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A Black Marriage by chewbaccasolo
Chapter 7 : Chapter 7
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Sirius’ POV
She was so hot when she yelled at you like that. It still bothered you, but over the last few days you’d come to terms with the fact that you were attracted to your wife. She drove you nuts. She was both aggravating and captivating. And you were itching to tell someone. But you couldn’t. Remus walked into the dorm. Remus was trustworthy…

^Hey Moony? Can I tell you something?^

^Sure, Padfoot.^

^It’s about me and Kat.^ His eyes widened momentarily.

^What about you and Kat?^ You launched into your tale. He listened with interest.

^Moony? I think I like her.^

^What? You two never stop fighting.^

^Well we did occasionally this summer. She’s really nice. And so hot, even when she’s mad.^ Remus laughed. ^What’s funny?^

^You’re flipping because you like your wife.^

^It’s not that she’s my wife. It’s that she’s Kat.^


^And it’s Kat!^

^She’s nice to almost everyone but you, and that’s because you provoke her. She’s funny, she can play pranks and you think she’s hot. What’s the problem?^

^She hates me!^

^I think it’s that she strongly dislikes you. And you said she was nice sometimes. So try not to aggravate her.^

^Right. Don’t aggravate her. I can do that. Thanks, Moony.^

^No problem, Padfoot.^

^And don’t tell anyone, okay?^

^Not a soul.^

^Thanks.^ You felt much better after talking to Remus.

Kat’s POV
Your first class of the year was Care of Magical Creatures. The first thing the Professor did was assign a project. A very bad project. The Parenting Project. [Dun Dun Dun.] And guess whom you got paired up with? Who else? Sirius, of course. You scowled as fake babies were passed around.

^Children,^ lectured the Professor, ^are also Magical Creatures. You must, with your partner, care for this child as you would a real one.^ He went on about how to ‘feed’ the baby, etc. You banged your head against the desk as Sirius came and sat down next to you.

^Just when I think it can’t get any worse,^ you mumbled.

^That wasn’t very nice, Simmons.^

^Shut up.^

^Come on. It’s just a stupid project.^

^I know! And I don’t want to do it with you!^

^Fine! But there’s nothing you can do about that.^

^This is NOT practice for anything. You got that?^ You pointed a finger at him.

^Calm down, Kat. I don’t like this anymore than you do.^

^Let’s just get through it.^

^Sounds good.^

^No it doesn’t.^ you snapped.


^So how will this work?^


^Who’s taking this thing when?^ you gestured to the doll. ^How about we switch every day.^

^Great, but I can’t do it next Tuesday.^


^I’ll take it tonight,^ he offered.

^Alright.^ You turned away from him and headed back to the castle with Mya.

The next night, you barely slept. The baby kept crying. You finally drifted off at around sunrise.

You woke with a start, and looked to your alarm clock. 8:30 AM. Oh no, class started in half an hour!

You raced around getting dressed and brushing your teeth. Grabbing your books and the baby, you hurried to Transfiguration.

^Miss Simmons! How kind of you to join us. You can now join Mr. Potter in detention tonight for being late. 8 o’clock pm.^ You nodded as you sat down next to Mya.

^Why didn’t you wake me?^ you hissed to her and Lily. They shrugged guiltily. ^Thanks guys.^

The rest of the day didn’t go much better. It seemed to be becoming a trend.

You entered Professor McGonagall’s classroom at five to eight. James followed a moment later.

^I will not tolerate lateness,^ McGonagall began,^ Tonight I want the two of you to sit here and talk.^


^Maybe if you become friends you can wake each other up for my class!^ with that she left the room.

^I think she’s going soft,^ James commented. ^Normally I’m scrubbing bedpans or dusting trophies. Not that I’m complaining.^

^This definitely beats that,^ you agreed.

^So…^ he trailed off.

^Wow. You’re a very good conversation-starter!^ He laughed.

^Yes, I know. It takes skill.^

^Can I try?^

^Sure. But I am the Master.^

^So…^ you said, and trailed off.

^That wasn’t bad.^ You both laughed.

^I’ll work on it.^

^Soon you’ll be so-ing with the best of us.^

^An honor I can’t wait for.^

^You’re funny,^ he said.


^No, it’s just- we’ve never talked before. Because of you and Sirius.^

^What about us?^ you asked quickly. Did he know?

^The fact that you hate each other.^

^Oh yeah. Well, you’re not a bad guy, either.^

^Thank you.^

^No problem. After all, you did show me the ways of so-ing.^ He laughed again.

When Professor McGonagall came in two hours later you were laughing about a prank the Marauders were planning to play on ‘Snivellus’.

^You may go now,^ she dismissed you. You walked back to Gryffindor Tower together, now with him listening to a few of your more brilliant tricks. He really liked the dying Sirius’ hair green one.

^Kat? Can I ask you a favor?^

^You want me to tell Lily to go out with you?^

^No. Would you do that?^


^Okay. Well, would you mind not calling Sirius gay any more?^

^Why? Is he?^

^No! It just bothers him a lot.^

^I can try.^

^Thanks. I don’t think I can listen to one more ‘Kat Simmons: let’s kill her’ rants.^

^Ok. Night James.^

^See ya.^ You shook your head incredulously as you went up the girls’ staircase. Befriending James Potter/ Who’d have thought?

The days passed uneventfully. You spoke with James and Remus occasionally, spent much more time with Lily and Mya, and, of course, fought with Sirius. But you didn’t call him gay. Except once.

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A Black Marriage: Chapter 7


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