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Hermione's horrible, pitiful, no good very bad day by purple
Chapter 1 : Hermione\'s horrible, pitiful, no good very bad day
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Beep, beep beep. "i hate that alarm clock" said Harry and Ron at the same time. beep beep beep "goodness, wont someone turn that thing off" said Ron. Harry reached over and fliped it off.
beep beep beep. "aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh I hate that alarm clock" said Hermione getting out of bed. Hermione turned it off and got dresed and ready for the day. Harry, Ron and Hermione came down to the common room almost at the same tieme. "did ya get a good night sleep" Ron asked Hermione."not at all" said Hermione. I barely got a wink of sleep last night because I was too woried about those two big tests today-one in potions and one in defense against the dark arts. "Oops" said Harry and Ron at the same time.

They got down to the great hall for breakfast. Where is my breakfast? Hermione asked the cook. "Iam sorry hermione" the cook said "but if you were on time maybe you would have got some. "Well what am I going to eat"? asked Hermione. "there's some leftover apples in the back and that is all we have. Hermione went to the back and picked out the one that was not as rotton as bad as the others.

Hermione took one bite of her apple and spit it out. "aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh" she screamed. "whats wrong?" asked a bunch of people including Ron and Harry as they ran over to her. "th- th- there's a worm in it" she stummered. a-and I ate half of the worm!" said hermione not relizing that half the people in the great hall heard her. The next thing she knew everyone in the great hall was laughing and pointing at her. Harry and Ron wanted to do something to help her but they couldn't.

Hermione ran up to her common room. Harry and Ron ran after her. "There go the worm eating trio" someone yelled followed by even more laughter. Harry and Ron tryed to ignore it and Hermione was already to far ahead to have heard them.

"I-Iam not going to cry" said hermione doing everything she could to keep the tears from falling. "its ok" said hary and Ron at the same time "it could happen to anyone" said Harry. "I guess you're right" said Hermione slowly."We better go, we will be late for our first class" said Ron. "Since when did Ron keep up with wheather or not he's late?" asked hermione jokingly.

Ron smiled and Harry and Hermione laughed as they went to their first class.

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Hermione's horrible, pitiful, no good very bad day: Hermione\'s horrible, pitiful, no good very bad day


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