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And WHY Am I in Hogwarts?! by Boe
Chapter 4 : Sorting
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After Boe had properly met Harry Potter and his two friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, they had all chatted in a compartment for the entirety of the journey. Surprisingly, Boe hit it off with them rather well, astonished that she was able to speak so easily to these three.
When the train began to slow, Boe and Hermione ducked into another compartment to pull on their robes. Then, everyone began to try and get off the train at once. Over everyone's heads, a giant of a man was calling, "Fir's years and Boe Gray! Fir's years and Boe Gray, over here!"
Her face turning red, Boe headed with the first years- all of whom were several feet shorter than her- to the boats. Everyone else was staring at her, whispering. One first year looked up at her.
"Did you stay back for a bunch of years, or what?"
"Latent abilties," Boe muttered. The little girl laughed.
"Yeah, whatever."
"Shut up," Boe snapped, climbing into a boat with three others. She daintily perched herself on the seat and stared in awe up at the castle. Looking around, she saw that her boat was next to the giant who had been calling her name.
"So yeh're the Gray girl?" he called. "I'm Hagrid, by the way."
"Boe," she replied. "Nice to meet you!"
"Dumbledore's told us all about yeh," Hagrid happily said. "I think it's going ter be an interesting year with yer here, if yeh don't mind me saying."
"Not at all," Boe said, grinning. The boats gently hit the opposite shore, and the first years, Hagrid and Boe all headed up to the Great Hall. A stern-looing old witch with a heavy scroll stared at them, with a tiny smile on her lined face.
"Welcome to Hogwarts," she said, her eyes resting for a moment on Boe, who was awkwardly standing with the tiny first years. "My name is Professor McGonagall, and the sorting shall now begin. Please follow me..."
They walked into the Great Hall, and Boe wished more than ever that she was a midget as every head stared at her. Some were laughing, while most seemed curious as to why she was there.
Professor McGonagall turned around. "Now, when I call your name, you will come here and place the sorting hat upon your head." She unrolled the scroll and cleared her throat. "Avin, Justin..."
One by one, all of the first years were sorted into their respected houses- Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. When they came to the G's, Boe tensed herself, but was most surprised when they passed her name by. Then, after awhile, she was the only one left standing in the middle of the hall. The whispering started again, but ceased when Dumbledore stood up.
The headmaster stared at them all happily, and raised his arms for silence. "Everyone, this girl's name is Boe Gray. The reason she was not sorted immediately was that because she is an interesting case... her magical abilities only recently developed."
The whispering started again, louder this time.
"So," Dumbledore said, "we shall be sorting her, and she will be joining the sixth years."
"WHAT?!" Boe blurted out. Everyone laughed, and she grinned. "Oh God..."
"Don't worry, Boe," the headmaster kindly said. "Come here, put on the hat..."
Boe awkwardly sat upon the ancient stool and the hat fell down over her eyes. She stiffened when she heard a hissing in her ear.
"Huummmm, difficult," the hat mused. "You are eager to please, but you're also very unique.... you work hard and you're loyal, but academics are not your strongest point..."
"It's true," the hat retorted.
"You're very blunt, for a hat," Boe angrily said.
"Tell that to Godric Gryffindor, I was his hat, anyways. Also, a loyalty to friends... a lot of bravery, I like that... not afraid to be yourself... guess it's going to be GRYFFINDOR!"
The hat shouted the last word to the hall, and the Gryffindor table broke into tumultuous applause. Shaking, Boe tottered, grinning, to sit besides Harry and Ron.
"Congrats!" Ron exclaimed, laughing. "God, you were funny, talking to the sorting hat like that-"
"It was really unnerving," Boe replied, smiling. "Whoa... so I'm a Gryffindor."
"Best of them all," Hermione said, smirking. "It's great you got it."
"Yeah," Boe said. "It really is."

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