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Life After Hogwarts by crazyfreak
Chapter 2 : Hermione Malfoy
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It was time for them to leave. HArry Had To Propose now or never.Everyone was boarding the train.Harry was moving very slow

(he was still packing)and tried to hurry up.everyone else was on the train except him. when he went to the platform it was

empty no train.It was all over except harry had an idea.he went back inside and opened the door with sirius knive.he went to the

dorms and took his firebolt.He was going to look for Hermione in London.At tht moment he didn't care about muggles seeing

him or breaking the code of secrecy he just had to get to hermione.He went through the open window followed the train and

couldn't see her when she left the platform,he had to land.He landed and saw everyone else except Hermione.He asked Ron, he

didn't know.He asked practically everyone on the platform but none of them saw her on the train and then he just rembered she

was probably in the prefect compartment all the time.But the train alread left and he didn't see her.

Harry felt like he was about to die.He lost the love of his life.The only possibility was to go search for her all over was

going to be hard but he didn't care.he went to hermione's house and her parents didn't knowhe went practically everywhere and

couldn't find her. there wa s only one place she could've been.Diagon Alley.he went through the leaky cauldron tapped the wall

and saw hermione.He flt like he ran as fast as he ever did.And screamed "Hermione!"

Then HE gasped, "huh?" she was holding hands with malfoy kissing."its not what it looks like Harry, I can expl..."Harry put up

his hand and she stopped talking.he felt worse than ever in his life. he felt like putting the cruciatus curse on that malfoy and he

felt like killing that stupid son of a bitch.He didn't understand it. He didn't want to know.he just stared at her in disbelief.then he just turned around and went away."harry"hermione cried"plz forgive me" ,harry just ignored her.

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Life After Hogwarts: Hermione Malfoy


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