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Love Will Find A Way by stefanie
Chapter 2 : The silver Pheniox
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Harry rolled onto his back and put his glasses on. He couldn't believe it, this was the third dream in a row he's had about Hermione. Ever since that day seeing her in the hospital letting out all his emotions at her side, he's had these feelings he couldn't explain. Harry smiled at the thought of the dream.

Harry watched dumbfounded as the most beautiful girl he had ever seen stood on the hill by the sunset. Her long wavy brown hair blew in the breeze. Harry smiled he loved that hair, 'she never could tame it' he thought. Harry couldn't take it anymore desire rose up in him like a volcano and he knew there stood the love of his life. He smiled as she walked closer and closer. Her eyes had a sparkle that Harry knew was love. He quickly swept her into his arms 'oh she feels so good' he thought. He looked deep into her eyes as they both moved closer, he wanted so much to kiss her.
"Harry I love you." She whispered in a soft angelic voice.
"I love you to Hermione," he replied his lips inches from hers. She tilted her head up in response waiting and…

End Of Dream

Harry hated that part, for three nights it had ended just before he kissed her.
'What could it mean?' he thought to himself "we're just friends right?" he had asked out loud half expecting some voice from inside to scream out "Yes!" Harry smiled he had to admit he liked the dream, it felt so real to him. Feelings arose in him that he couldn't understand. Before he could think on them any longer a loud familiar 'swish' filled the air as Hedwig flew in through Harry's window followed by a small owl Harry knew was Pigwidgen, both carrying a small parcel and letter.
"Bloody hell, I completely forgot today is my 18th birthday." Said Harry out loud as Hedwig landed on his knee awaiting releases from the package. Harry untied the letter and parcel and immediately recognized the neat handwriting belonging to Hermione. His stomach gave an odd jolt, but Harry immediately disregarded it and untied the small parcel and letter from Pigwidgen.
"Ron" he smiled shaking his head at the messy scrawled letter.
Harry couldn't decide what to open first so he settled for Ron's. He loved getting gifts form his friends tarring opening the parcel as he tore off the brown paper wrapping as quickly as he could. In the small box was a bottle of yellow powder labeled "collius" the inscription on the back read 'Collius, the dream maker.' Take one pinch in your tea at bedtime and it will show you the future and the desires of your heart. Also makes a nice tea sweetener. Harry stared at the bottle.
"This is so cool," he thought to himself as he opened the corresponding letter.

Dear, Harry
I saw this in a potion shop. The shopkeeper says it really works. It can even help to unscramble any dreams you may already be having. Anyway hope to see you tomorrow at Diagon Ally, happy 18th birthday.


Harry was surprised that Ron would mention a dream unscrambler, he hadn't even mentioned to Ron about his recurring dreams. Harry shrugged as he opened the small parcel from Hermione. The small box was wrapped in a bright colored paper immediately recognized it as muggle wrapping. Harry opened it and nestled inside was a silver chain with a charm of a phoenix with the letter H on its wing. Harry's breath caught in his throat. It was so beautiful. Harry tore open the letter quickly.

Dear, Harry
I was in France with my parents this summer and I saw this in a small boutique. The owner said it was a normal bird kind of like an eagle, but I knew it was a phoenix. I think he was a wizard. There were a few things in his shop that I recognized but he had called them something different. Anyway I know how much you love the phoenix. I hope you like it. Ron said he would meet me in Diagon Ally in front of Olivander's, can you make it? Or else I'll see you one the train.

Lots of love,

Harry read and re read the letter over and over. Of course he liked it he loved it. He put it on and began to admire it in the mirror.
"HARRY POTTER!" screamed the familiar voice of uncle Vernon. Harry rolled his eyes. The Dursley's were a lot better with Harry now, mostly out of fear. Especially now that he had learned to aperate. Which he often did every morning at breakfast just to remind them of who he was.

Patunia was busy preparing breakfast well Dudley's and uncle Vernon's anyway. When a loud 'pop' caused the three to jump back.
"Harry Potter! How many times do I have to tell you to stop doing that. It is not allowed in this house!" Bellowed uncle Vernon sending spit flying everywhere, in an attempt to intimidate Harry.
"And who's going to stop me? You?" challenged Harry, after Voldemort uncle Vernon was a puppy.
Uncle Vernon was turning a dark purple, he looked like he was about to explode but walked away instead muttering something about those kinds of people having no manners.

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Love Will Find A Way: The silver Pheniox


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