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Hogwarts Sanitarium by HollyH
Chapter 4 : Literally Out of My Wits
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Thank you so much, Reviewers and readers! You all made me want to cry! Thirty-six reviews within a DAY!?! I thank you SO MUCH! I am so flabbergasted right now, and so grateful for all of the great reviews! Within LESS than twenty-four HOURS there have been an average of about 150 readers per chapter, and seeing that in my account menu stats made me feel so thrilled and inspired! THANKS AGAIN!

This chapter is dedicated to Erin, volition112, Mrs Insane One, Dittany, and animagus girl for taking the time to review each of my chapters!

What’s happened before…
Harry took one look at Draco’s face filled with pity and began to laugh loudly. He had no more tears to shed, no more anger to be let out. All he could do was laugh, and the other occupants of the room seemed to recoil at this, which made him laugh harder. When he thought about them thinking his laughing was crazy because of his mirth, the laughter turned to howls. The last thing he saw was two men in white run into the room, and a painful shock before being sedated, and the world went black.

Chapter Four: Literally Out of My Wits

“…It went better than I planned, actually…”

“…I half expected him to attack Draco…”

“…remember what happened last time…”

“…poor boy, doesn’t know why Harry hates him so much…”

The room faded into the irritating white room he first woke up in. He then realized his hands were locked at his sides, preventing him from moving.

“Huh?” Harry feebly moved his head in hopes to make the room more clear; then, he realized he didn’t have his glasses.

“That was a great stunt you pulled,” Lily stood over him with a clipboard, her face was exasperated.

“What stunt?” Harry asked.

“Very funny, your horrible laughter,” Lily grumbled. “You scared them half out of their wits!”

“I don’t think that’s funny,” Harry said, suddenly remembering what happened the day before. The laughter, the frightened looks, the sedatives.

“Neither do I!” she threw her hands in the air.

“No, not that part. I’m talking about the whole ‘scared them out of their wits’ thing. What a horrible thing to say! Especially with me being the person who is, literally, out of my wits,” Harry sniggered.

“I thought you didn’t find that funny,” she stared at him, reprovingly.

“Yeah, well, that was coming from a person who’s out of their wits!” he was cracking himself up. He didn’t find it funny, but he noticed more that since Sirius died – or rather, Simon Black recovered, he was making jokes to replace his despair.

“Knock it off!” she groaned. “You scared the hell out of them! That was totally uncalled for!”

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t aware there was a law here that says that I can’t laugh, I’ll try to refrain from such horrendous acts,” he rolled his eyes.

“You know what I mean,” she sighed. His shoulders dropped when he remembered Ginny’s terrified face.

“How long have I been sedated?” he asked shaking his hand, feebly trying to get his hands free. She turned away to check the time.

“Around twenty minutes, amazingly short amount of time,” she looked impressed.

“Are they still here?” he asked.

“Your aunt is, and so is Ginny. We, as in Ron and I, decided that it’s best if you sit down and talk to your friend, Draco. He’s here as well, but Seamus, Vick and Luna got a ride home from Luna’s father,” she said.

“He’s the last person I’d like to see right now!” Harry snapped.

“You’ll have to overcome these issues before you can fully recover!” Lily exclaimed.

“And if I don’t want to recover?” Harry asked gloomily.

“There is a woman out there who loves you so much! It pains her to be separated from you! Every time you have relapses she has to get used to the idea that you still won’t be able to come home with her!” Lily’s face blushed infuriately. “Now, you are going to try! You will try to live a real life instead of some silly made-up one!”

That struck a nerve.

“Hey! It may be silly to you, but that’s all I know – okay? It wasn’t all fun and games! I have been dealing with life and death situations for five years now!” Harry snapped.

“I’ve been dealing with that false reality for five years as well – so you can’t talk,” Lily pointed out.

“Yeah yeah – where’s Auntie Tunia?” he said in a bitter, sing-song voice.

“Still in the meeting room…. And,” she stopped him as he tried shaking his pinned-down hand. “You will be on your best behavior.”

“Yeah, yeah…” After he said this, she unlocked his legs and wrists and he held them as if he were wounded. “Thanks.”

“Anytime,” she smirked.

“…he alright?... fine…. You have…. Understand… what he’s feeling right now…”

Harry rolled his eyes and solemnly knocked on the door. Before he had a chance to blink, the door had swung straight open, and he was staring in the eyes of Ginny.

The next thing he saw was her hand exploding across his face

“You… are such… a prat!” she said, pushing him in the stomach with each pause.

“I feel as if I’ve done this before…” Harry put a hand to his face to protect his cheek.

“Every time you see Draco you act like this!” Ginny glared at his lack of recoil.

“And you expect me to be thrilled?” he replied monotonously.

“You are his friend!”

“Not that I was aware of this before now! He’s always hated me, and I gladly returned the favor!”

She looked at him for a moment and her eyes softened. “I know, I know. It’s just…. How could you have remembered him? It was a little bit after you started…”

“Being crazy?”

“Quit being so cheerful about it,” Ginny reproved.

“Nah,” he grinned, and then his face dropped. “I’m sor-”

“Don’t,” Ginny said.


“Shh,” she tutted.

“Okay, so….uh… how do I know Malfoy?” Harry asked.

“It’s Draco, and come on in, sit,” Ginny opened the door and Harry had no other choice but to sit in the uncomfortable chairs.

“Where’s Aunt Petunia?” Harry asked.

“Having some coffee in the lunch room with Draco, they didn’t think you would revive this quickly,” Ginny said. “So, the Draco question. Draco and Luna started dating way back in the beginning of your illness when you were still living at your aunt’s… showing weird signs and stuff. Anyway, Luna introduced you two and at that point you didn’t seem to mind him. You would greet him in class, sit with him at lunch, cheat off of each other's work, but then you started muttering about owls while you were in gym with him. He thought you just had an interest in them, but then you started carrying a stick with you around in class and the teachers had complaints when you started talking to yourself in class saying weird stuff like ‘lumos’ and ‘alohomora.’ You began growing cold towards him, even stooping to poking him in the neck with your twig. Petunia took you to the doctor and well… he sent you here.”

Harry pondered this for a while when he suddenly said, “Draco and Luna, huh?” Ginny stared for a moment, apparently startled by his lack of response.

“Yeah, didn’t last though, but they are still friends.”

“It’s kind of hard to…. Take everything in, you know?” Harry put his head on the table and heaved a sigh. “How am I going to do it?”

“You’re not alone, Harry,” Ginny put a hand on his, and Harry looked at her. In her eyes he could tell she was breaking down. He saw deep love, but it was held back by pain and sorrow.

“I heard….” Harry started. “Oh, never mind.”


“Forget it…”

“No, tell me!”

“I heard we were together once,” he stuttered.

“Oh…. Yeah….” Ginny’s eyes clouded.

“I shouldn’t have brought it up…” Harry said quickly.

“No… no… It’s okay…” she looked at him, longingly, but then diverted her eyes towards the wall.

“Ginny…. I…” he moved a little bit closer until their faces were a foot apart. Ginny looked into his eyes, longingly. Suddenly, the door opened and Ginny moved away and swiped her hand from his and pretended to look at her nails. He sat back in his seat, distraught by what he had – or was about to do. He didn’t feel that way about Ginny before, or at least he’d never thought about it. All he knew was that he was going to kiss his ‘fantasy’ friend’s sister.

“Harry!” Petunia had a strained smile on her face, Harry felt extremely bad when he saw her puffy eyes and wet-looking face. She hurried towards him and gave him a bone-crushing hug. Harry patted her on her back, awkwardly.

“I’m…. about before, I – ” Harry mumbled.

“It’s okay, sweetheart,” Petunia cooed and took a seat neatly across from him. Harry had never been called sweetheart, not even by Mrs. Weasley, and that was saying something.

“Is Dudley real?” Harry blurted out, the question had been buzzing around his mind for some time now. He crossed his fingers in his hand.

“Dudley is our cat,” she explained. Harry let out a breath that he didn’t know he had been holding.

“So…. I don’t have a cousin?” he asked.

“Sorry, no,” she looked sad for a moment.

“That’s okay,” Harry grinned. “That’s very okay!”

“Now, Harry,” Aunt Petunia shot him a scolding look. “Draco is a nice boy, he isn’t-”

“-as bad as I think?” Harry finished for her. This definitely felt familiar.

“Yes, he’s a nice boy. Why can’t you give him a chance?” She asked.

“I’ve heard this a lot of times already, and I’ll try. I just don’t know how to be friends with someone who insults the people I love! Or loved, actually.”

“I’ve never said anything bad about your friends or anybody, Harry,” a voice said from the door. Harry didn't even notice him enter. Harry stiffened and itched the place where his scar was supposed to be out of frustration. “What will make you believe me?”

“Probably if I took a time turner and watched myself turn crazy,” Harry said honestly.

“A time…. What?” Ginny asked.

“Never mind, magic stuff – which, apparently, isn’t real and I’ll start shutting up now.” There was a long silence. Harry began fingering his loose shirt, occasionally stealing a glance at Ginny, only to find her glance away when their eyes met.

“Harry,” Petunia broke the silence.


“I – I’m sure this is not the right way to help you… but please – don’t let go again… try really hard, please?” she meekly said. Harry’s chest clenched.

“I like it in that world,” he admitted. Petunia visibly sunk in her seat. “...but I’ll try.”



elddir 11:
Against what others might believe,
The ways of my perfection are up my sleeve
A silver platter will not do
Nor will evidence left for later review
Who is the secret in this six lined affair?
Address my secrets and to you I'll share.

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