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Hogwarts, here I come. by MargaretLane
Chapter 1 : Hogwarts, here I come.
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I canít believe Iím in my final year at this school. It feels like I have been waiting forever to be old enough to attend Hogwarts. Thatís the problem with being the youngest. You keep hearing about all the exciting things that everybody else gets to do, except you.

Not that I hate this school or anything. Well, I do sometimes. Who doesnít? Except those really swotty weirdoes who do nothing but study and never forget to do their homework or anything. I forget to do my homework or I would if it wasnít for the fact that my parents have this uncanny notion of knowing when Iíve accidentally on purpose forgotten something. I guess thatís the disadvantage of having a real life witch and wizard as a mother and father.

Thatís not why I want out of here, though. I mean homework is a pain, but itís not exactly worth leaving all your friends and all for. Not quite, anyway. Itís just that Hogwarts sounds so much more interesting. Donít you think so.

I mean I am a witch. Why do I need to learn all this Muggle stuff? Reading and writing- ok, I can understand that. I guess Iíll need to be able to read spells and all. But nature study and history. And script! Boring, boring, boring.

I would so much rather learn how to make potions and transfigure things and most exciting of all, defend myself against the Dark Arts. My aunt Hermione teaches that, and of course my father has probably had more experience with the Dark Arts than just about any other person ever, so I know quite a bit of that already.

Actually, I know quite a bit of magic, considering Iím not quite eleven yet. My brother James hardly knew any when he started Hogwarts but I do. He used to hate it that I was better at magic than he was even though Iím almost three years younger than him.

Do I sound like Iím boasting? Mum always tells me off about that. She says that I show-off and that half of what I say isnít even true anyway. It is too! Well, mostly. I admit I tend to exaggerate a little. Like, maybe Dad doesnít really know more about fighting the Dark Arts than anybody else ever, but he did defeat the last really powerful Dark wizard, Voldemort. Nobody would even say his name once, because they were all so scared of him. So what I said was pretty much true.

Mum doesnít always see it like that though. Or else she says ďeven if it is true, thereís no need to boast about it!Ē

Anyway, most of the time, I canít boast, because my friends at school are all Muggles and Iím not allowed to tell them anything about the wizarding world. I used to find that really difficult when I was a little kid. Sometimes I kind of forgot and told people about stuff we had at home or something one of my parents had done or something.

The other kids didnít believe me though. They used to laugh at me sometimes, so I quickly learned to keep my mouth shut. Maybe thatís why I talk so much when Iím at home with my parents or visiting my cousins in Hogsmeade. I can talk about whatever I want then and nobody thinks Iím a stupid liar.

I keep my wizarding stories for places like that now. One of my cousins, Michael is only a year younger than me and he is my best magical friend.

My best Muggle friend is Jessica. Sheís in my class at school. Iíll miss her when I go to Hogwarts, I guess. She says sheíll miss me too. She doesnít know Iím going to Hogwarts of course, just that Iím going to a boarding school. Mum says that if I want to write to her, I can owl the letter to her and Dad and theyíll post it for me. You canít post letters from Hogwarts. Not the Muggle way, I mean. But Mum and Dad will find a Muggle post box and forward it.

I know Jessica thinks thereís something a bit odd sometimes- about me going to boarding school and the fact that I can hardly ever invite her around to my house. Thatís one of the other annoying things about being a witch and attending Muggle school. All your friends are Muggles and you can hardly ever invite them to come and play or sleep over or anything.

Twice a year, for my birthday and the start of the summer holidays, Iím allowed to have a group of friends over. I invite everybody then; Jessica, Sally, Thomas, Kevin, Suzy and all my other friends. Mum and Dad charm the house so that it looks just like an ordinary Muggle one. They even transfigure something into a television. I love television. I watch it all the time in my friendsí houses. I wish we had one all the time.

I beg my parents to get us one sometimes, just as I beg them to let me have friends over more often, but they say televisions donít work properly when there is magic around and that charming everything in the house is too much work to do on a regular basis.

Sometimes, I feel like Iím caught in the middle, you know? Between the magical and Muggle worlds. Mum and Dad refuse to teach me magic because Iím underage and anyway Muggles might see something, but on the other hand, they wonít buy a television because weíre wizarding people. I feel like I donít get the advantages of either world and that itís only when I go to Hogwarts that Iíll really fit in.

Mind you, there are advantages to being a witch in the Muggle world sometimes. It means I get to play brilliant tricks on the teachers and all, when my magic works, and usually I donít even get in trouble because I couldnít possible have knocked everything off the nature table when I was sitting at the other side of the room eating my lunch, could I? And how could it possibly be my fault that Miranda Stubbs tripped over her own shoelace, which had mysteriously become undone? Even if she had called me an anti-social freak five minutes earlier.

Iíll miss that when I get to Hogwarts. The not getting into trouble, I mean. Theyíll know I can do magic, just like my parents do, and I bet theyíve had loads of students who have used it to create havoc. I know my uncles Fred and George did. Theyíre always telling me cool jokes to play and they give me really cool presents, because they have a joke shop. I think they are a bit disappointed in James because heís so boringly law-abiding. He never gets in trouble, except with Snape and thatís hard to avoid. So theyíve pinned their hopes on me.

And Iíll try not to let them down. Itís in my blood on both sides, really. My Dadís father was a Marauder after all. Thatís what I tell my Mum and Dad whenever I get into trouble. ďHey, Iím James Potterís granddaughter and Fred and Georgeís niece. What do you expect?Ē It doesnít usually work though, which is why itís so refreshing when I can avoid getting into trouble at school.Ē

I donít mind getting into trouble too much though, if it means I get to go to Hogwarts. Mum and Dad always talk about the fun they had there and sometimes James does too. Well, in his case, itís the fun heís still having there. Iíll even put up with Snape.

At least I know what Iím getting into with him. Imagine there are some kids my age out there now who still think theyíre Muggles (even thought they donít know what Muggles are) but theyíll get a letter later this year telling them theyíve been accepted into Hogwarts. Itíd be so much fun if somebody in my class was.

I bet I even know what house I am going to be in. Gryffindor! Itís where I want to go anyway, and most of my family were put in there and people usually go into the same houses as their family. Not always, but most of the time. And my Mum and all six of her brothers were there and so was my Dad and all my grandparents. So I bet I will be too.

I would hate to be in Slytherin because theyíre all horrible in that house. Thereís one girl in my brotherís class, Cassandra Goyle and sheís a real bully and always picks on people. She picks on James because Dad got her grandfather put in Azkaban.

And I wouldnít really like Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff, because they are all goody-goodies in Hufflepuff and swots in Ravenclaw. Well, I suppose both of those houses would be ok, but the Gryffindors are the ones who have all the fun. And I like to have fun.

Do you think there is any way of tricking the sorting hat into putting you into the house you want to be in? Dad says that choice has a lot to do with it, but James didnít get the house he wanted, so I donít know.

I think Iíll go ask Fred and George. If anybody can help me come up with a trick itís them. Maybe they have some bravery buns or something I can eat before putting the hat on to make sure it realises that I belong in Gryffindor. Got to go and ask them now.

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Hogwarts, here I come.: Hogwarts, here I come.


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