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Harry Potter and the Second War by AmazingWriter
Chapter 3 : Chapter Three: Gryffindor and Slythrin
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****Hello.. I have a lot of plans.. and ideas.. for this story.. please give me some feedback.. I would really appreciate it.. thank you..

Chapter Three: Gryffindor and Slythrin

The morning came as radiant and bold as ever. Harry awoke, to hear light movement. Fluttering his eyes open, he glanced over, moving his head, to see Justin playing with a muggle video game system. Game Boy or something along those lines.
Justin looked up feeling himself being watched, “G’morning! Your worse than Ash!” he said with amusement in his voice.
Harry smiled, and sat up, “That was the first time, I have been able to sleep in, for ages.” He told Justin who smiled, lightly.
“Ashland has the habit of sleeping in… maybe that’s why her schooling is so bad! She likes to skip. Though I don’t blame her. I’ve heard a lot of stories about Stone Wall High School.” Justin replied flipping off the button and placing it aside.
Harry swung his leg over, and looked around his watch… had been ruined in the Tri Wizard Tournament.
“Oh its ten o’ clock.” He told Harry who smiled, and nodded.

The day was pretty good and very exciting. Ashland, Justin, and Harry spent the morning outside in the hot sun playing the muggle game called volleyball and goofing off. Harry hadn’t played the game much and was loosing drastically. IT was all in fun and Harry couldn’t have been happier. He was wearing one of Justin’s outfits, for the day, seeing Harry had unexpectedly stayed over.

They were outside laughing and drinking soda’s when, the back sliding door opened, and a woman that looked almost identical to Ashland except taller, more mature, and her outfit was a business suit. She was wearing a midnight blue skirt, with a matching vest, a white blouse underneath. Her hair was put back in a high bun. Her eyes glittering just like Ashland’s with a bit more make-up than Ashland wore.

“Ash! Justin!” she called walking out and over in a low warm voice. The sun hit her eyes, making them even prettier than Ashland’s.

“Mumma!” Ashland shouted with happiness running over and hugging her mother that wasn’t far from Ashland’s height.

Justin and Harry walked over, more casually when Justin hugged the woman, “Hey Just! And who is this?” she asked turning to Harry with a warm, kind smile.

Harry smiled, “I’m Harry Potter!” Harry said politely shaking the woman’s perfectly manicured hand.

“Well! Hello! I’m Grace Reiker, Ashland’s mother and Justin’s aunt! I’ve heard loads about you!” Grace said ever so sweetly, as they stood in a circle.
The sun was beating tremendously now and Grace obviously felt it, for she gave out a long, exhausted sigh.

“Whose up for lemonade? Not homemade for its way to hot!” she asked with a smile, as she shielded her eyes from the sun.

“Sounds good! C’mon Harry!” Justin said with a smile, as they all headed back toward the sliding door.

Ashland was talking about how he had saved her from, Dudley and his friends. Grace kept thanking Harry who was insisting, it wasn’t necessary.

“Just threaten into Dudley in a low voice if you want him to leave you alone… that your cousin was a wizard.” Harry told Ashland who gave a warm laugh as did Grace.

“So Harry, you live on Privet Drive? So you… know the Johnson’s right?” Grace asked curiously.

Harry looked, at her as Ashland passed him a glass of lemonade.

“Erm… no ma’am I do not, and if I did they probably think, I’m a crazy criminal.” Harry said in all honesty.

“What?” Grace asked in shock, as Justin, Ashland, and Harry sat around the wooden table in the black and white tiled kitchen.

“The Dursley’s hate magic, and anything to do with magic. So they tell the neighbors that I go to St. Brutus’s.” he told Grace whose eyes were wide, and Justin and Ashland were in shock.

“That’s horrible! You guys’ are no different then us! That’s rubbish!” Grace said her eyebrows furrowing as she heard this.

“Lots of people don’t understand wizards, and witches, and the whole world. My Aunt Petunia was my mother’s sister. She was very jealous of my mum.” Harry told Grace, as he took a drink of the sweet refreshing lemonade.

Harry felt his back burning ever so slightly, he had been wearing a white sleeveless T-shirt, and a pair of jean shorts, with pockets on the sides. He must have gotten sunburn because Justin’s nose as well as Ashland’s back was scarlet.

“Well that’s just absurd!” she said with a sigh and rummaged around the kitchen getting out snacks for the kids.

“Where do you usually go for the summer? Surely you escape?” Grace asked curiously sitting down.

Unlike Mrs. Weasley who would never talk bad about someone in front of Harry, Grace obviously didn’t care. Harry never minded he liked having someone agree with him about how the Dursley’s were. It was refreshing.

“Yeah… I usually got to my friend Ron Weasley’s house for the summer.” Harry told Grace.

“Good or I would have to go over there myself…” she stopped and gave a warm grin.

“Anyway! What house are you in? Justin’s told me all about Hufflepuff, and the other houses.” She asked with a warm smile on her full pink lips.

“Gryffindor.” Harry told her ever so warmly, before taking another sip of his lemonade that was rather addictive.

Grace seemed in thought a moment, “If you like… Harry… you could stay here for the summer. I’m usually always gone on business in the summer time. Best time for deals and sales for me. Justin and Ashland are the only ones here. Justin has the car, as usual.” She said smiling warmly.

Justin gave a wide, grin as did Harry, “If its.. er.. no problem.” Harry said politely making her smile ever so genuinely.

“Not at all Harry! Not at all!”

IT had been just a few days away from the Dursley’s and Harry felt absolutely wonderful. If he had to stay near Privet Drive all year.. he might as well stay somewhere he could have a bit of fun, and oh the fun he was having.
Harry and Ashland had met up a few times, alone while Justin was usually arguing with his mother on the phone about something silly. Ashland always seemed to attack him when Justin left the room to use the restroom or to go to his room for some sort of reason. A girl had never attacked Harry like this. But he wasn’t complaining any.

The twenty fourth of July, Harry, Ashland, and Justin was outside listening to one of Justin’s CD’s in his boom box. They were laughing, and just talking about different things. Mostly Ashland would as Justin or Harry about the world of Magic.

“Oh! Just! Your mum’s here!” Ashland squealed pointing over to a black car, that had a woman inside it.

“Oh!” Justin said getting up, and running over.

Harry looked over, and wasn’t paying any attention, to Ashland as Justin was out of sight, around the house when suddenly a soft someone jumped on him, and pressed her lips against his. Startled, but gaining himself, he held her around the waist, and kissed her as well. He rather liked making out with Ashland. Not something he was planning on doing once back at Hogwarts.
The kiss was sweet, and swift, as they heard laughter, and separated, quickly, and started talking about other things.

Just came over, with a grin, “Hey Ashland! Harry! Want to go to Diagon Alley?” Justin asked smiling holding in his hand a gold key, that was obviously the key to Gringotts, the wizarding bank that was ran by infamous goblins.

Harry smiled, “Sure! I don’t have my list yet… I’d like to go.. and see the Weasley’s joke shop!” Harry said getting up and held out a hand for Ashland who jumped up with a smile.

“Ooh! I’d love to see the magical world!” Ashland said with excitement.

“Great! Er… Harry lets stop by your house so you can get your trunk, because my robes won’t fit you any!” Justin said grinning.

This was true, Harry’s height and size had really changed, and Justin was a lot thinner and a bit shorter than Harry.
“All right! I need to get Hedwig anyway! She’s probably going mad seeing me not here.” Harry said as they crossed the backyard, to the side where a black Mustang was sitting parked innocently in the driveway.

“Nice car!” Harry said with a smile, as they walked around, and into the car. Harry was going to get into the back when Ashland took the back.

“Go on!” she said smiling. Justin grinned,

“Thanks! Aunt Grace always lets me use it. Ashland’s not allowed to get her license till she’s at least seventeen. Aunt Grace’s rules.” Justin said grinning, seeing the look on Ashland’s face.

Ashland scowled, “That’s how she was!”

Justin grinned, and Harry gave a light laugh, it never occurred to him, now that he was a wizard to learn to drive. Harry wondered if he would learn. Or he could just charm himself once he was eighteen for the car to drive its self. He was sure that’s how other wizards did it like, Mr. Weasley when he drove the Ford Anglia. The Weasley’s knew nothing about anything muggle like. Right down to a rubber duck, they had never seen or knew what one was. Harry always wondered just what wizard and witch babies had as a child. Seeing Harry barely had nothing… and obviously nothing wizard like in the Dursley household this was actually boggling him.

They pulled into the plat of Privet Drive. Harry noticed the Dursley’s car not there at all.
“Good! There not here.” Harry murmured, as he got out. “We’ll wait for you Harry!” Justin said smiling as he turned up the music, while Ashland started asking Justin questions about Diagon Alley.
Harry walked up and to the brown boxed house, and tried to open it. It was locked, so Harry used his wand, “Alohamora.” Harry hissed and suddenly it clicked. Opening it, the house was spick and span as usual, and very plain looking.

Upstairs, he entered his room to hear a mad hooting noise, from Hedwig, his white owl.
“S’wrong Hedwig?” Harry asked concerned, as he walked over. She hooted, and Harry looked where her amber eyes were directed. The wardrobe closet stood ajar. Harry pulled out his wand, thinking that someone could easily be in there. But when the door open Harry’s eyes widened…

“DOBBY?” Harry asked putting his wand down and looking at the pitiful little elf, who had bat like ears, and brown eyes, he was wearing the assortment of clothes including, Ron’s home made purple jumper, and kid shorts, along with all the lurid socks, Harry bought him in Hogsmeade.

Dobby was sobbing, and ran at Harry wrapping his little arms around Harry’s middle, “You is back! I has been worried about you!” he squeaked in a soft sniffling voice. Harry bent down to eye level with the little elf, who was looking all worn out as if he had been awake, for several days.

“Dobby? Whats wrong?” Harry asked grabbing one of Dudley’s old clothes, and wiping Dobby’s eyes, who sniffled.

“I is having a message for you Harry Potter sir!” Dobby squeaked, looking at Harry.

“What’s the message Dobby? Someone hurt?” Harry asked concerned, panic starting to rise in his chest.

“No! Me… is here to warn you! You…hic… must leave… you must leave…hic… this house before tomorrow! I thought I is being too late! I thought you is goner. Bad people. Professor Dumbledore the great asked me to deliver the message to just leave! The muggles are gone… they were ordered to leave this house! Twenty fifth bad…hic… things are going to happen if you don’t leave!” he said through a few hiccups.

“Whats going to happen Dobby?” Harry asked not understanding. He was worse than Professor Dumbledore sometimes. Speaking in them tongues.

“I is not knowing sir! I is only knowing I was to give you the message! Me is glad, I wasn’t too late!” he squeaked, as Harry had his hands on Dobby’s little shoulders.

“Its all right Dobby!” Harry said with sincerity in his voice. “Oh thank goodness you is OK!” he squeaked squeezing Harry again making Harry squeak as well.

“I is going to go! Professor Dumbledore will be needing my reply!” he squeaked, and with that he vanished.

Flabbergasted, and bemused, Harry stood up and went over, and packed everything up as Hedwig hooted for attention.

“Oh I am sorry Hedwig!” he said walking over, as she perched on his shoulder just as the door opened.

“Hey Harry need help?” Justin asked smiling as he walked through the small room.

“Na… I got it. My owl wasn’t too happy sorry I took long!” he said using his wand, and everything from the floorboard, flew out and into Harry’s trunk. Harry lifted, his trunk, and then cage, as Hedwig perched on his shoulders.

“Ooh!” Ashland squealed walking into the room, her yellow tank top showing brightly.
”She’s beautiful!” Ashland said with a bright smile.

“Thanks her names Hedwig.” Harry said as they walked out. Ashland reached up and stroked Hedwig, as Justin and Harry walked in front down the steps.

On the way to Diagon Alley, Harry and Justin were explaining to Ashland what she would see and about all the Goblins, making her eyes get wider than snitches.

They got to the run down pub, and Ashland had no clue what it was or where they were going.
“Just follow us!” Harry reassured, as they walked toward the pub, with a sign hanging off its hinges that said.. Leaky Cauldron.

Though, Ashland couldn’t see it until they opened, the door to hear a ton of chatter, laughter, and claps from, Hags, witches, wizards, and much more interesting humans.
Ashland’s eyes widen as she stared around the dark dingy pub. Harry nodded at Tom the In keeper whose hair was as widely over his face, as ever.

Harry had almost snuck to the back when someone recognized him, “Harry Potter!” gasped, an old frilly robes witch with a nose like a bird.

Harry let out a soft groan as mutters went out. Ashland’s eyes widen, wondering how and Justin was raising an eye, and could tell by the annoyed look on Harry’s face, he did not wish to be seen.
Suddenly people started talking and trying to shake his hand, “ yeah.. OK I got to go! Yeah.. bye!” Harry said hurrying along to the end, as everyone clapped, and tried to get a good look at him.

Finally they got to the back, Harry let out a long sigh. “I absolutely hate that!” Harry grumbled, making Justin grin and Ashland look at him, “ is it they know you?” she asked in complete shock.

Harry shrugged, “They just do!” Harry said as Justin pulled out his wand.

“He’s famous in our world Ashland. Though not his fault.” Justin said as the bricks gave way, and peeled apart, making Ashland’s mind forget about the next question and her eyes to get so wide, Harry thought they would pop out.

“Wow!” Ashland said looking down the cobblestoned street at all the shops, owls, bats… toads in water barrels. Everything was showing itself, off… and witches and wizards in long different colored robes with pointed hats.

“This is Diagon Alley!” Justin said with a smile, as they headed down the way to the end toward Gringotts, the largest, and grandest building there.

“Wow this is absolutely amazing! I wish I was a witch.” Ashland said in an awed voice.

After an eventful stop at Gringotts, where Ashland was even more surprised, and shocked, they were out into the warm open again, ready to explore the street, Harry hadn’t seen in a couple now. Missing it very much, Harry, did go get brand new robes… and dress robes, at Madam Malkin’s before going to Flourish and Blotts.
Harry didn’t have his list, so while Justin waited in the short line, Harry and Ashland held hands, and walked around, to look at other books. Being as shocked, and impressed, Ashland was Harry didn’t want her wandering off and finding herself, in the middle of a Slythrin circle just in case, Draco or any of the crazy kids from Hogwarts, was around. Harry looked around at a few Defense Books, and was keen on getting a few of them. Ashland kept asking questions. Harry told her, about the unicorns, and fairies, and how they were completely real and showed her a book of a Unicorn running across the page. She squealed with excitement and Harry couldn’t help but smile. IT was rather impressive. He remembered when he had first seen this place. It was amazing and very very entertaining.

Harry bought seven defense books as Justin paid for his school books, “I’m taking Transfiguration, Defense Against the Dark Arts, CoMc, Potions, and Herbology this year.” Justin said smiling lightly, as they walked out, and to the potions shop. Harry stayed a bit back just in case he ran into his Professor Snape.. and Harry had a feeling he wasn’t suppose to be in Diagon Alley without Dumbledore’s permission or anyone elses. But Harry was almost sixteen.. and not even Voldemort was going to stop him from having fun.

After getting all of Justin’s supplies, and a few questions from Ashland, they took a look at Quality Quidditch Supplies. Justin told Ashland about the game, as Harry was going through a few books, and picked up an Almanac, that had the latest scores of the teams.

“Oh wow! You’re the seeker Harry?” she asked in shock.

Harry nodded, “Yes! I can play again this year! Finally!” Harry said as they set off, for the Weasley Joke Shop.
Harry stopped, and in great shop was staring at a bright yellow, building as was Justin and Ashland. On the front it said. “Weasley Wizard Wheezes.”
Harry laughed, “Wow! This is rather impressive.” Harry said as he opened, the doors suddenly, he started spinning, and twirling gasping, and makine a WHOA.. noise, as Ashland grabbed him, then Justin who gasped.
When they stopped, they were face to face with two smiling very happy red heads with freckles, and they had their arms crossed.
”Mr. Potter what are you doing here in Diagon Alley!” Fred imitated, the voice of his mother, then George with a bright smile said, “You got to have Constant vigelance! You can never be too sure when someone will attack you!” in a fake growling voice that resembled Mad Eye Moody.
Harry laughed, and gave each of them five, as Justin and Ashland were looking around the brilliant shop that had colorful items, that say, Try Me. And Harry’s thought about that was NOT to try them!
“So Harry! Justin and who is this?” Fred asked with a grin to the girl. “Oh.. this is my cousin Ashland!” Justin said smiling, making Ashland smile, “Hello! This is so cool!” she said smiling and looking around. “Yes it is! And its all thanks to Harry here! We heard you told Ron!” George said with a grin.
Harry smiled, “I had too! They thought you had done something illegal to get the money! I didn’t want them to go to your mum saying you guys robbed Gringotts!” he said causing a bit of laughter.

“True true! Oy! By the way! Here!” Fred said and handed Harry a large shoe box. “That is all of our newest products on the house!” George said with a grand smile.

“Theres anything in there you could want..these pellets, they turn your hair.. all the different natural auburn.. bright red, blonde.. dark blonde.. and brown! And.. these..well we got the idea from Umbridge… slip one of these in someones drink, and they start simpering and hopping around like Umbridge did last year when, the fireworks went off!” Fred explained, making Harry grin as Justin and Ashland were looking at the jokes.

“That’s too cool! I can think of plenty of people to use these on!” Harry said with a happy grin.

George grinned, “All right! Some of that Weasley is going into your vaines.. just hopefully not the fowl smelling Weasley!” George murmured.

“What ever happened?” Harry asked meaning Percy Weasley who had completely denied Voldemort’s return last year.

“The git and mum are talking more and more now. He said he’s sorry but he won’t admit being wrong! He said that the Ministery didn’t have any proof. As if all the deaths weren’t proof enough that the blundering git was running about!” George said with a shake of his head.

Harry sighed, and nodded, There was more talk when suddenly, a loud uproar outside startled everyone.
Harry turned, and peered out to see, a ton of deatheaters, suddenly a little girl was blasted into the air with a loud shriek from outside. Harry’s eyes widen, and pulled out his wand, to help. They were here probably because of him. So He had to do something. Running out and not listening to Fred and Georges shouts to come back, he spun out the door, to see all the Deatheaters. Two little girls were face, down, stiff, as a board. Harry’s heart pounded, when he felt shuddering cold swipe his body, feeling the sensation of never going to be happy he knew immediately as the scream of children and adults, rang out, and the smokes of dust, Harry thought about his two best friends.. “EXPECTO PATRONUM!” Harry shouted, and suddenly a large white stag errupted out of his wand, and headed toward, something that glided away, as Harry ran into the middle as cloaked figures laughed, and cackled shouting hexes.

Harry seen one deatheater with their wand at a little boy who was screaming.

“STUPEFY!” Harry ordered, suddenly the red jet of light sped out and hit the deatheater knocking him over making the child shriek and jump, as Harry ran over lifted the three year old, and ran over, “GO in there!” Harry ordered, making the boy move and run intot he Weasley store.
Harry took, to a couple other deatheaters, as he seen at least four people dead, stiff on the ground, when, he was surrounded, by at least five or six, deatheaters. They laughed, and grinned, “Ooh.. our masters prize!” said a gleeful female voice, Harry knew all to well.

Harry thought quickly, and suddenly charged, at the opposite Deatheater, shocking them all bowling one over, and running down the way toward the Leaky Cauldron, when his pain seared.

Several people were shouting things like, “RUN HARRY!” And.. cries were being heard. But Harry’s scar was all that he was worrying about right now. Suddenly a crack.. was heard,making Harry come to a halt,and standing right in front of him, with cat red slit eyes, was Voldemort, dressed in his best, velvet black wand outstretched, grinning maliciously.

“Harry Potter!” he sneered, as the Deatheaters all stopped, and bowed.

“VOLDEMORT!” Harry said with a look of disgust. Hiding all his fear, he gazed at the monster…. The world hated so much.

“We meet again! And.. no Dumbledore!” he said with a grin, as he paced the dirt road.

“That’s what you think!” Harry snarled, back, making Voldemort stop, “Then why isn’t he out here, protecting his worthless boy!” he asked with hate in his voice.

“Obviously he knows something that you don’t!” Harry said allowed hoping to buy time that someone would pop in, like Dumbledore. But no one knew he was there.

“Don’t play stupid with me boy!” he snarled making Harry cross his arms, “Aren’t you going to kill me?” Harry asked not really wanting that to happen.

“You are not frightened?” he snarled. Harry laughed, “No.. not of death!” Harry snapped, in a loud voice.

“You have too be! Whats worth than dieing?” he snarled. “Living a lifetime of misery!” Harry growled, as Voldemort, stopped and stared menacingly into his eyes.

“You ought to be scared of me!” he snarled making Harry look at him, “No!” Harry said, even though his whole mind was screaming run run, his heart was saying.. STAY.

“You are not?” he asked in a hissing voice.

“What part of NO don’t you understand?” Harry shouted, making Voldemort stop growl, and wave his wand, “CRUCIO!” He shouted, and Harry’s whole body errupted into immense pain.

Everything just hurt.. and it felt like he was dieing, his insides being ripped out with a dagger. Determined not to scream he got do his knees when it was released. Hearing laughing deatheaters, Harry got to his feet with struggle, and gazed right up to Voldemort.

“Didn’t it hurt?” he snarled with blood in his eyes, “What d’you think?” Harry growled not allowing this fool to play him like a toy.

“I think.. you need a little more.. respect!” he snarled, but Harry was ready this time, “CRUCIO!” Harry shouted, at Voldemort who hadn’t expect, it. Voldemorts eyes, felt the pain, and he gasped, and jumped back about fifteen feet, but didn’t fall.

“You shall pay for that!” Shouted, a Deatheater, but Voldemort had, shot a death curse heading Harry’s way when suddenly a bright red light made contact with it out of no where, and it veered off course, and suddenly.. struck one of Voldemort’s deatheaters making whoever it was fall with a thud and the Deatheaters to part quickly.

Voldemorts eyes widen, as he was now staring face to face with.. Albus Dumbledore whose blue eyes, were raging with cold fire, as Harry was now being pushed back behind, him.

“Get out of here Tom!” Professor Dumbledore said in such a loud voice, that the insides of everyone shook, even the Deatheaters, who had disapparated.

“Aw.. coming to save the brat at last huh Dumbledore? Good timing!” he snarled, and with that he was gone.

Harry was breathing deeply and closing his eyes, when Dumbledore turned, around, “You all right?” Dumbledore asked as people emerged, and the Aurors were attempting to gather up the four dead bodies, and the Deatheater, that Voldemort had just left.

“Y..Yeah! I..I’m sorry! For coming!” Harry got out as everyone emerged. Fred, George, Ashland, and Justin came running out.

“Harry!” Justin said wide eyed, and looked at Professor Dumbledore.

“Professor?” Justin asked, with a breath, as Fred, and George, were wide eyed, and gave Harry his bags.

“Hello Mr. Fletchley! I will be taking Harry from here!” He said looking at Justin whose eyes were wide and nodded slowly.

Fred, and George turned to Harry, “We called Dumbledore immediately after you ran outside! You all right! He hit you with the curse?” George asked in shock.

Harry nodded, “Y..yeah!” Harry said rubbing his scar, that had been sizzling but the cruciatus curse made his scar pain seem like a prick of a needle.

Professor Dumbledore had been talking to Justin, and his cousin, and out of nowhere, Harry’s stuff, appeared. People were all staring at Harry, in shock, as they walked out. Murmurs were going around and Harry thought he felt a white camera flash, for the next second, Professor Dumbledore was glaring at two reporters who backed off, seeing Dumbledores stern usually twinkley blue eyes.

“C’mon Harry! Lets go! Thank you Fred, and George.. I will see you Mr. Fletchley.” He said and smiled very warmly at Ashland who hugged Harry who winced, but hugged her anyway.

“Bye Harry! Glad your OK!” she squeaked in a soft voice, as he gave Justin five, “Yeah same here! See you on the train bud!” He said nodding.

“Bye guys!” Harry said rubbing his scar, that was just now ceasing of pain.

“Port key!” he said holding out a Defense Books, Harry nodded, and touched it, “Two three one!” Dumbledore stated and suddenly Harry was jerked by his navel……

******OK that was almost ten or eleven if not more pages, on Microsoft word.. please tell me what you think.. please please please......************

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