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A Black Marriage by chewbaccasolo
Chapter 8 : Chapter 8
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It was three weeks into the school year before you knew it. You and Sirius avoided each other, and it was making your friends suspicious.

^Whatís up with you and Sirius this year?^ Mya asked one night in your dorm.


^Youíre acting different. Normally you two go out of your way to annoy each other. Now you just look at each other funny and you avoid being anywhere near him.^ Lily nodded in agreement with the facts.

^I donít know, guys,^ you sighed.

^Youíre sure you didnít get drunk and wake up in his bed the next day or anything?^ Lily asked.

^Very sure.^

^Do you like him?^


^You two would look so cute together,^ Mya said.

^NO! We wouldnít!^

^Oh come on, I can see the wedding now. Big white gown, the whole nine yards-^

^Stop, guys,^ you pleaded.

^And the kids! Your eyes and his hair!^

^Please stop!^

^Mya Lily and Sirius Jr.!^

^STOP!^ Your friends stopped cackling and the dorm went silent. Just then, your Ďbabyí began to cry. You shoved the pacifier in its mouth to shut it up. ^Please, guys. Itís not funny.^

^Alright. No more fantasy marriages to Sirius.^ You wished it was a fantasy. ^Weíre sorry.^

^Itís ok guys.^

^I canít wait until this projectís over,^ Mya said as her baby, LaFonda Justine Washington (copyright Kerry) cried, interrupting your group hug. You laughed again at the name James had picked out for his and Myaís baby.

^At least tomorrowís Saturday,^ you pointed out.

^Yeah. I canít wait. No classes or homework for two days!^ Mya cheered. Lily rolled her eyes.

^Well, Iím going to try to get some sleep,^ you said, getting into bed.

^Good night and good luck!^ Lily said as her baby began to cry just as your shut up.

You woke up yet again at 8:30 the next morning. You hated this baby. You got ready, and, yawning, made your way to the Great Hall. Mya and Lily were already there.

You turned a corner and gasped. There was Sirius- your husband- making out with another girl! You stared a minute, wondering why you cared, and then shook yourself out of your trance.

^Kat!^ you heard Sirius call your name, but you ignored it and went into the Hall. ^Kat!^ Sirius caught up with you. The whole Great Hall had frozen to watch the scene unfold before them. ^Kat.^


^Please, let me explain.^

^Thereís nothing to explain Sirius. You can do whatever you want.^

^Yes, but-^

^But nothing. I donít know why I cared. So weíre married. Big deal.^ you were talking quietly enough that only the other could hear what was being said.

^It is a big deal! That was really wrong.^

^Why is it wrong? You can snog who ever you bloody want. Who cares? IíM ONLY YOUR WIFE!^ You screamed the last sentence so loud the whole Hall heard. Siriusí eyes widened. You thrust the doll into his arms and turned and walked out, all eyes on you. Lily and Mya followed you out.

Siriusí POV
Damn. She was really mad. Now everyone would know you were married. You sat down next to Prongs and put your head in your hands.

^And I thought Lily took her school work seriously,^ he commented.


^Whatíd you do? Starve the doll?^ Relief washed over you. People would think it was the project.

^No. I forgot to cover it with its blanket,^ you lied. James laughed. Remus moved to sit on your other side.

^I thought you were going to refrain from aggravating her,^ he muttered. ^Whatíd you do?^

^I was snogging some girl and she saw.^

^What!^ Remus yelled. ^Youíre married,^ he hissed quieter as people began to stare again.

^I am well aware of that fact, thank you Moony,^ you replied, casually sarcastic.

^I thought you liked her!^

^I do. Julia just pushed me against the wall and I went with it for a minute. Itís been awhile.^ Remus shook his head.

^Itís called self-control, mate. You should try it.^

^Thanks for the advice,^ you replied.

6You should probably go talk to her,^ Remus said thoughtfully a moment later.

^Yeah.^ You got up and went in search of your wife.

Katís POV
^Kat! Wait up!^ Mya called. You stopped and let your friends catch up to you.

^What happened with Sirius? Did he forget to feed the doll?^ Lily asked.

^Huh?^ Oh my God, you thought. That stupid project is my flipping hero! ^Oh yeah. He left it in the common room all by itself for hours,^ you rolled your eyes as you lied.

^What an idiot,^ Mya remarked.


^Speaking of idiots,^ Lily muttered as Sirius came sprinting around the corner.

^Kat, Iíve got to talk to you,^ Sirius pleaded. ^Please.^

^Alright,^ you agreed unwillingly (kind of an oxymoron, I know). ^Iíll see you guys later.^ Mya and Lily nodded, glared at Sirius, and headed back towards the Great Hall.

^Listen Kat, Iím so sorry. I wasnít thinking.^

^Hey, itís not like we ever said we couldnít date other people.^

^True. But I donít even like Julia. She pushed me against the wall and I didnít do anything to stop her.^

^You donít owe me an explanation Sirius.^

^Yes I do. Like it or not, weíre married.^

^Youíre right.^

^This may sound strange, but we may want to set up some Ďrulesí or whatever. To keep this from getting stranger.^ You nodded.

^Yeah. But not here.^ You glanced up and down the hall.

^In my dorm, then.^

^Okay.^ The walk back to the Tower was silent, and you asked yourself yet again- why did you care who Sirius kissed? You really didnít want to like him. But you were beginning to. Youíd fought a lot less since schoolíd started, and you had recently noticed why all the girls swooned over him. He was really, really hot.

Sirius opened his door for you and then moved to sit on the messiest bed in the room. His. You followed, sitting cross-legged facing him.

^SoÖ^ he began.

^Did you learn that from James?^ you laughed.


^Never mind. Continue.^

^Okay. So there should be an understanding between us about all of this. We want to avoid any more awkward moments or public shouting matches.^ You grinned sheepishly. ^So letís agree upon what we should and shouldnít do.^

^So formal, Mr. Black,^ you teased.

^Shut up, Mrs. Black.^

^Donít call me that please.^

^Never again as long as I liveÖAnyway I think we should refrain from dating. Itís a little weird.^

^Howís it weird for you?^

^I saw you flirting with that Ravenclaw guy!^ You smiled. ^I was about to go flip out on him. But I think heíd have been a bit scared if I yelled at him for boning when talking to my wife.^

^Ew! Was he?^

^Yeah! You didnít notice?^

^I wasnít looking.^

^Easy to miss, if you know what I mean.^

^Oh God Sirius. Ok, no dating. What else?^

^Are we going to continue hating each other because itís fun, or try to improve our relationship a bit? Like being friends? Because we canít go back and forth, and keep avoiding eye contact in between.^

^I know. Lily thinks we got drunk and woke up in your bed.^ Sirius let out a sexy, bark-like laugh. Wait, sexy?

^Lily Evans? I wasnít sure she knew what sex was.^

^Oh stop. Sheís not stupid or naÔve.^

^So, friends?^



^So I canít date, and Iím Ďfriendsí with my husband. Interesting.^


^Is that all?^

^I still donít want to tell anyone.^

^Me either.^


^Deal.^ You shook on it.

^Kat?^ Lilyís voice called for you from downstairs. You got up and went down to her.


^Were you in Siriusí room?^ she asked suspiciously.


^I knew something was going on! Are you sleeping with him?^ You were about to protest when you heard the same bark-like laugh as earlier. Still sexy.

^Why do you think Iím sleeping with Kat?^ Sirius asked.

^You two are acting really strange.^

^Well then weíd better not tell her that weíve decided to be friends,^ Sirius mock whispered.

^Friends?^ Lily repeated skeptically. You nodded. ^Thatís even stranger.^

^Yes, but at least itís a refreshing change of pace,^ you pointed out.


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A Black Marriage: Chapter 8


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