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A Black Marriage by chewbaccasolo
Chapter 5 : Chapter 5
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August 28th was a rainy, dreary day. It matched your mood perfectly as you did your hair and put on the semi-poofy wedding dress.

You’d hated this idea from the beginning. But now that it was happening, it was even worse. And new concerns had been brought to your attention. Such as the wedding night. There was so not going to be sex. But you still had to sleep in the same room-and bed-as him. Not just tonight, but for the next four nights, until you went back to Hogwarts. You shivered with disgust. Why was this happening.

Sirius’s POV
Why? Why the hell did your parents, who hated you, set you up? With her, of all people. What would you do tonight? You’d bet she was a virgin. And that was not going to change. Not that you’d mind having sex with her. She was hot. If only she weren’t her. The despised Kat Simmons. And in one hour, you’d be married to her. Her. The monster that poured glue in your shoes and wrote ‘I’m Gay’ on your school books. Her. Your wife? You shivered. Gross.

And Prongs, Moony, and Wormtail wouldn’t even be here. They didn’t even know. You’d teased Kat for not telling Lily, but you completely understood. The last thing you wanted was people knowing about this. Sure, the Marauders were your best friends, but they, except Moony, had a hard time keeping their mouths shut. So you’d get through this alone.

Kat’s POV
You walked down the aisle slowly, trying to block out what was happening. But Mrs. Sirius Black kept repeating itself in your head. All the purebloods in England were present, smiling at your torture.

And then it came to you. That’s why this whole fiasco had been arranged. Not because your parents thought you’d eventually get along, but because they didn’t. It made sense. They hated you. They hated Sirius. You and Sirius hated each other. You couldn’t disobey, because you were underage. So why shouldn’t they make you miserable in the cruelest way possible? You felt a grim satisfaction at figuring out the mystery. But it still wouldn’t get you out of this. So you’d have to go through with it.

The ceremony was quick. You tuned it out. You dutifully said your ‘I do’, and endured the reluctant kiss on the cheek from your new husband. So it was done. You were married. To Sirius Black. You couldn’t even look at him.

The reception was worse. You had to have the traditional bride/groom dance. The two of you stood as far apart as possible, stony faced.

And then it was time to leave. To go back to Grimmauld Place and sleep together.

^Now what?^ Sirius questioned as you plopped yourself onto the bed, still in your big white gown.

^No idea.^

^Wanna play cards?^

^Sure.^ He dealt the Exploding Snap and you said something you didn’t think you would bring up. ^I know why they did this.^


^Why they made us get married.^

^Yeah? Why?^

^Because we hate each other.^

^What kind of reason-oh.^ He’d seen your point. ^They’re more evil than I thought.^

^I didn’t know that was possible before now.^

^Well, we can’t give them the satisfaction of seeing us miserable.^

^What are you suggesting? That we act like we slept together ad now we’re madly in love?^

^I was going to say we’d decided to work things out, but I like your idea.^

^No. Sirius, we can’t be in the same room for more than ten minutes without biting each others’ heads off! How will we pretend to be in love?^

^True. The working it out will do fine.^


^And, it’s only four days. We can do it.^

^Easier said than done.^ You continued your game quietly.

^Kat?^ Sirius began.


^Let’s not tell anyone about this. Okay?^



^Why do we always fight?^

^Because we get on each others’ nerves.^

^Is that even a good reason?^

^Seem fine to me.^




^Why are you all angry now?^

^I’m not angry.^


^No. You’re just so-predictable. Or maybe it’s simple minded. Who cares/^

^Not me.^

^Me either.^ You got into either side pf the very large bed and went to sleep without another word.

^Kat.^ You rolled over in your sleep. ^Kat.^

^Hmmm?^ You groaned sleepily as you were dragged from your slumber.

^Rise and shine!^ Sirius said, standing over you.

^I’m up. What do you need?^

^It’s time for our first breakfast as the married couple working things out, remember?^

^Yeah.^ You swung your legs out, followed by the rest of you. You stretched and dressed quickly, and you and Sirius walked down to the dining room together.

Sirius pulled your chair out for you and then seated himself next to you.

^Good morning!^ you cheerily greeted the family sitting at the table, shocked.

^You know,^ Sirius began, ^we weren’t crazy about this whole marriage thing. But we were talking last night,^ he gave you a warm smile, ^and we think this can work. So, thanks.^ Your parents literally had their mouths hanging open. The rest of the meal was conducted in silence, you and Sirius smiling and sharing secret looks.

This plan worked in public, but once you two were alone the fighting began in excess. You could barely stand pretending to be nice to him. Although it was worth it to see your parents so angrily surprised. And tomorrow was September 1st. You’d be rid of them, and Sirius, for ten months. Heaven. But now you’d have to lie to your friends. This just got worse and worse.

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