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5 Days To Go by Dragon_F_Potter
Chapter 2 : Potions class-day 2
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Disclaimer:I do not own any of the Harry Potter characters or anything related to him.Ya know, it gets boring writing that at the top of every chapter.

Sirius dragged himself out of bed as soon as rays of sunlight hit his face.
"What time is it?" He asked groggily, looking at his watch.
"Oh fuck!" he shouted, jumpng out of bed.
Of course, James hadn't woken him up.He wasn't talking to him and Remus wouldn't even get near him.Peter.He shuddered.He didn't even want to think about him.Sirius rearranged his rumpled* clothing and ran out of the room, picking his bag up along the way.He was going to be late for Potions.He skittered through the halls and down to the dungeons.He landed in the Gryffindor line just as Madden** opened the door.They filed into the room and took their seats, waiting for Madden to ask for their essays.
"Hand your essays to the person in the front of each row." Madden said and swept up to his desk.
"Now, go collect your ingredient for the potion and hand your pile of essays to me.Lupin, Pettigrew, come up here, please." Madden said and sat down at his desk.
The two walked up there while everyone gathered their ingredients.The boys and Madden exchanged words.They walked back to their seats, grim looking.Sirius walked back to his seat and dropped the ingredients on the table.He was eager to hear what Madden had to say.He dropped into his seat and turned it backwards.He started to talk to Remus, but he ignored him, so he had to talk to Peter instead.At least , if neither one of them wanted to talk to Sirius, he could always talk to James.He had to talk to him now, it was Potions and they were partners.
"What'd Madden say?" Sirius asked, leaning on two of his chair legs and trying to pour something in the potion.
He felt the bottle get taken out of his hand and grinned.Then, the hand was slapped and Sirius grimaced.It was still sore from last night.
"He just asked about the potion and if we were cured yet.Why?" Peter asked, a smile playing on his lips.
"You know I wish you two were cured, too."Sirius said and felt something else get tugged out of his hand.
"Why?" Peter asked, as he gave something to Remus.
"You know why.Well, at least you should and if you don't, it's your fault if you don't.Do we really have to talk about it in Potions class?Because I'd rather not.4 days to go." Sirius said and turned back to his cauldron.
"What do I have to do Prongs?" Sirius asked his best mate.
"Stop trying to destroy our potion!Me, unlike you, want a good grade in this class.Turn back around and talk to Moony until the end of class.That's something productive." James said and took something else out of his eager hand.
"What'd Lily hit you with last night?" Sirius muttered and turned back to Remus' table.
Sirius was back on the two legs of his chair.
"Sirius, what do you want now?" Remus asked, irritated.
"Nothing, if you're going to be that grouchy." Sirius said and turned his attention to James.
James gave him a look.
"And you are back why?" James asked, raising an eyebrow at him.
"Moony's being a right pain in the arse." Sirius said to James' disapproving look.
"Then sit there and be quiet." James said and turned his attention to the potion.
"Fine.Be a pain in the arse too." Sirius said and crossing his arms, he began to think.
Sirius being quiet was something new for everyone and him actually thinking was even more of a surprise.So, when Sirius Black was thinking, he was thinking of a new joke.That day in Potions when Sirius thought, he thought of a joke to play on James and Lily.He still needed to think of one for Remus, but that can wait.The only reason Remus had to have one played on him was because he had called him Sirius.The Marauders never called each other by their real names, not even when they were mad at each other.So when Remus, no not Remus, Peter, had called him Sirius, he had not only made Sirius mad, but had also hurt him.It meant that Peter wasn't really his friend.
Sirius waited until the end of class when everyone was standing around and waiting for the bell to ring.He stood up on his chair and readied himself to make his speech.
"Ladies and gentlemen!I know you all wonder about Hogwarts most eligible bachelor's dating status and I would like to announce that he has been taken." Sirius said.
Remus, Peter, and James groaned in unison.
"No one wants you, Black." A Slytherin shouted from where he stood.
"I wasn't talking about me, Mr.Malfoy.I was talking about my friend, Mr. James Potter and he has been taken by Ms. Lily Evans." Sirius said and happy with himself, sat down.
Luckily for Sirius, the bell rang at that moment.He sprung out of his seat and ran down to lunch.James and Lily were going to kill him that little joke, but he didn't care at the moment.It was his fault that Remus and Peter were in this situation at the moment.It wasn't all James' fault though and Sirius knew it.It was him who had put Remus up to it.He, Sirius, had offered Remus something Sirius knew he wouldn't pass up.By the time the other Marauders arrived at lunch, Sirius was done and probably in a broom closet somewhere.Everyone in Hogwarts knew that Sirius was the most wanted person, not James.Sirius didn't know this, though and that's probably why he was always being ambushed and dragged into broom closets.He didn't know this though, which is why he couldn't understand why people kept dragging him into closets during lunch, dinner, and passing periods.

See told you this chapter would be longer.
*I wouldn't have put rumpled in my story but I love the way the word sounds.
**I needed a Potions master and couldn't think of any names, but then I saw my Good Charlotte poster and the lead singer's last name is Madden.
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