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The Malfoy Cover-Up by Lily
Chapter 1 : Out For Realization
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Draco stepped out of the leather carriage his father had just bought "for a great deal of 3000 galleons".He stumbled since it was so high up,and almost fell flat on his face untill he balanced himself.His father rolled his eyes and poked Draco along with his long "cane wand".Draco always called it his "cane wand" because his wand was latched into a long stick.Draco always admired his cane wand,he wanted one himself.His father grunted something to his mother that Draco didn't hear.
"Draco,follow me."said his father,in what you might call an over enthusiastic voice,but Draco rolled his eyes.Lucius saw that and told Draco off,by giving him a hard stab in the back with his cane wand.Lucius led him into his office,and Draco sat down on a chair.Lucius grabbed him by his collar and pulled him back up."Draco,in past events,I've formed a plan."

He walked towards a large board,hitting it with his cane."Do you know who this is?"he asked.'Duh,'thought Draco,'Who else?'but instead,his thoughts came out as words.His father hit him hard on the shoulder.Draco flinched."Draco,don't you dare speak to me like that!"

Draco drew his eyes away from the board.He might have screamed a few years ago,but now he was so used to his fathers beatings,that now all he did was merely flinch.Unless it was really hard.Draco felt a sharp pain across his cheek,and he screamed.He looked up at his father,who was telling him to pay attention,and that "it wasn't a Malfoy charateristic to be a helpless idiot and not pay attention".

Draco always had to be a Malfoy.No,he never had a problem with "mudbloods" or "helpless idiotic Gryffindors",but if he knew what was good for him,he would be "a true Malfoy" and hate all muggleborns and muggles,not to mention Gryffindors."Father,can I speak?"asked Draco,looking up at his father with a worried face.His father looked down at him coldly,and nodded."Father,why do we have to be like this?And why do I have to be so...perfect?"the next thing Draco felt was pain.Draco lay on the floor,twitching and screaming.

"You dare and ask me that,fool?"his father shouted over his screams."You're a Malfoy-be proud of it!"he spat on Dracos face.Draco stopped screaming,twitching and feeling pain when his father waved his wand.Draco looked up at him.

"I'm sorry,father."he snorted while leaving the room."be proud of it"-proud of what-being a Malfoy?Er,no,impossible to be proud of.He proceeded upwards to his room.He waved his wand and opened the door(summer vacation was not a break of magic for Draco;his house was protected by a charm that allowed ANYONE in the Malfoy house do magic without ministry notice),slamming it shut and collapsing on his bed.

He listened to his mother and father talk,talk about Dracos mistakes,the recent events with Diggory...he saw his father burst through his bedroom door.Draco raised his brows.His father motioned for him to stand.Draco shook his head."I'm tired,"Draco yawned,but his father pulled him up by the collar.

"I've gotten you a new set of books."Lucius sneered.Draco groaned."You've got to read more!You only read a few hours a day,you HAVE to do harder!"he thrust the books in Dracos hands."Crucio!Be more patient and cooperating,boy!"

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