper, just as Ginny and Ron came in, for breakfast. Ron and Ginny joined, Harry to read the Daily Prophet, but not before Tonks giving a blinded Ginny who kept blinking her eyes, a hug.



There was more, about who he was with, and the girl he was caught hugging. Harry rolled his eyes, and threw the paper down.
Ron laughed, and Ginny sighed, “So this is what you were doing?” she asked shaking her head.
“What are you laughing at Ron?” Mrs. Weasley asked sternly. Ron didn’t let up, “Its just… So funny because, just last year, they were ready to expell him for the Patronus Charm and now they were leniant on the Unforigivable Curse! If this isn’t bogus, and bull… er… hippogriph droppings I’m not Ron Weasley!” he said through laughter.

“Aw.. he’s got a point!” Tonks pointed out smiling, brightly, as her hair.

Harry raised an eye, “Er.. Tonks… you like yellow?” he asked causing a bit of laughter, from everyone, and a few nods.

“Oh I thought it was rather happy!” she said brightly. “Oh yes… v..very happy!” Harry murmured, turning away causing Mad Eye to nod, “That’s what I say!” he growled, taking a seat.
They were eating breakfast, when Mr. Weasley got up and sighed, “I got to go! Got lots to do! All of us have been pulled off our regular jobs!” he said kissing his wife’s cheek, and hugging his daughter, and patting Harry and Ron’s head before disapparating.

The day went on and not a word about Sirius was mentioned. Harry figured they didn’t want Harry to feel worse, or to bring back memories. But being here, brought back enough memories as it was.
Harry felt a bit easier talking about Sirius now. Thinking to himself, as he drank his pumpkin juice, and eating a piece of his toast. Harry was shaken out of his thoughts by Mad Eye’s voice.

“Remus be back soon! Romania!” he grumbled to Mrs. Weasley, in a low voice, but Harry obviously caught it.

“He’ll be all right won’t he?” Mrs. Weasley asked in a quiet voice. Evidentally Ron, was busy with something and Ginny who was listening as well.

“We’ll see…!” Mad Eye growled, taking a drink from his hip flask.

The day of Harry’s Birthday, Ron was up, and dressed, he snuck out, and onto the landing when a bushy brown haired girl came running up beaming, with a ginger haired cat at her heels.

“RON!” she squealed, hugging him making Ron almost stumble back, “Oomph..H..Hermione!” he gasped, patting her back, and going a little red.

“Sorry! Its just I haven’t seen you in ages! C’mon! Your mum wants you to help with the Decorations. You’re the one who knows what foods he likes!” Hermione squealed, taking his hand excitedley.

“Where did you… get this energy!” he said as they were running downstairs.

She gave a giggle, as they ran through the kitchen to see everyone working,and putting up streamers. Ginny was standing on a chair, hanging scarlet colored balloons, as well as dark blue, and gold…

“Think black is a little to.. scarey!” Ginny said tossing the black balloons that weren’t filled with air in the trash.

“Who sent those?” Ron asked picking the black ones up and raising a furrowed eye.

“Er… dunno!” Ginny said shrugging. “Oh they were just in the pile of colors I got at Diagon Alley! Throw them away!” Mrs. Weasley said passively as she went to getting out the cake, that had a picture of Ron, Harry, Hermione, and Hagrid on it, along with gold icing that was shaped into snitches.

Ron grinned, “Yummy!” he said looking at the cake, when the doors opened, and several people entered.

“I heard what happened in Diagon Alley! Someone should have been watching him better!” Hermione griped, as she placed the table cloth onto the table.

“Last time we had someone follow him, he nearly bit our heads off Hermione!” Ron murmured, as the group walked over.

Remus J. Lupin, walked in with a gift, and a brown pack, his, amber eyes, were warm but a mix of sadness was in them as well. His brown hair had a swoosh of gray and he had lines under his eyes. HE was wearing very nice blue robes, and he was tall and handsome.

“Hello Hermione, Ron, and Ginny!” Remus said smiling warmly, as he held the brown pack to him.

“Professor Lupin!” Ron said smiling and turning to their ex- professor.

Professor Lupin chuckled, warmly, “No no… call me Remus! I’m not a professor anymore!” he said lightly as he walked over to help.

Tonks, Kingsley, and Mad Eye greeted the kids, and Mad Eye was going around checking the food properly, before sitting down and guarding, the cake.

“Where is the boy?” Kingsley asked curiously getting a butterbeer.

“He is asleep! We put a sleeping spell on him last night!” Mrs. Weasley said with a grin.

Ron grinned, “You need to do that more often!” Ron said amused, as he arranged the gifts, when Bill, Charlie, Fred, and George entered with smiles.

“Hello!” Fred and George chorused. Ginny laughed, and hugged her brothers, as they ruffled her hair.
Fred and George put something on the table, “Oy… wheres Harry?” George asked looking around.

“Fast asleep!” Hermione told them. “Oy… Poor Harry! Hit with one of mum’s sleeping spells!” Fred teased making Mrs. Weasley look up, “I should be hitting you with a sleeping spell for quiting school!” she said pointing a spatula at them, making them back away, “We are just going to.. go look at the new Drawing room!” Fred said and with that the two twins sped out causing everyone to laugh and Mrs. Weasley give a rightful grin.
Mr. Weasley was snorting into his tea, as he talked to Kingsley and the others.

“Whats that Remus?” Tonks asked curiously pointing her finger, at the brown bag in his arms.

Remus looked down at it and back up, “Oh… er… Sirius’s will statement everything goes to Harry! Well… almost everything, I’ve given Harry everything that was left to me!” Remus told them.

“Think you should give it to him today?” Mrs. Weasley asked unsure, looking up at the man who sighed.

“HE’s sixteen, I can’t keep it from him anymore!” He said gingerly placing it down. “Theres more in storage, but he can’t get that out right now.” Remus replied, as he took a seat.

The morning went by and everyone pitched in, when there was a knock at the door.
“I got it!” Remus said getting up and walking out.

Ron and Hermione were talking, when they heard a familiar voice making them jump up and run out as fast as they could.

“I can’ stay so…tell ‘Arry Appy Birthday from me!” said Hagrid’s voice.

“Hagrid!” Ron and Hermione said running over. “Ey! I can’ stay! I was just..”

“Please Hagrid! It would mean a lot to Harry! Just stay for a couple hours!” Ron said hopefully looking up at the large man who had a whiskery wirey beard, and kind jolly black eyes.
He was wearing a moleskin coat, and Remus had his package, and couldn’t help but give a warm grin.

“I got ter go! I’d love ter..” “Oh Hagrid! Of everything he could get he would rather have you here. Please!” Hermione said taking his large hand.

Hagrid was trying to stop the tear flow, as Remus grinned, warmly, “C’mon! It won’t hurt to stay for a couple hours!” Remus urged.

“Oh all right! I’ll stay! Fer a few!” he said and patting Hermione gingerly whose brown eyed warmed up and brightened, as Ron walked to the side, of Hagrid, who was rather large.

“I could go for some Butterbeer! Where is the boy anyway?” he asked looking around Grimmwald, as they opened the kitchen door.

“Fast asleep!” Ron said smiling as he got Hagrid a butterbeer, everyone greeted him.

“I was talked inter stayin’!” Hagrid said amused, as Ron and Hermione got on each side of him, when Remus placed Harry’s gift down.

“He’s never had a proper birthday has he?” Charlie asked, his freckles clearly in tact, and his flaming red hair was styled, neatly.

“No! Them horrible Dursleys!” Ron muttered, shaking his head. MRs. Weasley pursed her lips together, and Mr. Weasley raised an eye, “He’s never… had a birthday?” he asked curiously.

“No!” Ron said shaking his head. “Well he deserves it from what he’s had to put up with!” Bill said as he shook his red head. His long hair in a ponytail and a fang dangling down.

“Well he will get one! He isn’t use to it! He’s sixteen right?” Kingsley asked curiously.

“Yep!” Hermione said beaming, when they heard footsteps, “That’s Harry!” Moody growled, swivelling his eye.

IT was about two o clock when they heard talk, “I don’t see how I slept in!” Harry said causing laughter. “We do!” Fred and George said, as they opened, the kitchen, suddenly… “SURPRISE!” they all shouted, making Harry jump, colliding with Fred, and George who squealed, and everyone laughed.

“H..HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” they all shouted, at different times. Harry grinned, and was shocked, when Fred, pushed him, “On…my…foot!” he squeaked making Harry laugh, and pat him on the head. George was snickering in the corner, as Fred sighed, “Why me!” he murmured, with laughter in his blue eyes.

“Th..thank you!” Harry said as a bushy haired brunnette ran at him and hugged him, “Happy Birthday!” she squealed, as Harry gave Ron five, and even hugged Ginny who went almost purple.

“Hagrid!” Harry said in excitement as Hagrid got up and patted Harry’s back. “Ello Arry! How are ye?” he asked with a bright smile.

“G..great!” Harry said with a warm smile. Harry felt all warm and fuzzy right, now, as he got his hair ruffled, by the twins, and pushed into a seat next to Remus’s, by Ron’s hands.

“Hey Harry!” Remus said smiling warmly and turning to Harry who smiled, “All right Professor?” he asked curiously.

“Yes just great! And… call me Remus. I’m no professor anymore!” he said smiling warmly.

Harry talked, warmly, as food went around, all of Harry’s favorite, fried, chicken, with fried apples, mashed potatoes, and gravey, and meatloaf. Harry enjoyed his meal as everyone talked, and laughed. Even Mad Eye was cracking a few jokes here and there.

Hagrid nudged Harry, who looked up, and suddenly started talking about Gwarp, as Ron and Hermione quickly stuffed their mouths.

“Oh! How is the little guy?” Harry asked knowing Gwarp was anything but little.

“Oy he is great! He loves the forest!” Hagrid said beaming. Hermione smiled, “That’s great Hagrid!” Hermione said nodding warmly.

Ron tried not to choke on his mashed potatoes, as Hagrid talked about how Gwarp was wanting some company.

“Er… yes… Hagrid some time we will!” Ron murmured, and shook his head, silently and went back to his potatoes.

An hour or so later, the food cleared, and suddenly a load of gifts appeared.

“Happy Sixteenth Birthday!” Mrs. Weasley said and suddenly a large cake was produced, and Harry smiled, seeing the picture.

“Now I don’t want to eat it!” Harry said seeing his friends on it, causing laughter, and smiles, “I’ll take Ron’s head!” Fred exclaimed, looking at the smiling Ron making, him roll his eyes, “I’ll eat myself thanks!” Ron muttered.

“Make a wish Harry!” Mrs. Weasley said making Harry raise an eye, A wish? He thought and looked at the candles, that said sixteen, and he wished…

After a bit of cake where he ate part of Hermione’s face, causing a bit of laughter, and Hermione to sigh, “I knew you always had a vindiction for me ever since the troll!” she teased as Ron doubled over, with laughter, and bit Harry’s head off. Hagrid chuckled, and handed him a gift, “Here is my gift ter, you I gost to get goin’! I’ll see ye when school starts!” he said patting all three on the head and walking out after Harry hugged him g’bye.

Harry took to the package, and opened, it, making Remus’s eyes widen, “Harry!” he said in shock, as Harry produced a pair of scarlet and gold robes.

“T..those are James’s old robes! When he became captain!” Remus said taking a pair. Harry grinned, “Th..They are?” Harry asked smiling as he looked at his fathers old robes.

“Merlin how did he get these!” Remus said flipping through the robes in shock. Harry’s father’s name was stitched in the fabric, on the collar of the robes.

Harry smiled, and placed, them down, and opened, Mad Eye’s to get… a Fog Glass. Harry grinned, and thanked him… he also got, a fluttering snitch from Hermione along with a Dark Defense Spell Book. Ron got him, a big box of candy, Tonks got him a pair of muggle clothes, jeans, and a sweater, very nice indeed, with a hug of thanks to her, he went to the others… Mrs. Weasley and Mr. Weasley’s usual jumper, and minced, pies.
Fred, and George’s jokes, Charlie got him a dragon hide backpack, it was rather nice. He then opened Bill’s and inside of it was a green eye necklace.

“Don’t mention this but… I found that in one of the tombs, I was working in. I figured I’d give this to you since your eyes match!” Bill said grinning.

“Th..Thanks!” Harry said smiling, as Remus helped him put it on.

Harry smiled, and felt some sort of warmth to the necklace but thought nothing of it and just figured that it was in the box for so long. He opened, Kingsley’s to get a pair of dragon hide boots. Harry grinned, and thanked, them, as he opened, Remus’s, and his eyes widened, when he seen, two books. One was green with a silver L on it.

“W..was my mother a Slythrin?” Harry then asked curiously looking up. “Yes she was!” he said smiling.

Harry was shocked, “B..but she was muggle-born?” Harry asked confused.

Remus chuckled, “Harry… your mother had the best heart, in this world. Also… that’s just other peoples way of thinking. Your mother was probably nicer than any Hufflepuff that was in our year. She was just smart, and cunning. Very brilliant woman!” Remus said smiling, as Harry traced the silver L, with his finger, and opened it. It was a whole group of spells, and potions that were home made.

“Your mother was bright.. she made her own spells. I thought you’d like this!” he said smiling warmly.

“Thank you Remus!” Harry said smiling, as he thanked everyone with a five, or a hug. Harry couldn’t have been happier, right now.

During the day some left some stayed, they were in the drawing room now talking and laughing, it was pretty late, when Remus came over, “Harry I wanted to talk to you!” he said softly, a look of sorrow in his amber eyes.

“All right!” Harry said nodding, and getting up. He told his friends, he’d see them later, The two walked out and up the steps toward, Mrs. Black’s old room and entered to see Buckbeak, the hippogiph eating. Harry bowed, as did Remus, and Buckbeak bowed, back.
Harry patted Buckbeak, as Remus sighed, and produced a box, and opened it, “This… Harry belongs to you! Its all of Sirius’s stuff… here are two vault keys… both with a bunch of gold.” He said handing them to Harry who shoved one into Remus’s hand.

“You take one!” Harry said seriously. Remus was about to protest, when Harry smiled, “Go on!” Harry said and opened, the box, and his heart, pounded, and chest, dropped, Inside was a chest, and a ton of pictures, and other what nots.

Harry lifted up one of the pictures to six smiling faces. Four he recognized two he did not.
His mother, and father hugging and smiling. Remus smiling brightly and had his arm around a black haired woman with penetrating blue eyes, and thick lashes, and a white creamy face.
Then Sirius…Harry’s heart pounded gazing at young Sirius who couldn’t have been no older than nineteen, his violet eyes, bright, and his black curly hair a bit long in the back, he had his arm around a beautiful bubbley looking blonde, who had… amazing amber/gold eyes, and she had a beauty mark on her upper lip, and her lips were full and pink.

“Wh..who are these two?” Harry asked curiously. Remus gazed down at the picture, and a look of sadness mixed with warm happiness swept across Remus’s face, and eyes.

“This…was my girlfriend, Karryn Zabini, she was your mothers best friend, and a Slythrin… we were married, for a year.” He told Harry who looked at the black haired woman who was smiling and winking.
Harry was almost afraid to ask, but did anyway, “W..what happened?” he asked curiously.

“Her brother… Zander Zabini killed her instantly the day after our year anniversary and four days after you were born.” He said with sadness in his eyes.

Harry sighed, and looked at the other woman, “And… her?” Harry asked pointing to the blonde, that had her arms around Sirius.

“Landia Lyles… Hogwarts Gryffindor Sweetheart. Nicest woman after your mother… Sirius and her married, for a half a year… she was pregnant, and lost the baby.” He said with his eyes full of sadness.

“And… how d.. did she die?” Harry asked curiously, staring at the pictures of all the happy people, his father, mother, Remus, Sirius, Karryn, and Landia.

“She’s not dead. She’s… in St. Mungo’s tortured.” Remus said softly making Harry’s head shoot up, “T..tortured? that how she lost the baby?” Harry asked in horror.

“Yes… the wounds were so bad, that it killed the baby, inside of her… she was five months along.” He said staring down at the picture.

Harry looked at it, “W..who did it?” Harry asked making Remus look over, “Harry..” “Who did it! Voldemort?” Harry asked looking over at Remus who was looking at him now.

“No… Harry… If… I tell you and I know I should not tell you! Professor Dumbledore don’t even know… but if I do… you must swear not to go mad… and not to tell!” he said taking the picture and sitting down on Mrs. Black’s bed. Harry took a seat next to Remus who stared at the picture, with a heavy sigh he looked up at Harry.

“This is the main… soul… reason for Sirius and Snape hating each other like they’ve never hated.” He said softly with a start.

”What d’you mean?” Harry asked in a low voice, his heart pounding, and racing even faster.

Remus sighed, and looked up, “It was a long time ago… Harry… before Snape reformed, to the light side. He… personally tortured Landia.” Remus said, and Harry’s face fell… His heart pumped a mile a minute. His head was spinning. SNAPE! His Potions Master… tortured, this beatuiful innocent woman, and she was pregnant? Harry felt almost faint now… that’s disgusting… and sick. Harry was speechless. His mouth wide open, in shock and his eyes, were blazing green, the manic did this!

"H..he did?" Harry asked in horror.

Remus sighed, and nodded, "Harry you got to understand, that Snape was a deatheater, til about... four months after he tortured, Landia... he's as innocent as you or I, Harry! Please don't tell and please calm down!" he said Harry's face was gaunt and he felt like he was about to shout out.

" be calm? H..he tortured a pregnant woman!" Harry said utterly demilitarized, with shock. Nothing.. not one thing had prepared Harry for that piece of information he had just aquired.

"I know Harry! Its horrible... but... you have to realize, he made up for the mistakes, he's made... he literally risked his life, to give information to our side!" he told Harry who wasn't listening. He just nodded pretending he was listening.
"I..I'll go through this later!" Harry said softly closing the bag, and handed Remus the picture of the six happy people. Almost all of them.. dead... or gone.

"Oh..H..Harry!" "Go on!" Harry insisted, making Remus smile, "Thank you!" He said pocketing the portraits, of smiling people.

That night, Harry lie awake, in bed, and he forced himself not to let tears fall. It was a good birthday all except.... all except what he was told.... Harry couldn't believe, Snape would get satisfaction in torturing a pregnant woman. Of all people. This was absurd. He thought to himself, as he breathed in deeply. Disgusting...

*************OK...shew... that was a lot of writing.. more coming up very very soon! Please RRR... *********

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Harry Potter and the Second War: Chapter Four: Surprises Around Every Corner


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