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Lily and James: Their Story of Love by Secret Lily
Chapter 25 : Prongs Troubles
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Chapter 25-Prongs Troubles

“Hi James.”

“Single again? I’m around.”

“Hi Potter, you know where to reach me.”

“Hey James-”

“Geez, back off will ya! I’ve been single for about a week. Are all you girls that desperate for a guy?” James said, finally frustrated. This had been going on all week, the girls of Hogwarts seemed to have a kick in their hormones because all week James was being hit on.

“No, James, I was just telling you that you dropped your quill,” a girl said. She had a short bob of blonde hair and soft, brown eyes.

“Oh, I’m sorry about that. It’s just that some of these girls are really annoying me. Thanks for the quill. Who’re you by the way?” he asked her.

The girl blushed. James Potter, THE James Potter was talking to her!

“Oh, I’m Fawn Daniels,” she said to him.

“What year are you in? I haven’t seen you around before,” James said, surely he would have seen such a pretty Seventh year somewhere before.

“I’m in Fifth Year Ravenclaw.” Fawn said.

“Ravenclaw? Well that might be why I haven’t seen you before. Well, thanks again, and I’ll see you around,” James said.

“Yeah, see you around!” she called after him. Her friends, Jamie and Morgan, were NOT going to believe that the Head Boy said he’d see her around. She let out a triumphant squeal. Luckily, James was already down the hall when she did this. A very annoyed Head Girl was passing by Fawn and had a spare moment to roll her eyes at this girl.

“Kids,” Lily said.

“So Prongs, you ready to get back in the game or what?” Sirius asked.

“I think so, I already have my eye on a few lucky ladies. It’s so great being single again, no one to tie me down or nag me anymore. It’s great,” James said a little too loud in Charms. Lily was sitting behind him and Sirius and she could feel her face growing hot.

“So how about you Sirius? Any ladies?” James asked.

“No man. I have special permission from McGonagall to go visit Halle though,” Sirius said quietly.

“That’s great Sirius,” James said.

“Yeah I guess. I don’t think I’ll be the same. It’s been a while and I still think she’s off on vacation somewhere.” Sirius said.

The weeks between had passed as quickly as they had came. Before they knew it, it was time to plan another ball. The start of December and the first layer of snow had came and welcomed the students at Hogwarts. Hagrid could be seen throwing snowballs merrily at a bunch of First and Second Years and Peeves was whistling Christmas songs through the halls, very loudly and off-key for the students listening pleasure.

Lily and James had been forced to work with one another once again although communication was as little as possible. The Yule Ball was approaching and Professor Dumbledore had reminded them that plans were to be made ahead of time.

“I think we should have Sirius sing,” James said.

“What are you thinking? Sirius can’t sing,” Lily said, annoyed. It was like James wasn’t trying anymore. He was coming up with such ludicrous ideas that caused Lily to reach beyond her normal boiling point.

“Exactly. Everyone will love it,” he continued.

“Yes off-key singing about his lonely life is just what I want to hear at Christmas. I’ll ask Dumbledore if we can hire the Weird Sisters. They’re a popular, new singing group in the Magical community,” Lily said, crossing out previous notes and adding their new suggestions.

“Fine, have it your way,” James said, leaning back in his seat. The two of them were in the library for their weekly Heads meetings and James seemed to think he had much better things to do. Such as flirting. He winked and smiled at a passing Sixth Year Hufflepuff who blushed furiously as James did so. Lily looked disgusted at the girl.

I can’t believe that was once me. How sick!, she thought.

“Look, I don’t want to be here any more than you do. But we have to go through with our commitments,” Lily.

“Ya know what Lils, alright if I call you Lils? Well, I think you’re a bit of a hypocrite. Because I can recall a previous commitment you and I made saying that we’d stay together and that we loved each other but you know what, you’re right! What’s come has past. Let the good times roll. So, I’m just taking your road as to all the plans for the Yule Ball. Take the easy way out,” James said, not in a hurt tone.

“Look how well it’s affected you!” Lily yelled as James walked out. Madam Pince, the stern librarian looked at Lily as if saying ‘Say anything else and I’ll say Detention.’ The woman’s eyes followed Lily’s every step as she walked out of the library.

Lily sat down in the hall and huffed. She had to do some more awkward patrolling with Potter at eleven and she was so looking forward to it.

“Prongs troubles?” a voice asked. Remus Lupin was walking down the Hall, towards the library when he spotted Lily.

“Remus! You’re talking to me?” Lily asked surprised.

“I decided that I’ve known you too long and that I consider you as much of a friend as James. So, I can’t choose between you two,” Remus said.

“Well, your friend is just making my life hell at every possible chance he gets,” Lily said.

“He’s hurt. This is just his way of coping,” Remus explained.

“Well, why can’t he just take it like a man and act like it didn’t happen?”

“That would be because Prongs looks at things more intellectually than others. You see, he won't forget about it because in all actuality it did happen. There is no reason to forget about it if it did happen. So, he plays around with the situation to make himself feel less uncomfortable about it. I imagine he was being sarcastic?”

“Oh yes. But, I don’t blame him. Thanks Remus,” Lily said. She got up and hugged him.

“Have to go and patrol with Potter. See ya later,” she called to him.

“Yeah see you around. What have you done Lily? You still love him, I can see it,” Remus whispered.


“Nooobooddyy here. Guess I can go now,” James said after five minutes of patrolling a broom closet.

“You are so immature James Potter. I think you’re by far the worst Head Boy there is,” Lily said.

“Yeah, a Head Boy who happened to save your life. Not bragging or anything, but I think that would qualify as a good deed,” James said.

“Ok, Potter. Is this what you want? Do you want a fight? Because I’m ready. I’ll take you anywhere or anytime,” Lily said, taking her wand out.

“If that’s what you want Lilykins. Lord knows I could use for a little fun,” James said.



Lily’s wand tried to fly out of her hand, but she caught it in time as James was worrying about the soap bubbles coming out of his mouth.

“You play dirty Evans, I’ll give you that," James said, wiping suds from the corner of his mouth.

“Do I ever,” she said, still glaring at him.



Lily had sent a simple spell at James, while he had said one she hadn’t heard before. She had about a second to think about what he said before being thrown to the wall. James had been sent to the floor but was laughing at Lily.

“WHAT?” she asked, impatient as to what he was laughing at.

“Duel is done Evans. I used the spell passed down generations from Godric Gryffindor himself. You’ll be unable to duel me for 24 hours. Great isn’t it?” James said.

“How the hell did you know a spell from Godric Gryffindor’s time?” she asked.

“Family heirloom,” James said quickly.

“Yeah right. Get me down from!” she said.

“Fine,” he said, he began walking away but muttered the counter curse over his shoulder.

“Still can’t duel me for 24 hours Evans!” he yelled back.

“Oh, but I can prank you,” she said evilly.

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