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A Black Marriage by chewbaccasolo
Chapter 4 : Chapter 4
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Your lip was throbbing and your eye was swollen shut. Someone knocked on your bedroom door, and came in before you could admit them.

^Youíve learned to knock?^ you asked Sirius sarcastically as he came closer to your bed.


^What do you want, Sirius?^

^Are you alright?^ You paused. Was he concerned?

^Iím fine.^ You noticed a bruise on his eye. ^Whereíd you get that?^

^Well it seems that our fathers decided we should get the couplesí treatment.^ he said bitterly.

^Are you ok?^

^Peachy.^ You smiled. ^I was supposed to tell you that weíre going to Diagon Alley today.^


^Yeah. Weíre leaving in 20 minutes.^

^Okay.^ You slipped on the engagement ring you were supposed to be wearing as he left.

It was a bright, sunny day in Diagon Alley. You felt exactly the opposite of the weather. Your mothers had dragged you into a jewelry store to pick out your wedding bands.

^This should be illegal,^ Sirius muttered as ring after ring was shown. They were all overly elaborate, with huge jewels and engravings. You agreed with Sirius when you saw your mothers hovering over the counter, but you didnít say anything.

^How about something plainer?^ you asked as politely as you could. No one, especially the jeweler, liked this suggestion, except for Sirius. When the jeweler paused, disappointed, he spoke up.

^Show the lady what she wants.^ The jeweler nodded and got out the plainer rings.

Sirius quickly chose a plain gold band, and then helped you pick out one almost as plain.

You left and were steered to Warlock Wallaceís, the fanciest restaurant in Diagon Alley. The moms asked for a table for two and ditched the both of you there together.

^I hate it here,^ you confessed.

^Me, too. Letís go somewhere else.^

^Can we do that?^

^Why not?^

^Where to?^

^Not sure.^

^Ok.^ You exited the restaurant and walked in silence until you heard something that made you gasp.

^Kit Kat?^ Lily Evans ran up to you.

^Hey!^ you tried to act happy to see her. Which you were, you just felt guilty for not telling her about the wedding.

^Whatís he doing with you?^ she indicated Sirius.

^I was just telling Little Miss Kit Kat about my girlfriend.^ Sirius lied.


^Because it pisses her off, thatís why.^

^Youíre an idiot, Black.^

^Yes, but Iím an idiot whoís spending the day with Kat.^ She rolled her eyes.

^Kat!^ She gasped.


^What happened to your eye? And your lip?^

^Iíll give you one guess.^

^Your dad?^ You nodded. ^Bastard.^ You smiled. Lily was so frank. ^So howís your summer been?^ Well, letís see. First I was bored out of my mind. Then I was unwillingly taken to the Blacksí house and promptly engaged to the big idiot standing next to me. How did she think your summerís been?

^Fine,^ you shrugged. ^You?^

^Not too bad. Canít wait for school to start. Less than two weeks!^


^Well Iíd better go. See you on the first!^

^Bye Lily.^ She hugged you and skipped back the way sheíd come.

^You didnít tell her.^


^Why not?^

^I donít know.^

^Yes you do.^

^No, I donít.^

^There must be a reason?^

^Why are you pushing this?^


^What kind of an answer is that?^

^I donít know,^ he mocked.

^Youíre such a jerk.^

^Thank you.^ You rolled your eyes.

^And arrogant.^

^I try.^

^No, youíre conceited.^

^And youíre a prudish little bitch.^

^Now that we have our labelsÖ^ he laughed.

^Okay. No more labeling.^

^Deal.^ You fell back into silence as you ambled around aimlessly. Until your mothers found you and whisked you back to 12 Grimmauld Place.

As you sat in your room, your thoughts traveled back to the time you spent with Sirius in Diagon Alley that morning, and to the party. He wasnít so bad. But then it was right back to the Sirius who was a self centered asshole. You told yourself youíd better get used to it. But you didnít want to. There had to be a way to get out of this wedding.

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A Black Marriage: Chapter 4


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