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Too Bad by LTDan
Chapter 2 : Peter Pettigrew and Broderick Bode
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Too Bad:
Chapter Two: Peter Pettigrew and Broderick Bode

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Disclaimer: I dun own anything except Remus’s parents and the Healer (sadly).


It's too bad, it's too bad
Too late, so wrong, so long
It's too bad that we had no time to rewind
Let's walk, let's talk
Let's talk

When Remus awoke, he had not the slightest clue as to where he was. He was in a room with two other people. The three of them were all in collapsible beds, and, since the awakening of Remus, all were awake.

The person next to him was a young boy eating chocolate, though, In Remus’s opinion, he did not look like he needed anymore sweets. His face was very plump, and had brown hair just a bit darker than Remus’s own. The light blue pajama top he wore did not reach the waistband of his matching bottoms, and was revealing an equally chubby stomach. As Remus was observing the get well soon cards on the other side of his bed, the boy turned to look at him.

He grinned sheepishly. “I was just looking at your cards…” he murmured, turning a shade of red as the boy glanced at his bedside table, which bore no signs of care.

“Oh,” said the boy, frowning. “I’m Peter. Peter Pettigrew. I’m seven,” he said proudly, grinning.

Remus smiled politely. “I’m Remus Lupin. I’ll be seven next month.” When the boy did not say anything, Remus browsed the room with his eyes, searching for a conversation topic. “What’re you here for?”

It was now Peter’s turn to flush. “Erm—Doxy bite…” he said in a barely audible monotone.

“Oh. Was it a Queen Doxy, or something?” Remus had never heard of someone being sent to, what was apparently, St. Mungo’s for something as trivial as a Doxy bite, but Remus did not really know many people, so he did not say anything.

“I dunno. There was loads an’ loads of ’em…” Peter said in the same quiet voice.

“Did you stumble on a colony?” Remus queried conversationally.

Peter blushed an even deeper, if possible, shade of red. “I guess you could say that…”

Realizing this was something Peter did not want discussed, Remus looked around at the other occupant of the room. He was a grown man, looking to be in his late twenties. His eyes were glazed, staring vacantly at a copy of Quidditch Weekly. He did not seem to notice anyone else was in the room, and the closer Remus watched, the stranger he thought the man to be.

“That’s Broderick Bode. I heard meh mum telling meh dad that he’s just been placed in St. Mungo’s for the third time in his career. I think he got stung by a Fire Crab, but I’m not sure,” said Peter, following Remus’s gaze.

“What’s he do for work?” asked Remus, not taking his eyes of the man called Bode.

“Well, I dunno. Works for the Ministry, I know that ’cause meh dad came home a couple of times talkin’ about him…” Peter said, opening a new bar of chocolate.

Remus, striving to be the more courteous of the two, did not comment on how meddlesome he found the Peter boy to be.

Peter gave Remus a once-over.

“You’re pretty shabby,” he blurted, handing Remus a bar of chocolate. “What’re you here for?”

Remus frowned at Peter’s decision on Remus’s appearance, but took the chocolate from the boy; he was starved, but was not sure why.

“Well—” Remus started, but the Healer had walked in, followed by his parents. His mother looked nervous, and his father looked grim.

“What’s going on?” said Remus at once, much to the apparent dislike of the three who had just entered the room.

The Healer opened his mouth to speak, but with a tearful glance from Remus’s mother, he shut up and backed away. With puffy red eyes, Remus’s mother leaned forward and whispered something in his ear. Remus gasped, made a terrible face, and stared at his mother.


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