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She Loves You by EighthWeasley
Chapter 3 : The New Maraders Have a Plan...
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When Hermione arrived at the picture of the fat lady, she gave the password ("Family Bush") and entered to find Ron, Harry, Neville and Dean up and chatting around the fire. Harry caught sight of Hermione and jumped up.

"What did Draco do?" Ron asked, rising and pulling Hermione into an embrace.

"He...he...d-didn't do anything," Hermione managed to gasp out.

"Then why are you crying?" Dean asked.

"He...he..he told me that he loves me, and I flipped out, and then he stormed upstairs to his room and slammed the door and yelled ‘Forget you Hermione!' and then I left and came h-here," Hermione managed to gasp out, sitting between Ron and Harry on the couch.

Ron then started to rant about the poor timing of Slytherins, while Harry tried to get a Kleenex for Hermione. Dean asked if Hermione wanted him to go and talk to Draco, but she shook her head.

Finally, Neville caught Hermione's eye. "Do you love him Hermione?"

The room became instantly quiet. Neville's question seemed to have penetrated straight to the head of the matter...and everyone present knew that it did.

Hermione nodded. "Yes," she answered softly. The four boys looked at one another. They'd all grown rather...used to Draco Malfoy's presence, and they actually were starting to like Malfoy...

Harry and Ron gave Hermione hugs, and then sent her upstairs to sleep in her old bed. Then the four boys sat in conversation for a long while, trying to decide what to do to help their friend and the boy who clearly loved her...

A/N: I know it's short, but I'm posting the whole story at once...

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She Loves You: The New Maraders Have a Plan...


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