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A Black Marriage by chewbaccasolo
Chapter 6 : Chapter 6
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You never thought youíd be so happy to see Kingís Cross Station. You and Sirius went opposite ways less than a second after going through the barrier.

^Good riddance!^ Sirius called as he went to find his friends.

^Thank God!^ you retaliated. You made your way to the train a grabbed a compartment near the back.

^Kat! Hey!^ your friend, Mya, hugged you as she entered the compartment.

^Hey Mya!^ you said just as happily.

^How was your vacation?^ a wave of guilt washed over you.

^Ok. Yours?^ She launched into a story of how she and her parents had taken a trip to Ireland, and there was this hot Irish dancer who she dated, and how he was teaching her to dance.

^Good!^ you exclaimed when she showed you the step sheíd learned.

^Itís called the reel,^ she informed you proudly.

^Well itís reel-y cool,^ you said, laughing at your pun. Mya didnít get it.

^Lily!^ she screeched when the redhead entered the compartment.

^Hey Mya! Whatís up?^ Mya retold her story. Lily nodded and Ďmmm hmmí-ed a lot as she listened.

^Hey Kit Kat!^ she greeted once Mya was finished. ^Did you ever get rid of Black that day?^ More guilt.

^Yeah.^ But obviously not for long, as just then Sirius himself stepped into your compartment.

^What?^ you shouted.

^Calm down, Simmons-^ then he stopped, as if realizing for the first time that he couldnít honestly call you that. ^-Kat. We were just wondering if we could share your compartment. Everywhere else is full.^ The two of you avoided eye contact.

^I donít care,^ you said. ^Lily? My?^

^Whatever,^ Mya said indifferently, staring intently at Sirius.

^If itís the only place,^ Lily added reluctantly.

Great. Thanks.^ He went to tell the Marauders.

^Did he just thank us?^ Mya asked.

^And why did he call you Kat and be so nice to you?^ Weíre married! You wanted to shout. ^Did you screw him?^ Lily continued.

^No! No! No! Donít even say that!!!^ you shouted as three boys entered.

^Say what?^ Sirius asked. James Potter and Peter Pettigrew stood next to him.


^Hi Lily!^ James said happily.

^Screw off, Potter.^

^Very well.^

^Iím going to get a drink,^ you said, excusing yourself. You were on the verge of tears. You couldnít stand lying to your friends, or being around Sirius.

You ran into someone when you reached up to wipe your eyes.

^Ow!^ you exclaimed, and found yourself on the ground next to Remus Lupin, the only Marauder you liked. ^Oh, hey Remus.^

^Kat, are you alright?^ You started to nod, but then shook your head. You could trust Remus. ^Whatís wrong?^ he led you into an empty compartment. Hey! Sirius said everywhere was full. Liar.

^James talked Sirius into saying Lilyís compartment was the only one left so he could be near her,^ Remus explained, noticing your look. Of course. ^Kat?^

^Well, itís a long satory.^

^Go ahead.^

^Ma and Sirius-weíre-^you couldnít say it.

^Fighting?^ Remus guessed. You shook your head.

^M-married.^ You began to cry. You couldnít hold in your emotions any longer. When you looked at Remus, you saw that he was trying to process this.

^Why?^ he asked finally. You recounted the whole story, tearing and sniffing the whole time. Remus pulled you into a hug when you were done. Your tears had stopped and you took a shaky breath.

^Remus, you canít tell anyone Iíve told you. Especially not Sirius.^

^I wonít.^

^Thanks.^ you smiled at him. It felt so much better now that someone knew.

You were giving him another hug when Lily and Mya came in.

^Kat, where have you been?^ Lily asked.

^Are you alright?^ Mya questioned, seeing your tear-streaked face. You nodded.

^Thanks, Remus.^


^Remus, the guys are in our compartment,^ Lily informed him.

^Ok. Thanks Lily.^ She nodded. Remus and Mya headed back but Lily held you up.

^Are you sure youíre alright?^ her eyes were filled with concern.

^Yeah. Donít worry about it. Iím just PMSing.^ The two of you stopped at the bathroom so you could rinse your face. You entered the compartment silently and sat back sown.

^So Padfoot, what did you do this summer?^ James asked as he finished relating his summer at Quidditch camp. Sirius glanced at you.

^Not much.^

^Come on man, a little more detail. Any girlfriends?^


^Wow. That must be some kind of a record,^ Peter said.

^Yeah,^ James agreed. ^What happened?^ Sirius shrugged.

You drifted off, and the next thing you knew, Lily was shaking you awake.

^Weíll be at school soon, youíd better go change.^ You did as she suggested, and by the time you had dressed in your Hogwarts uniform, the train was stopping.

You loaded into the carriages at Hogsmeade Station. Mya and Lily chatted but you stayed silent. You couldnít talk with them without feeling guilty.

The Sorting and the feast went by slowly. The Marauders sat near you, and lily and Mya kept trying to get you involved in a conversation. You were close to tears for the second time that day. You hated being married to Sirius, it made you way to emotional.

Professor McGonagall approached you during dessert.

^Mr. Black and Miss Simmons, Professor Dumbledore would like to see you in his office after the feast.^ She turned and left.

^You two are in trouble already>^ James asked incredulously. You both nodded but you knew what this was about.

^Ah, Miss Simmons, Mr. Black. Please sit,^ said Dumbledore pleasantly. ^Lemon drop?^ you both shook your heads. ^I assume you know why youíre here?^ Two nods. ^I was just wondering if you were in need of a private room.^ Sirius looked disgusted. Your eyes lit up.

^Thatíd be great!^ Siriusí eyes widened. ^Could you get him one in China?^ He snorted.

^Chinaís not far enough!^

You opened your mouth to retort but Dumbledore stopped you.

^I also assume youíre not too keen on this becoming common knowledge.^

^No, sir.^ You both said, still glaring at one another.

^Very well. Not even the teachers shall be informed of this. Good night. But do remember this: things are not always as bad as they seem.^

You fought all the way back to Gryffindor Tower. When you got there you realized you didnít know the password.

^Great!^ Sirius yelled.

^Shut up, Black.^

^Why should I, Simmons?^

^Because I cant take any more of your annoying voice!^

^I canít take any more of you!^

^I canít take any more of you either!^ Luckily youíd been shouting so loudly that Mya had heard and opened the portrait hole.

^The passwordís Flying Flobberworm,^ she informed you as you climbed in.

^Thanks, My.^

^Any time! So, another feud with Black?^

^Of course.^

^Heís an ass.^

^Heís worse.^

^Why donít we go upstairs?^

^Sounds great.^ When you got up to your dorm, Lily was sitting on your bed surrounded by Witch Weekly and nail polish.

^What are you doing?^

^Weíre having a girls night!^ your friends explained.

^You looked so sad today, so weíre going to cheer you up!^ Mya elaborated. You smiled.

^Thanks, guys.^ For the rest of the night you didnít think once about Sirius. You laughed and gossiped and painted each otherís toenails like the girly-girl you werenít. But you felt happy for the first time in over a month.

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A Black Marriage: Chapter 6


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