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5 Days To Go by Dragon_F_Potter
Chapter 3 : Transfiguration class-rest of day 2
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Disclaimer:I do not own Harry Potter or any other related stuff.If I did, I would be rich and famous, not writing fan fiction.


"Hey Moony, when's the potion wear off?" James asked.
"4 days." Remus said, shortly.
"Ignore him, Prongs.He's, as Padfoot would say, a pain in the arse." Peter said.
Personally, James wanted the transformation to take place.He was tired of his mates acting out of the normal.To make it even better, other people were starting to notice.They were supposed, by the headmaster's orders, to keep it unknown to as many people as possible.If only he and Sirius hadn't came up with that crazy plan and actually went through with it. Then, the bell rang, signaling the end of lunch. The remaining Marauders dragged themselves to Transfiguration.They sat down in their seats and waited for class to start.Sirius still wasn't there.He decided to burst into the room about 30 seconds before the bell rang.
"I have a plan." Sirius whispered out of the side of his mouth.
"One: where were you at lunch and two: why are you whispering?" James asked.
McGonnagal came into the room and Sirius pulled out a scrap of parchment to finish the conversation.
'The library.' James raised his eyebrows and wrote back.
'You went there without being forced by Moony?' Sirius read, silently laughed, and wrote back.
'Speaking of Moony, I have a plan.'James read and a doubtfull look appeared on his face.
'Padfoot, don't get anything crazy in your head.The potion will wear off in 4 days.They'll be back to normal by Friday night.' Sirius read and frowned.
'Not about that one.About the one that happens once a month.' James read and immediatly brightened.
'What is it?' Sirius read and relished in James approval.
'I think we should all become animagus'.' James read this, gave Sirius a look and crumpled up the paper.
Sirius' mouth formed a silent 'o' and he crossed his arms and glared at James.After Transfiguration, which was also unfortunately doubled as well, they went to dinner.
"Hey Prongs, do we have quidditch practice tonight?" Sirius asked, hopefully.
If they had quidditch, that means they could talk about the current problem, becoming animagus', and James could help come up with a joke to get Remus back.
"Uh....yeah, as soon as dinner is over." James said and started shoveling food into his mouth.
Sirius looked down at his almost empty plate.It wasn't empty because he had eaten but because he hadn't given himself very much food.He quickly filled his plate a mountain high and shoveled food into his mouth.Any one who would have looked at the Gryffindor table that night would have thought they had a pair of twins.With both their heads bowed down and shoveling food into their mouths, Sirius and James looked exactly alike.
After dinner, the Marauders went to the common room.Sirius and James grabbed their quidditch things and left.Peter and Remus stayed behind.
"What do you think they'll do while we're gone?" Sirius asked as they made their way to the locker rooms.
"Padfoot, they are not going to do a strip show.Remus would have told you if they're planning one." James said and that ended the conversation.
"Hey, why did you crumple up my paper in McGonnagal's class?I wanted to put that in my scrap book of special memories of us." Sirius said, lovingly.
Sirius and James always joked around like that in the locker room.
"Because it was a stupid idea.Remember what happened last time we tried something like that?Or have you already forgotten the incident with the potion?" James asked, throwing his clothes into the locker.
"No, I haven't forgotten.I just thought this one would be safer than the last one." Sirius said and threw his clothes into the locker.
"Would you please stop staring at my arse!It's very annoying." Sirius said, spinning around.
After Sirius' outbreak in the locker room, everyone ignored him during the practice, even if he was their keeper.
As they landed in their armchairs in the common room, a familiar head of red hair bounded over to them.
"Hullo Lily." Sirius said.
"Hey, Sirius." Lily said and flopped down into James lap.
"I think I'm going to head up to bed.Quidditch practice wore me out completely." Sirius said and walked up to the dorm.
He dropped down on to his bed and just lay there. How was he ever going to make it to Friday? He could hardly make it through one day without kissing Remus. He turned and saw the bedpost.It wasn't just any bedpost, though.In third year, when him and Remus had first started going out, they had carved 'I love Remus Lupin 4-ever' into his post.They had done it to Remus' bed too, only they switched his name with Sirius'.Then, the sound of crumpling paper reached Sirius' ears.He looked down and saw the edge of a piece of parchment sticking out from under him.He pulled it out and read it curiously.It was from Remus. Asking if he would still keep his deal.Sirius wrote his answer on the back and put it on Remus' bed.Sirius was actually tired after that and lay down on his bed again.
"4 days to go." He whispered and fell into the only peacefull sleep he'd had since this whole mess had started.
Yes, Sirius was intent on keeping his deal and his vow.No matter what happened.

So, did you like it?Please read and review.Also, sorry for the overuse of the word 'actually.'

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5 Days To Go: Transfiguration class-rest of day 2


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