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Miscreant Series, The - Part I: Malfoy's Soliloquy by Paradigm
Chapter 1 : Miscreant Series, The - Part I: Malfoy\'s Soliloquy
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The Miscreant Series: Part I - Malfoy's Soliloquy

By Shadow of a Memory


"you only see what your eyes want to see

how can life be what you want it to be?

you're frozen

when your heart's not open

you're so consumed by how much you get

you waste your time with hate and regret

you're broken

when your heart's not open.

if i could melt your heart

we'd never be apart

give yourself to me

you hold..the key

now there's no point in placing the blame

and you should know i suffer the same

if i lose you

my heart will be broken.

love is a bird

and she needs to fly

let all the hurt inside of you die

you're frozen

when your heart's not open

if i could melt your heart

we'd never be apart

give yourself to me

you hold..the key"

--"Frozen" Madonna



A 24-year old Hermione Granger traced the tattoo of the Dark Mark on a firm and tan arm. She shuddered slightly at the touch of it beneath her creamy fingertips, but nevertheless, the mark was faint and barely noticeable. "I can't believe you have one," She murmured.

"Father made me get it," He said. His silvery hair lingered a bit at the tips of his eyelids. She brushed it away from him and her blazing chocolate eyes tried furiously to read his piercing grey ones. His eyes dodged around the room, brushing her unbuttoned shirt, and he blushed.

Hermione didn't notice. "Draco," She said softly. His face turned up to look at her. "I didn't want it, Hermione. I swear to you." She let go of his arms and searched his face for a bit of suspicion and untruthfulness, but she could not find it. He looked genuinely sincere.

"When..?" She trailed off. "Seventh year, around Easter," He muttered. "Father thought it would have made a delightful present. I begged him, honestly, and you can ask the house-elf, Frickle, I put up an awful fight, I did-"

She nodded. Hermione moved her finger around the delicate silk of his sheets on his bed. "I could imagine what Lucius would say now if he were alive. His son sharing his bed, sharing his body, sharing his heart with a Mudblood. He'd be ashamed, don't you agree?"

"I hope he's turned over in his grave. I'd like nothing more then to spit on it right about now." Draco clenched his fists, causing his neck to go red. The scarlet flesh contradicted the creamy white skin of the rest of his body.

Draco looked at Hermione and noticed how beautiful she looked. Her hair was concealed in a messy bun, and her deep, cocoa eyes held intense thoughts and worries. She only wore a tan tank top and white panties. "How did Harry and Ron react to this?"

"I - I didn't tell them." Hermione whispered lowly, for she knew this would make Draco angry. "Damn it, Hermione!" He looked very severe and he punched the radiator in the ratty motel they were in, which caused a considerably loud clang.

Hermione ran over to him and tried to stop him from destroying more property. "Drac - Draco, it's - it's alright. I…couldn't. I, I think I'd be betraying them."

Draco's eyes seemed on fire. "Betraying them? Yes you would, Hermione. And like I wasn't betraying anyone? I betrayed my family, damn it! Centuries and centuries back. How do you think I feel?" Hermione looked to the floor. "I'm sorry, alright, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I'm only human."

She grabbed her pants and her a coat and left the motel room. "Son of a fucking bitch," Draco screamed. The Dark Mark on his left forearm that Hermione touched a mere ten minutes ago, suddenly burned with agony.



Ginny Weasley looked up from her cubicle at the Ministry of Magic and groaned with despair. She had been working at her father's department part-time for a little extra money. Since she was in the Muggles department, she was forced to use a computer, and she was clearly at lost.

"I barely passed Muggle Studies," She muttered to herself. She clicked a few keys, cursed silently to herself, and thought about one person she could call upon. She searched around her cubicle, around the countless Muggle items, and found what she was looking for.

She fingered the telephone in her hands and looked at it with utter bewilderment. Draco knew how to use one of these, and she remembered he'd told her the number he was staying at that morning. She furiously dialed it, as if to dial for her life.

"Draco Malfoy speaking," He mumbled, putting on his pants.

"Draco? It's Ginny," She giggled. She pounded a few more keys but her computer remained blank as an unwritten piece of paper. "Shit," She muttered. "Is everything alright?" He asked, exasperated.

Ginny groaned softly. "I'm at work," She hissed. "I can't get the damn computer to work. It's not being cooperative. Do you think you could - uh, help me out?" Draco grunted, to signify the affirmative.

"Where are you anyway?" She asked, adjusting her boots from under the desk. Draco peered out the window from the beige curtains and saw Hermione outside. She looked distraught and frustrated and pop. She disapparted.

The sign outside said Kent Motor Inn. "I'm in Kent," He mumbled. "Muggle place where they sleep when they aren't at home. Called a motel, I think." Ginny clicked her tongue. "Yeah, father's told me about those. Although he really hasn't been talking to me much these days."

"What - he knows? About us?" Draco asked, trying to sound interested. He didn't give jackshit about Arthur Weasley's feelings, but he meant something to Ginny. "He found the letter you owled me last month, and he particularly didn't like the part where you told me your fantasy about me." Ginny's voice dropped to a disdainful tone.

Draco snorted. "Bit of a prude, is he, your father?" Draco had written Ginny a letter on a night he'd felt especially vulnerable. He had included a part where he wrote he wanted to make love to Ginny like she'd never been made love to before. Although he hadn't written 'make love.'

"Yes, well, Daddy's little girl isn't a girl any longer," She smirked. "Anyway - about my computer?" Draco nodded. "Oh yes, what's the problem with it?" Ginny smacked the monitor, and received disapproving looks from her coworkers.

She clicked her tongue again. "It's blank. I hit the keys and it won't budge. Not doing a god damn thing." Draco chuckled. "Honey, you've got to turn it on. Press the button at the bottom right hand corner." Ginny obeyed, and it suddenly came to life.

"I love you," She murmured. "It works. I've got loads of work to do. When are you coming back to London?"

"Tonight," He said truthfully. "I've got to catch the Knight Bus. I love you too." And he clicked off his phone.



Draco scurried around his motel room, gathering the last of his things, and making sure the room looked like a muggle had stayed there for the past two nights. He had lied to Ginny.

He told her he had gone down to Kent on Ministry business - which in fact, was not a lie. Draco had a cushiony job down at the Ministry, right in there with the Minister himself, which was am extremely old and rigid Cornelius Fudge.

Fudge was set to 'go' any time now, and it seemed as if either Ludo Bagman or Lucius Malfoy himself would be getting the job. Draco put on his robes and lugged his cauldron to the middle of the room.

He snapped his fingers, and disapparted right into Ginny's department at the Ministry. Ginny was still typing furiously on the computer, and grinned as she heard the pop! behind her.

"Still not done, eh?" Draco said, peering over Ginny's shoulder. "Rats ass, I'm done," She said. "You know what I have to do? This ruddy department is being 'muggalized' and I have to enter everyone's record in this computer. Every wizard known to man. Name, birthdate, birthplace, and current residence, schooling, and if they attended Hogwarts, what school, and what year they graduated."

Draco stifled a laugh. "I don't fancy this job," Ginny clicked off the computer with a growl. "Neither do I. I hate this department but Father insists I give it a go. I'd much rather be across the way in Diagon Alley, trying to make it onto the Hogsmeade Hogs quidditch team."

It seems as if Ginny had developed an extreme talent for being a Chaser and had been on Gryffindor's quidditch team from her fourth to seventh year.

"Why doesn't your father just let you try out for the Hogsmeade Hogs? Then when your quidditch career is done, you can work in the Department of Games and Magical Sports, like Bagman." Draco said reasonably. Ginny tsked her tongue. "Father doesn't approve," She said in a whiny sing songy voice. "I just... Whatever. Want to grab some lunch?"

Draco nodded feebly. "Come, I'll take you to the Three Broomsticks, a nice sandwich and a butterbeer."



Hermione cursed herself as she stood outside the motel room. She hated those arguments with Draco; he seemed to thrive on them. At first, their squabbles were rare; now they were becoming frequent.

"Bloody hell," She cursed. She had put her clothes back on before she stormed out of his room. They had enjoyed a hot night of passion with Draco, and he wasn't happy unless they topped it all off with a good dispute. She hated how bellicose he was.

"Damn Malfoy blood," She sputtered. She didn't want to go home, and she had the day off. Draco must be back at work, she thought. He was getting awfully friendly with Ginny Weasley, and Hermione didn't like one bit of it.

The truth was, she feared Ginny. Ginny was extremely easy on the eyes, with cascading red hair, and innocent brown eyes. She was freckled and naive, and quite a quidditch player. She had this flair of mischief that made her irrestiable and drew them right in.

Hermione on the other hand, while she had changed since the Hogwarts Days, couldn't exactly give Ginny a run for her money. Hermione's bushy hair suddenly became straight once she graduated from school, and her teeth were always small and straight since she repaired them when she was 14. She was tanner and it was her wit that made her charming and the way she didn't take nonsense from anyone and the way she seemed not to care if you liked her or not that made her exotic.

And Hermione knew that he had feelings for the youngest Weasley. She had some letters she had found that he was about to send her, but she kept them for safe keeping. "Dear Ginny," she muttered bitterly, "I think about how much you turned me on emotionally and physically last night-- and I want to know when we can do it again--"

Hermione stood in the cool, May breeze and wondered what she would have to do to reclaim Draco Malfoy.




A/N: OMG, I'm in love with this series! Now let me explain... It's called the Miscreant Series since 'miscreant' is another word for traitor, and Ginny, Hermione, and Draco are each betraying one another in their own way. There will be three fics in this series, starting with Draco's and ending with Ginny's. Each fic will begin with a song that sums up the main character. (I personally love Madonna's songs - great inspiration! Read and review, please)

Disclaimer: Madonna owns "Frozen" and JK Rowling owns everything else, except the plot. Draco's house-elf, Frickle, is owned by me. He will be showing up in later chapters and will play a prominent role later.


Much love,

Shadow of a Memory















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